Illahee 2/18/15 Spring Flowers, Fruit Tree Suggestions, Preserve Camp, ICC Meeting Minutes. Quote, TE Purchase Pledge Form

Spring Flowers.  Not only do these add color to our neighborhoods, but also to updates.

2015-2-18 Misc 005
2015-2-18 Misc 007 
Fruit Tree Suggestions.  Thanks for all the responses regarding what kind of fruit trees to plant.  Below are the recommendations:
For the fruit growers….  There is a local group that meets called the Peninsula Fruit Club.  They may be best to ask.  The stores around town tend to sell fruit trees that do well across the nation, but not here in the Puget Sound.    Here is a link to the Facebook page. fruit club is holding a grafting show on March 14th.   They can purchase their trees and rootstock at the grafting show that will do well in Illahee.
I would not recommend Cherry unless you can plant many of them.  One tree will be a raccoon’s home base in May/June when there are no other fruit trees available. They will start eating when they are very green and you will have very little left to pick for the 4th of July.
Encourage your fruit tree seeking young couple to investigate old varieties of plum, Apple, cherry and peach.  Even taking cuttings and starting them from scratch.  I so mistrust Gmo infiltration in to everything we might invest.  Have them seek out older homesteads and older homes with old trees.
In regard to fruit trees, about 5 years ago we planted bare root Graven stein apple, Bartlett pear, cherry, and frost peach.  I would not do another cherry due to the birds.  The pear in this area gets a brown scab, but grows well and is good tasting.  Apple does well.  Frost peach is our favorite.  Very good fruit.
pass along to those wanting fruit trees (I was just thinking about this last night) Asian (or Korean) Pears grow VERY well in the Candy cane lane zone to the south of the park. I don’t know where you would find this tree, but the fruit is a bit like a pear and very very sweet. I have a plum tree which really produces too, as well as a Rainier cherry tree. Alas the birds usually beat me to the cherries! Apples don’t do well for me because we are infested with bugs and I don’t want to spray (being organic around here)
Jim, this is a flyer for the Peninsula Fruit Club’s Spring Grafting show.  Please forward it to the person wanting to plant some fruit trees.  Our ‘experts’ will be glad to help in any regard … and we will have lots of fruit trees for much, much less than any of the box stores.
Hey, Jim. Enjoy your posts. For that young couple, there was a legendary Bing cherry tree one house up from the store to the south (maybe still there) that had a rich yield every year. My mom’s fig and pear trees always did well.
My suggestion is an Italian plum.  They don’t get real big which is nice around a garden.  They grow quickly and produce lots of plums.  We have found they can be dried easily and eaten all year long. 
Preserve Camp.  These are what we don’t like to see in the Preserve.  A camp with needles!  It was posted and we need to check back to see if it is vacated, but even then they never clean them up.
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2015-2-15 Misc 028
 2015-2-15 Misc 030
ICC Meeting Minutes.  Attached are the draft minutes from the Community meeting held last week.  Note the costs associated with a pressurized sewer line going through historic Illahee, which the Illahee Preserve group hopes will motivate residents to help purchase the Timbers Edge development.  
Minutes pg1
Minutes pg2
Quote for the Timbers Edge Purchase Campaign.  We just saw this come through on an email and think it applies to the community trying to raise money to purchase Timbers Edge.
“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.”  Robert Jarvik
TE Pledge Form.  Below is the new pledge form for those who would like to see how things are progressing before contributing.  It does two things (1) it allows the giver an opportunity to indicate financial support and hold on to their money until a purchase is eminent, and (2) it allows the Preserve non-profit group to track the funding support to make sure the purchase will take place.  It has been said this is truly a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, to help complete and establish a ‘Forested Central Park’, and a Wildlife Preserve, all surrounding a salmon stream.  
Pledge Form
Jim Aho

Illahee 2/15/15 Early Spring, Preserve Work Party, Fruit Tree Question, Meeting Report

Early Spring.   So many photo opportunities with our early spring.  Here are two with the last being of rhubarb starting to emerge.

2015-2-15 Misc 055
2015-2-15 Misc 056 
Preserve Work Party.   What do you do when you have too many wood chips?  
2015-1-28 Misc 002 
Answer:  You ask for help from the Washington Youth Academy (WYA).  
2015-2-15 Misc 014 
This event happened faster than we could react to it.  The week prior the work party was cancelled because of the heavy rains, and then it was quickly rescheduled for Friday (2/13). Thanks to the East Bremerton Rotary Club for their coordination of these events, which incidentally includes arranging for a port-a-potty (required for all day events), which is provided by Jim Fox of Cool Car Classics (which meets on the first Tuesday the months of April to September at Shari’s on SR 303).
2015-2-15 Misc 035 
Trail maintenance was one of the WYA projects as increased usage of the Preserve has worn down some of newer perimeter trails, exposing roots which then become tripping hazards. This required building up the trail around exposed roots, which are then covered with wood chips.  
2015-2-15 Misc 001 
Another project was to help try and control Scotch Broom, a highly invasive plant that flourishes in the NW, especially around clearing areas.  This pile was pulled in the Compass Circle meadow area.
2015-2-15 Misc 048 
Fruit Tree Question.   We were asked about recommended trees and thought it best to query others.  Any suggestions for this young couple?
We are in the process of deciding which fruit trees to grow in our garden.  Do you have any recommendations for fruit varieties that do well in the Illahee micro-climate?  We are considering apple, pear (for sure Asian, maybe European), peach, and cherry.  Also, do you know much about the types of rootstock that are well suited to our soil and weather?
Meeting Report.   There were a number of people who couldn’t make the Illahee meeting this past Monday and they have requested a report.  They used the attached PowerPoint slides.  We will try to get a copy of the meeting minutes for more details.
Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Page 7
Slide 8
Slide 9
Slide 10
Slide 11
Slide 12
Slide 13
Jim Aho

Illahee 2/6/15 Flowers, Monday Community Meeting, Sewers, Timbers Edge Purchase, Stennis/Dock Photo, Enhanced Ditch

Flowers.   Feels like Spring with the warm temperatures and flowers emerging.
2015-2-5 Misc 048
 2015-2-5 Misc 043

Monday Community Meeting.   A community meeting is being held at the Library on Sylvan Way on Monday (2/9/15) at 6:15 pm to discuss community issues, including the option to purchase Timbers Edge, and to answer the many questions regarding sewer plans for Illahee.

2014-11-15 Misc 061 
Sewers?   Are there plans for sewering Illahee?  What are the costs, installation and monthly?  Kitsap County Public Works personnel will be there on Monday to answer questions.
contributions-map-20141208 (1) 
Timbers Edge Purchase?   Lots of questions coming in regarding the possible purchase of Timbers Edge, especially after the Kitsap Sun front page coverage a couple of weeks ago.  Updated information will be shared on Monday evening.
2015-1-23 Misc 011 
Stennis/Dock Photo.   A high tide photo of the Illahee Community dock with the John C Stennis in the background.  Photo taken this morning (2/6/15).
2015-2-6 Misc 007 
Enhanced Ditch Working.   Nice to see all the stormwater flowing smoothly in the enhanced ditches recently installed.
2015-2-6 Misc 008 
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/28/15 Unwanted Chips, Report Chip Dumpers, Blowdown Cleared, Messy Camp Sites, Prowler Report, Dead Seabird Report, Egg Casings, Pheasant Beach Walker

Unwanted Chips.  Seems like recently one or more tree companies have decided to dump their wood chips at the Illahee Preserve.  Years ago we asked for wood chips to cover the trails, and now we can’t stop them.  It takes lots of hours and effort to move the chips to the trails, and it will take an army to distribute all these.  

2015-1-25 Misc 012
2015-1-25 Misc 010
2015-1-28 Misc 002 
Report Chip Dumpers.  Please report anybody you see dumping chips!!  Call Parks or the number for the Illahee Forest Preserve, our non-profit supporting the Preserve, at 360-479-1049.

Blowdown Cleared.   Early Sunday morning the downed trees blocking trails were removed by Rotary and Preserve volunteers.  Thanks to those who volunteer their time, energy, and chain saws!!!!
2015-1-25 Misc 005 
Messy Camp Sites.   As if downed trees aren’t enough for volunteers to take care of, we found some really messy camp sites that need to be cleaned.  We often find needles and feces which make cleanup difficult, and sometimes Parks will have special cleanup crews come in.
2015-1-23 Misc 049
2015-1-23 Misc 056 
Prowler Report.  And continuing with problems, here is a report that came in a few days ago and was posted on Facebook.
“Just before 5:00 am this morning. There was an SUV prowling in the neighborhood. They drove west on NE 1st and saw my car was running so they slowed down then turned around in driveway and came back down the block slowly. When they saw me pulling out of my driveway they sped up and went South on Rest. As I drove by Rest I saw them turn around again. I drove back by and didn’t see them. I hope that I scared them away. Please be alert this isn’t the first time there have been prowlers in our neighborhood.”
I went back and checked our security camera footage and saw the vehicle on 1st and then shortly after could see the same vehicle driving behind us on Wise St.  It is a newer dark SUV with unique side marker lights in front of the doors, possibly on the side rear-view mirrors.  They made several passes, driving very slowly in front of homes.
Dead Seabird Report.  Last year we reported on COASST (Coastal Observation And Seabird Survey Team) walks, also locally referred to as the dead seabird check.  We went years without finding any dead birds, primarily because the eagles generally keep the shoreline clean.  And they probably took care of this seabird, leaving only part of its head and the upper bill.  
2015-1-28 Misc 038
2015-1-28 Misc 042 
It was probably a young double-crested cormorant, because its bill length was a few millimeters short of that of an adult.  Let us know if you are interested in joining us on these monthly shoreline walks.
Egg Casings.  We’ve reported on these before and this is a test to see if you know the source of the eggs.  They are usually found in the intertidal or subtidal areas, but probably became buoyant because of the number of eggs and washed up to the higher tide level.  
2015-1-28 Misc 012
2015-1-28 Misc 014 
Pheasant Beach Walker.  We were surprised to see this pheasant walking the other way down the beach.  He didn’t seem to be too concerned about us.
2015-1-28 Misc 027 

Egg Casings Answer.  We copied this information from one of the many information sites on the web.  

Misc 3-4 012 

“The Frilled Dogwinkle can be found in winter or early spring around the low tide line where numerous females (four years old or older) will lay many yellow spindle-shaped eggs about a half inch long attached to rocks in a communal nursery. A female can lay up to 1,000 eggs per year.  After a month or so the young snails pierce the egg capsule and crawl off, however there is high mortality with only around 1 percent reaching one year of age.” 

Jim Aho

Illahee 1/23/15 Eagle Photos, Saturday’s Windstorm, Kitsap Sun Article, Preserve Downed Trees, Outfall Photos, Daffodils

Eagle Photos.   Photos of some local guardians.

2015-1-23 Misc 021
2015-1-23 Misc 093
2015-1-23 Misc 090 
Saturday’s Windstorm.   Last Sunday morning we ventured north to photograph downed trees and didn’t get up to Ocean View until this area was cleaned up. 
2015-1-23 Misc 005 
Kitsap Sun Article.   The Illahee Preserve and the Timbers Edge purchase opportunity were the subject of a front page article in Sunday’s (1/18/15) Kitsap Sun.  The link to the article is:   We have been impressed over the years how good the Sun reporters are at succinctly and accurately reporting on Illahee issues.
2015-1-23 Misc 011
2015-1-23 Misc 012
Preserve Downed Trees.   Thanks to those who advised us of all the trees downed across trails in the Illahee Preserve.  Below are a few of the photos.  The Rotary and Illahee Community trail crew is scheduled to clean them up on Sunday.
2015-1-23 Misc 025
2015-1-23 Misc 044
2015-1-23 Misc 047
Outfall Photos.   We had to wait until the tide was out to take these photos of the outfall that was installed the previous week.  
2015-1-23 Misc 099
The straw covered dirt is a quagmire of mud incapable of walking on unless you have hip boots, and you would likely loose them.  
2015-1-23 Misc 105
We are fortunate that most of our underground utilities are underground, but again Illahee gets the short end of county planner actions, and they wonder why some of us get upset.  We wish they had to live with their decisions.  Again, sorry for being so cynical, but we know things can be done so much better.  
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
Daffodils.   We are thinking a couple of warm days and we will see our first daffodils.
2015-1-23 Misc 110 
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/18/15 Wind Storm Photos, Downed Power Line, Seahawk House Lights Out, New Driver, Outfall Photos, Preserve Downed Trees?

Wind Storm Photos.   An early Sunday morning walk found garbage cans scattered and the sound of generators running, along with a number of road closure signs.

2015-1-18 Misc 013
2015-1-18 Misc 015 
Downed Power Lines.   We also finally found the reason for the signs and a smouldering fire.
2015-1-18 Misc 022
 2015-1-18 Misc 019
Seahawk House Lights Out.   And we knew the power was out when the Illahee Road Seahawks decoration lights were out.  Thankfully, that stretch of Illahee Road got their power back in time for the game.
2015-1-18 Misc 027 
New Driver.   And on Saturday a young lady was learning how to drive and the family is probably glad the ditch was soft dirt.
2015-1-18 Misc 011 
Outfall Photos.   We said we would take photos of the completed outfall job.  Later we will get some from the beach.  We think the neighbors probably wish the pipe had been installed closer to the bank so it wasn’t such an eyesore.  Maybe the county, who approved the installation, will give them a break on their property taxes.  (Sorry for the cynical comment, but someone has to say it.)
2015-1-18 Misc 005 
Preserve Downed Trees?   Normally after a wind storm we hear about downed trees over trails in the Illahee Preserve, but so far no reports.  Let us know if there are any.
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/16/15 Gilberton Community Club Contact? Stop Work Lifted, Project Completes? Barge Departs, Final Photos Later, Tree Art

Gilberton Community Club Contact?   We have been asked to help find a Gilberton Community Club contact.  Please have them contact Michael.  His email is copied below:

KCD Grant Gilberton
Stop Work Lifted.   We were not able to check on the outfall project on Thursday and were surprised the stop work was lifted so quickly.  Evidently Community Development approved what they had to (the SDAP?) and the Public Works right-of-way requirements were met. 
Project Completes?   What we saw on Friday morning was a nearly complete project as you can see from the following photos:
2015-1-16 Misc 001
2015-1-16 Misc 004
2015-1-16 Misc 019
2015-1-16 Misc 028
2015-1-16 Misc 011
2015-1-16 Misc 010 
Tug Pull Barge off Beach.   And almost as quickly as it came, the barge departed.
2015-1-16 Misc 037
2015-1-16 Misc 043
2015-1-16 Misc 049
2015-1-16 Misc 059
Final Photos Later.   We will try to get some final photos of the outfall this weekend.
Tree Art.   Noticed this tree art in Illahee on Friday. 
2015-1-16 Misc 0782015-1-16 Misc 079
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/14/15 Illahee Flag? Stop Work Notice, Settlement Agreement Signatures, Required Community Document, What Next?

Illahee Flag?   For those who have inquired about the flag for the flag pole.  A 4′ by 6′ flag was ordered, but was too big, so it was sent back and a 3′ by 5′ one ordered.  The Port expects it to get here soon.

2015-1-14 Misc 021 
Stop Work Notice.   When we went for a walk this morning we noticed the work had stopped and a Stop Work notice on one of the pipes.
2015-1-14 Misc 014
2015-1-14 Misc 015
2015-1-14 Misc 016 
Settlement Agreement Signatures.   We did have an inquiry about the signatures on the Settlement Agreement in the last Update.  There were several pages of them so we decided not to copy them.  Let us know if you want to see them and we will send you a copy.
Required Community Document.   One of the stipulations of the Settlement Agreement was a statement from the Illahee Community Club, which reads as follows:

Illahee Community Club

P.0. Box 2563

Bremerton, WA 98310

February 25, 2009

To: Distribution List

Subject: Illahee Outfall Settlement Support Statement


The Illahee Community Club (ICC) entered into an agreement or “settlement” with the MT Illahee Corporation, Kitsap County, and the Port of Illahee with regards to the relocation of a storm water outfall from the Illahee community dock to an undeveloped right-of-way on Berg Street, and associated area storm water improvements. Integral to the settlement the ICC agreed to issue a public statement of support for the settlement plans and has further agreed not to make public statements regarding the Sunrise Terrace or Rest/Olive/Hardt Development lot sizes.


The Illahee Community Club is very supportive of the resultant outfall agreement and feels that the settlement is beneficial and advantageous for each of the involved parties. The ICC is appreciative of the efforts by all parties to reach this agreement and the MT Illahee Corporation for working with the Illahee community. The following excerpt from a community member illustrates community sentiment:


The Illahee community strives to be a leading example in the area of responsible environmental preservation. Leading by example, both the Illahee community and the MT Illahee Corporation have shown what rewards can be produced by reaching a solution settlement that benefits all parties involved. Furthermore, the agreement is a step forward for one of the goals of the Puget Sound Partnership which is to control storm water in our waterways. For these reasons, there is strong community support for the settlement agreement.


The benefits of the agreement are many for the community, the environment, for the waters of Puget Sound, the Port of Illahee, Kitsap County, and the MT Illahee Corporation. Approximately 90 percent of the storm water that comes from our normally slow rainfall will be cleaned naturally through bio-infiltration swales and infiltrated back into the aquifers from the MT Illahee project. Only the remaining roughly 10% that comes from heavy rains will not be infiltrated because of high flow volumes and will need to be diverted to overflow outfall pipes that flow into Puget Sound.


There are a number of different aspects to the MT Illahee project that were part of the agreement. The first is the improved roadway being planned along Sunrise Terrace and the need to manage the storm water coming from the road surfaces. Bio-infiltration swales will be used at several locations along Sunrise Terrace to help clean the storm water with any overflow connecting to the existing Ocean View storm water system that discharges at the existing outfall. This is a major improvement as previously the storm water was going to be tight-lined (piped directly) to Puget Sound following the removal of suspended solids. This would have required the installation of a new storm water conveyance piping system and another outfall at the Illahee community dock.


The Illahee community at large and the Port of Illahee benefit as a new storm water outfall will not be going through the base of the Port of Illahee’s dock structure nor will the effluent be discharged at the Port’s public beach and swimming area. The Port and the community were already concerned with an existing 24 inch diameter outfall just a few feet south of where the new outfall was being proposed. Many in the community feel the discharges from the existing outfall have resulted in decreases in the fish and shellfish population. They also remembered the dock area being posted for fecal coliform pollution emanating from the existing outfall. With that history there were major concerns with another outfall that was again tight-lining storm water at the dock. The settlement agreement not only eliminates the need for new outfall at the base of the dock; it also results in a decrease in the storm water that will be discharging to the existing outfall.


The Illahee community benefits from a second outfall along the shoreline in that storm water overflows are more equally distributed into Puget Sound, rather than concentrating all the stormwater for the entire hillside to the Illahee dock area. In retrospect, it appears the existing Berg Street right-of-way should have been used years earlier for the storm water overflows from the Illahee North project. At that time there was less of a concern by the county with running large volumes of stormwater into Puget Sound and a readily accessible right-of-way existed at the community dock. Any future developments in the uphill drainage sub-basins north of Berg Street would have likely required the use of this right-of-way for a new storm water outfall to handle the overflows. The settlement agreement just initiates the use of an outfall at this location earlier rather than later.


The ultimate goal of the Illahee community is to clean and infiltrate storm water to the maximum extent possible, such that the only the overflows from major storm events enter into Puget Sound. The storm water flows going into the settlement outfall from the MT Illahee project will also go through a bio-infiltration swale where the 90 percent of our normal rainfall is expected to be captured and infiltrated. This will help reduce the settlement outfall overflows. The community notes that there is more work to be done by the community and possibly the county, which is outside the responsibility of MT Illahee, to further clean and infiltrate the storm water going into the settlement outfall. There is a small runoff from the north Fern Street area that would benefit from a rain garden upstream of its storm water overflow pipe, and the northern most cell of the Illahee North detention pond would benefit from a possible infiltration pit. Both of these items would satisfy the goal of cleaning and infiltrating storm water to the maximum extent possible and would ensure that only overflows from major storms would enter Puget Sound waters.


The Illahee Community Club would like to again express its appreciation to MT Illahee, and specifically to its representative, Bernie Johnston, who worked with community representatives to come up with a mutually acceptable solution for all parties.


Please refer any questions regarding this agreement to the Illahee community members, Jim Brady (360-377-8345) and Jim Aho (360-479-1049), who represented the Illahee Community Club in this matter.


Barney Bernhard

Illahee Community Club


Copies to:

Port of Illahee

Vancil Law Offices

MT Illahee (via GordonDerr LLP)

Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Civil Division

Shorelines Hearings Board

Department of Ecology

Department of Fish & Wildlife, Kitsap County

Puget Sound Partnership

Kitsap Health District

Kitsap County Public Works

Kitsap County Department of Community Development

Team 4 Engineering

Kitsap Sun

Central Kitsap Reporter/Bremerton Patriot

Seattle Times

What Next?   We have been asked what should happen next?  We don’t know so we will keep investigating, though hopefully not reporting so often.  We have been told by some this is too much information, and by others it is what they need to better understand what might be coming in the future.  Again, we solicit your comments.
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/13/15 Enhanced Ditch Damage, Stop Work Report Wrong, Settlement Agreement Found, Permit?, Recourse?, Reporting Responses

Enhanced Ditch Damage.  Thanks to Leon for letting us know that a vehicle went into the new enhanced stormwater ditch late Saturday evening.  Likely more damage to the vehicle than the ditch.  The neighbors have already contacted Clean Water Kitsap.

2015-1-13 Misc 031
Stop Work Report Wrong.   In yesterday’s Update (1/12/15) we reported the project had been stopped based on a conversation with the county.  Obviously those living around the project know we were wrong (see photo below).  We reported what we were told.
2015-1-13 Misc 052 
Settlement Agreement Found.   If there is any good news today, it came later this afternoon, when a copy of the settlement agreement we asked for was forwarded.  They finally found it and are trying to figure out what to do next.  It is multiple pages and we had to copy each page as a photo to insert it, and have today’s photos of the project interspersed between the pages.
SA pg 1
2015-1-13 Misc 001
SA pg 2
2015-1-13 Misc 004
SA pg 3
2015-1-13 Misc 009
SA pg 4
2015-1-13 Misc 010
 SA pg 5
2015-1-13 Misc 012
SA pg 6
2015-1-13 Misc 015
SA pg 7
2015-1-13 Misc 045
SA Ex 1
SA Ex 2
Permit?   We heard the ‘after-the-fact’ permitting is still in progress, and something also about a performance bond.  The project will likely be completed by the time all the paperwork is finished.
Recourse?   We have been asked by a number of residents if there is any recourse.  We didn’t know the answer, so if you know, let us know.
Reporting Responses.  I know some aren’t interested in this type of reporting which is why I asked the question in the first email/post regarding the outfall project.  So far the response from the community is positive – they want to know about events like this, as long as we also report on other issues like the wildlife.  That is what I would rather be doing.
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/12/15 Old Preserve Campsite, Piliated Woodpecker Damage, Outfall Stop Work Order?, Expedited Permit?, Outfall Conditions Satisfied?, The Agreement?, Community Input?, Cynical?, Are We Wrong?

Old Preserve Campsite.   We found this old abandoned campsite in the Illahee Preserve this weekend while working on trails.
2015-1-12 Misc 001 
Piliated Woodpecker Damage.   This old Italian plum tree looks pretty sad after a pair of piliated woodpeckers found it.
2015-1-12 Misc 029
2015-1-12 Misc 031 
Outfall Stop Work Order?   We thought a stop work order would be forthcoming on a project going in without a right-of-way permit, and it finally did on Monday (1/12/15) afternoon.  This morning’s photos of the project are interspersed below.
2015-1-12 Misc 017 

Expedited Permit?   We heard a permit will likely be issued on Tuesday by Public Works, since they have been told the work has been approved by Community Development.

2015-1-12 Misc 025 
Outfall Conditions Satisfied?   What we don’t understand is how this project was approved by Community Development without the Illahee Community being assured the agreement that allowed the outfall to move from the dock to the right-of-way has been satisfied.  
2015-1-12 Misc 022 
The Agreement?  What we remember is there was an agreement that moved the outfall from the dock to the county right-of-way that has some stipulations.  We presume the county has a copy of the agreement, supposedly signed by those affected, and we have asked for a copy.  Hopefully we will hear something on Tuesday before the right-of-way permit is issued.
2015-1-12 Misc 019 
Community Input?   The other issue is community input on what appears to be an exposed 24 inch diameter HDPE pipe running down the hill to the outfall.  Did anyone get an opportunity to comment on this?  Normally, neighbors get an opportunity to have some say in what happens next to them, but those on both sides were never contacted until the contractor notified them last week.
2015-1-12 Misc 018 
Cynical?  Normally we like to be positive, but it is hard when it seems those who are supposed to be watching out for us are not keeping us informed and seem to be unaware of a major settlement agreement. 
2015-1-12 Misc 006 
Are We Wrong?   We certainly hope we are wrong, and that Kitsap County is doing their job, and they just haven’t had time to tell us or convince us.  We are waiting, and unfortunately, this installation looks like it may be completed before we hear back.
Jim Aho