Illahee 2/8/16 Photos, Early Flowers, Port Meeting on Wed, IFP Statement, Mussel Cage Retrieved, Preserve Dumping, Lost Cat, Skunk?

Photos.  We have been asked to always include photos of Illahee, and whenever possible wildlife photos.  If you have some to share just forward them to us. 

2016-1-30 Misc 002
2016-1-30 Misc 045
2016-1-30 Misc 007
Early Flowers.  These were taken a number of days ago.  After this week there should be more showing up.
2016-1-30 Misc 001
2016-1-30 Misc 029
2016-1-30 Misc 051
Port Meeting on Wed.  The Port meets on Wednesday at 5 pm at 5500B Illahee Road lower level by the entrance to the dock.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend as the Port is entirely funded by Illahee tax payers.  
IFP Statement.  We received a statement from the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) treasurer because we sent in a gift to them instead of the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) to help purchase some of the Timbers Edge property. Below is the statement and thought it might be of interest to readers.
IFP Statement
Mussel Cage Retrieved.  On Sunday evening the mussel cage that has been holding mussels that have been sampling the marine waters this winter, was retrieved and the mussels sent to the lab for testing.  We will let you know about the results when they come out.
2016-1-30 Misc 065
Preserve Dumping.  It is always disappointing when we find illegal dumping like this at the Preserve.  Thanks to all the volunteers who clean up these messes.
2016-1-30 Misc 015
Lost Cat.  Another posting of a lost animal. 
2016-1-30 Misc 022
Skunk?  For the past week we have a person reporting the smell of skunk around their house about the same time each evening.  This is a first we’ve heard of possible skunks in Illahee so let us know if you see or know of one.
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/30/16 Photos, Rain Event, Road Closure Photos, Litter Pickup, Illahee Store Comments, Spring Signs, Mussel Sampling

Photos.  Some local photos.  We enjoyed watching the native Douglas squirrel eat the maple seeds that got caught in the decking.  

2016-1-30 Misc 0702016-1-30 Misc 0712016-1-30 Misc 0012016-1-30 Misc 0892016-1-30 Misc 093

Rain Event.  The rain event that began on Wednesday evening (1/20/16) resulted in over 3 inches of rain in Illahee over approximately 30 hours which filled Illahee Creek, the culvert, and resulted in brown stormwater out into the bay as can be seen in the following photos.  
2016-1-30 Misc 0222016-1-30 Misc 0202016-1-30 Misc 0302016-1-30 Misc 0092016-1-30 Misc 015 
Illahee Creek is noted as a small creek in a small watershed, yet a major sediment polluter of Puget Sound, because of the deeply incised canyons and unstable banks it goes through on its way to the Sound.  The Port of Illahee helped fund a study of the watershed along with funds from a Department of Ecology grant that identified the problems and it is hoped remedies will be implemented.
2016-1-30 Misc 074 
Road Closure Photos.  We didn’t get an opportunity to check out the slide that closed Illahee Road near Brownsville and thank Marty
for the following photos.  (Just a note that if anyone would like to help with putting out these updates, we could use the help as things pile up when we aren’t around.)
Litter Pickup.  Thanks to the county’s litter (jail) crew that has been busy in Illahee cleaning the ditches.
2016-1-30 Misc 079 
Illahee Store.  Some comments regarding the Illahee Store.  We checked the county’s website and noted the building value is now $0 and the land value has dropped nearly half, going from $107K in 2013 to $55K in 2016.  We heard the store might be the topic of the next Illahee Community meeting to be held in late February, depending on when a time can be scheduled at the Sylvan Way Library.
2016-1-20 Misc 023 
I wonder if you have any ideas about what can be done about the abandoned grocery store/gas station at the corner of Oceanview and Illahee?  I know there has been much discussion over the years about it, but it seem to me it has become an attractive nuisance and perhaps the county can get involved in forcing the owners to do something?  Ideas?
Commenting on the Illahee store matter:  I have always been a bit sorrowful regarding the degradation of this little Illahee icon, and secretly hoping an investor would come and rehab it so our dock would become an inviting place again for boaters.  In fact, I have often wondered why the Illahee group has not taken this on.  I assume that the expense of cleaning up the toxic soil from the gas pumps deters possible buyers, but then I have never seen a for sale sign on the property; maybe you have information about i
Who currently owns the Illahee store?  The store owner of record is David Krick, but the company paying the taxes because of liens is Flett Dairy, so who knows who the ‘real owner’ is.  At some point something needs to happen as the property has less value as the building deteriorates and then there is the issue of the buried gas tanks and liability issues if the tanks are leaking especially since are within 200 feet of the shoreline.
We were just talking about how bad the Illahee store looks and then here comes your email.  Would it be possible for the port commission to draft a letter to the county to the effect, that the old Illahee store is a derelict and eyesore and is apparently being vandalized and could the county please notify the owners that they will have to take action to clean it up or remove it at the owners expense?

What about contacting the DCD?  They are very aggressive in protecting the shoreline.  Surely the possibility of deteriorating underground gas tanks leaking into the sound would be of some concern to them?  What about contacting the sheriff as there is often unseemly looking “meetings” in the parking area?  A rash of certified letter complaints to the owner?  Isn’t the owner also an owner of a dairy or some type of business?  Perhaps a barrage of negative comments on this company’s land management practices on the internet with photos (I believe I recall that they are out of state, but if this is how they manage holding here, is it fair to make the assumption that their practices elsewhere would likewise)?  A midnight bulldozer to the site ….

who now officially owns the store and why can “they” not be prosecuted for dereliction and community defacement?  The community seems to be held hostage for this eyesore.
The store has been a blight on the neighborhood for years now. I have no faith that anyone will take over the store and put it back in use. It draws graffiti, trash dumpers, and ultimately bums and criminals and makes my house nearly un-sellable. Who wants to live next to a dump like that. Totally disappointed in the failed effort the port has put in to buying this property, even though I understand why they would really want the headache. Everywhere else I have lived in the past, would not allow a problem like this, because after a place like this is condemned, the owner has 60 days to fix the problem or have the house demolished. If not, the city will demolish the house and send the owner the bill. Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the trespassers will burn the place down trying to cook food.
Spring Signs.  We noticed some daffodils coming up next to a Lost Continent sign, and saw a poster indicating something might be happening with a new emphasis, which we hope to cover soon in another update.
2016-1-30 Misc 113 
Mussel Sampling.  Last Saturday evening (1/23/16) mussel sampling by the Navy was taking place at the Illahee community dock. In February the mussel cage north of the dock will be pulled by Kitsap County staff and volunteers and the mussels transferred to DFW personnel who will transport them to the lab where they will be tested. We hope to be able to see how the results of these two independent tests compare.
2016-1-30 Misc 047 
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/20/16 Eagle Photos, Lost Cat, Stream Stewards Class, Mussel Testing, Store Comments?

Eagle Photos.  The second photo was of a carving we saw on a walk.

2016-1-20 Misc 007

2016-1-20 Misc 008

Lost Cat.  We received the color photo yesterday and noticed copies posted around the area during a walk this afternoon.  We hope this helps.


2016-1-20 Misc 032

Stream Stewards Class.  Last time we mentioned this class at least one Illahee resident signed up and thanked us for letting them know about it.  We attended the class when it was first offered and it was nicely done and gets better each year.  We highly recommend it.  

Learn all about Kitsap streams and watersheds and how you can help preserve and protect them

Do you want to learn about and explore forests and streams? On the Kitsap Peninsula, beautiful forests and small streams abound, making it the ideal place to learn about native plants, forests, wetlands, aquatic insects, and more. We also discuss our interaction with these resources and their protection, conservation, and restoration. We’ll spend plenty of time exploring outdoors.

During the training and field sessions you’ll have the opportunity to connect with experts and other local people who share your interests.  We also provide opportunities for continuing education and involvement in volunteer activities around the county, including tree planting, streamside restoration, stream sampling, and teaching others at events like Salmon in the Classroom. This 5 week non-credit training is open to the public and taught by local and regional experts. 

When: Thursdays, January 28 through February 25 from 9:00 to 3:00

Where: Room 406 in the Norm Dicks Government Center, Bremerton

Cost: $45, which includes class materials; scholarships are available

Register online at  For more information, visit WSU’s website at or call 360 – 337 – 7157 x 3244

Mussel Testing.  Mussel testing has been going on for years and there are several sites in Illahee.  The Navy has been testing sites around Puget Sound and few years ago Kitsap County, working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, began testing .  The Navy is scheduled to take mussel samples from the Illahee dock on Saturday evening (1/23/16).  County personnel and volunteers will pick up the mussels cages that have been in place north of the dock the evening of 2/7/16.  Here is some information on the Navy sampling plans.

As part of the Navy’s ENVVEST ambient monitoring program for Sinclair and
Dyes Inlets we are conducting the Winter 2016 Mussel Watch Program to
sample mussel watch stations within the Sinclair/Dyes and Port Orchard
Passage system and are planning to collect mussel specimens from the
Illahee Port District pier on or about Jan. 23, 2106. This is the same
location that we sampled before. We would like to collect mussel specimens
for residue analysis of heavy metals, PAHs, PCBs, stable isotopes, and
lipids. I have a scientific collection permit from WDFW and we will be
following the NOAA Mussel Watch sampling protocols.

Mussel Watch

Store Comments?  We are receiving some interesting comments after posting a photo of the hole in the roof of the old Illahee Store.  If you have some thoughts regarding the store, let us know as we want to put them in an update. 

2016-1-20 Misc 023

Jim Aho

Illahee 1/16/16 Illahee Photos, Deer, Illegal Cutting, TE Phase 2 Map, Cormorants, Barred Owl

Illahee Photos.  Some photos from and around Illahee.

2016-1-16 Misc 007
2016-1-16 Misc 057
2016-1-16 Misc 060
2016-1-16 Misc 066
Deer.  Just happened on lots of deer this week, some in The Lost Continent area and the last one (two photos) in the Old Growth area of the Preserve.  
2016-1-16 Misc 032
2016-1-16 Misc 026
2016-1-16 Misc 056
2016-1-16 Misc 101
2016-1-16 Misc 106
Illegal Cutting.  The illegal cutting on Preserve property on Rest Place was posted with a stop work sign.  
2016-1-16 Misc 098
2016-1-16 Misc 096
TE Phase 2 Map.  A new map of Illahee Preserve 2016 projects was sent out today.  Part of the map shows the TE Phase 2 targeted acquisition for a proposed south entrance to the Preserve.
TE Phase 2 Map
Cormorants.  With so many cormorants around we have been ignoring them until now.
2016-1-16 Misc 072
2016-1-16 Misc 073
2016-1-16 Misc 092
Barred Owl.  A late afternoon walk near the Preserve found an owl following us.  Not a very good shot because of the lighting, but enough to tell it was a barred owl.
2016-1-16 Misc 045
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/6/16 Squid Fishing, Mail Theft Reports, Illahee Outfall Changes Approved, Port Meeting Next Wednesday, Lost Dog, Illegal Preserve Cutting

Squid Fishing.  Only one squid was caught when we stopped to check on how the fishing was tonight.  Wish we had gotten a better photo of it.  Evidently the fishing is good until seals show up later in the evening.

2016-1-6 Misc 036
2016-1-6 Misc 029
2016-1-6 Misc 039
Mail Theft Reports.  We noticed lots of scattered mail in the center part of Illahee, and evidently it is widespread, as one of the reports is from the north part of Illahee and the other from the south part.
Interesting about the mail information.  Just had KCSO out to give them a pile of mail I found this morning on Grahns Ln. Was from Varsity Lane, different addresses.     Later I find more from Utah Street.   Looks like the mail thieves are in the area.
Mail was stolen from mailboxes on Sylvan Way and Ridgeview on the 24th of December. Discarded mail including opened Christmas cards were picked off the ground. We attempted to alert those involved. There are six mail boxes located in front of our home. Of the six, three are locking and three are standard issue. Mail is stolen on the average of twice a year from the non-locking boxes. Each time a theft happens the involved homes are notified. Open packages, bank statements, credit card applications, University acceptance letters, etc. have been returned to the home owners affected. After 18 years the unlocked boxes remain. I really am baffled. We have had a locking mail box for 18 years. 
Illahee Outfall Changes Approved.  Remember the outfall pipe that extended out some distance and the concerns it raised?  We were informed by the developer’s engineer that it will be moved back, along with the catch basin, but they don’t know when.  Below is the letter approving the changes, but note that the county did not copy the Illahee Community or the Port of Illahee, who are supposed to be kept informed as part of a Settlement Agreement.
Port Meeting Next Wednesday.  The Port of Illahee commissioners meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5 pm at 5500 Illahee Road, lower level.  This is a public meeting and anyone interested is invited to attend.  There is a public comment time at the beginning of the meeting and also at the end should residents have suggestions or issues for the commissioners.
Lost Dog.  We saw another lost dog sign posted at the stop sign at the vacant Illahee Store.
2016-1-6 Misc 002
Illegal Preserve Cutting.  We heard someone was cutting brush on Illahee Preserve property and took this photo.  This is the same area where a few years ago “keep out” signs were posted on Preserve property. Let us know if you know who is doing this so we can pass the information on.
2016-1-6 Misc 012
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/4/16 Wildlife Photos, Illahee Preserve, Illahee Dock, Illahee Store, Parked Cars, Lost Dog, Lost Mail

Wildlife Photos.  The first photo shows part of a flock of wigeon, three Canada geese, and a hen and drake mallard enjoying the sun on a cold day.  The second photo is of some common goldeneye ducks.  

2016-1-4 Misc 041
2016-1-4 Misc 001
Illahee Preserve.  A new garbage can has been added at the Thompson Lane entrance to help with pet waste bags.
2016-1-4 Misc 030
Illahee Dock.  In addition to squid fisherman in the evening, the dock gets some use during the day.  This family was finding crabbing somewhat successful.
2016-1-4 Misc 024
2016-1-4 Misc 021
Illahee Store.  Concerns about the condition of the Illahee Store remain, especially with the glass broken out of one of the doors and the fact that blue paint was splashed around inside the store and was used to also paint the inside of the windows.
2016-1-4 Misc 027
Parked Cars.  Some longterm parked cars by the store and dock.  The first photo shows an attempt to fix one of them.  The second photo shows the other one taking a dock parking spot and has been there for a number of weeks.
2016-1-4 Misc 026
2015-12-20 Misc 001
Lost Dog.  We are a little late posting this notice and hope the dog has been found by now.
2015-12-27 Misc 055
Lost Christmas Mail.  We are also late in posting this photo of what looks like stolen Christmas mail that was open and tossed.
2015-12-27 Misc 053
2015-12-27 Misc 052
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/29/15 TE Options Agreement Signed, Quick Action Required, Donations Being Accepted, Looking For Benefactor, Charitable RMDs, High Tides, Illahee Store Roof Break-In

TE Options Agreement Signed. An Options Agreement to purchase the remaining 10.7 acres of the Timbers Edge project was signed on December 21st.  This is an extension of many months from the initial Options Agreement which indicates the property owner Mr. Tallman, and the developer John Johnson are willing to work with the Illahee Forest Preserve and the Illahee Community boards of directors to accommodate a possible purchase.  The map below shows all the purchases desired for 2016, with the top priority being the remaining TE property.


Quick Action Required.  The deadlines for submittals for at least 3 of the targetted acquisitions is March/April 2016 which will require quick actions by everyone to make them happen.  The RCO grant preliminary application is due in March as is a possible Birkenfeld Grant application.  The TE Options Agreement needs to begin the escrow process by April 15, 2016.

Donations Being Accepted.  With the updated map that just became available today (12/29/15) the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group is again accepting contributions.  For donations to be tax deductible for 2015, they need to be post marked on or before December 31, 2015.  They can also be delivered to the IFP Treasurer, Jon Buesch, at 6253 East Blvd NE, Bremerton, WA 98311, again on or before 12/31/15.  If they are for the TE purchase only, please note that on the check, so if the funding is not raised the money can be returned.
Looking For Benefactor.  There are many thousands of dollars needed to complete all the Preserve acquisitions and one or a few major benefactors could do it all.  There are many who have resources who build college buildings or other major facilities as their legacy.  We think a legacy of a forested central park and wildlife preserve located in an otherwise urban area would be a legacy gift many would like to support, if they knew about it.  Getting that information out is the priority goal of the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit at this time.  Please pass along any suggestions or ideas as they said they need all the help they can get.
Charitable RMDs.  Another funding source that may be of interest to those who have Required Minimum Distributions to take, is that they do not have tax implications if donated to a charitable group like the Illahee Forest Preserve.  We have some who are planning to use this method in 2016 as they missed the chance to do so because of the late authorization this year, see the article below.
Thursday, December 17, 2015

By Jeffrey Levine, Director of Retirement Education
Follow Me on Twitter: @IRAGuru4EdSlott

It’s taken almost a full year – literally – but Congress is finally set to pass an appropriations act, which will include the much anticipated extenders bill. However, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill extenders bill. This year’s version of the extenders bill – something of a holiday tradition for many professionals at this point – permanently extends several key tax provisions, including the QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) provision that allows certain IRA owners to give IRA funds directly to charity without having to include them in income.  But wait… there’s more!

Stuffed into the bill under a section appropriately titled “Miscellaneous Provisions” are several other changes to the tax law – that have nothing to do with the extenders – but that may impact your planning for one or more reasons. The following is a brief summary of some of the most important provisions in the law which are most likely to impact you and your family.

(Editor’s Note: Congress did act, and the President signed the PATH Act into law on Friday, December 18, 2015.)

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) Are Back… “Forever”
The extenders bill will bring back qualified charitable distributions retroactively to January 1, 2015. Although the bill still hasn’t been signed into law, at this point, that’s pretty much just a formality. If you made a “QCD” earlier in the hope that Congress brings back the provision retroactively – as it has every other time it’s expired in the past – you can now rest easy. That distribution will soon become a valid QCD.

There’s more good news too. Never again will you have to wait until mid-December to figure out whether or not you should be making a QCD.  The extenders bill brings back QCDs permanently. Of course, as I’ve said before, “permanent” means something different to Congress than it means to you or I. To us, permanent means, well… permanent. Not to be changed. Ever. To Congress, however, permanent just means the way it is until we decide to pass another law to override it.

If you haven’t yet made a QCD for 2015 and want to do so now that there is clarity as to the law, you had better get to work quickly! Charitable distributions must leave your IRA no later than December 31, 2015 in order to be treated as a 2015 QCD. Despite the close proximity between now and the end of the year, there will be no grace period or other extension of that deadline. Remember, QCDs can only be made from IRAs, and only if you are actually age 70 ½ or older at the time of the distribution.

– See more at:

High Tides.  For those who live on or close to the water, there have been weeks of high tides and they are going to continue through January.  
2015-12-26 Misc 001
2015-12-20 Misc 0322015-12-20 Misc 031 
We used to get tide charts from shipyard employees but now it seems everyone we know has retired, and now we go to the Port of Brownsville website for our tidal information.  Below the the remaining tides for 2015 and the tides for January 2016.
Remaining 2015 Tides
Jan 2016 Tides 
Illahee Store Roof Break-In.  The Illahee Store condition has been a concern for citizens for years and now even more as there were reports of homeless inside the store.  We didn’t understand how anyone could get through the expanded metal covering the doors and windows until we talked with a nearby resident who showed us a path to the back of the store and a hole in the roof.  There have been many who have commented on how the community needs a meeting place and that this would be an ideal place, but not if it gets destroyed before anything can happen.  Let us know your thoughts and we will use this platform to pass your comments on to the rest in the community.
2015-12-26 Misc 030
2015-12-29 Misc 005 
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/20/15 Port Commissioner Continues in Position, Squid Fishing, Derelict Boat, Illahee Preserve Rain Garden, TLC Phase 2, More 2015 Contributions, Webcam Comment

Port Commissioner Continues in Position.  What happens if no one files for a Port Commissioner position, including the incumbent? And what if in the same election voters approve a ballot measure to eliminate commissioner districts in favor of at-large elections?  At the Port of Illahee meeting on December 9th we found out the answers to these two questions.  

The answer to the first question is the incumbent commissioner can continue in the position according to RCW statute, which is what a number of ports do so the ports don’t have to pay election costs.  Evidently in some jurisdictions there are no residents competing to be a port commissioner which is why their elections don’t show up on a ballot and why some commissioners stay on in those positions for many years.  

Lapse of election when no filing for single positions—Effect.

If after both the normal filing period and special three-day filing period as provided by RCW 29A.24.171 and 29A.24.181 have passed, no candidate has filed for any single city, town, or district position to be filled, the election for such position shall be deemed lapsed, the office deemed stricken from the ballot and no write-in votes counted. In such instance, the incumbent occupying such position shall remain in office and continue to serve until a successor is elected at the next election when such positions are voted upon.
The answer to the second question was also determined by RCW statute, which states the ballot measure takes affect the next election cycle, or in 2017.  At first it was thought the ballot measure would take precedent, but when port lawyers checked the statutes it was clear that was not the case.

RCW 53.12.021

Elimination of commissioner districts.

Any less than countywide port district that uses commissioner districts may cease using commissioner districts as provided in this section.
A ballot proposition authorizing the elimination of commissioner districts shall be submitted to the voters of a less than countywide port district that is divided into commissioner districts if (1) a petition is submitted to the port commission proposing that the port district cease using commissioner districts, that is signed by registered voters of the port district equal in number to at least ten percent of the number of voters who voted at the last district general election; or (2) the port commissioners adopt a resolution proposing that the port district cease using commissioner districts. The port commission shall transfer the petition or resolution immediately to the county auditor who shall, when a petition is submitted, review the signatures and certify its sufficiency. A ballot proposition authorizing the elimination of commissioner districts shall be submitted at the next district general election occurring sixty or more days after a petition with sufficient signatures was submitted. If the ballot proposition authorizing the port district to cease using commissioner districts is approved by a simple majority vote, the port district shall cease using commissioner districts at all subsequent elections.
We wanted to explain this as we heard there were at least four Illahee residents who had expressed interest in applying for what they thought would be a vacant Port of Illahee Commissioner position, and possibly more who were waiting for a vacancy to occur. Commissioner MaGill has indicated her plans to continue as a Port of Illahee Commissioner through 2017, and Commissioner Schaefer has noted his term ending in 2017 will be his last, which means there will be two at-large positions opening in 2017.  Interested residents within the Port of Illahee boundary may want to attend Port meetings that occur the second Wednesday of each month at 5 pm at 5500B Illahee Road, and as with all public meetings, anyone is welcome to attend.

Squid Fishing.  Bigger than usual squid are being caught at the Port of Illahee dock.
2015-12-20 Misc 070 
Derelict Boat.  The Port received the following email regarding the boat in the photo: 
2015-12-20 Misc 024
This email is to inform you that the Sheriff’s Office and USCG were advised of a partially submerged boat just off of the Port of Illahee dock. I responded and placed the small white “Walker Bay” on your dock for safekeeping. It appears that a local homeowner in the area might own it and hopefully will claim it. The boat is not registered so I do not know who it belongs to. If no one comes to claim it, please advise me. The USCG had been made aware of this boat’s location.


Sgt Jim McDonough
Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office
614 Division St, MS-37
Port Orchard, WA  98366

Illahee Preserve Demonstration Rain Garden.  We heard there are plans to rework the rain garden at the Almira parking lot, that grew too tall and blocked visibility across the parking lot, to convert it to one more esthetically pleasing and with a lower profile.  
Misc 4-7 056 
TLC Phase 2.  We have been wondering whether there would be an effort to complete Phase 2 of The Lost Continent project and just heard an Options Agreement is in the process of being signed to purchase the remaining Timbers Edge 10.7 acres.  Evidently there are other aspects to the Phase 2 plans that are being worked on that we will report on when the documents become available.  
More 2015 Contributions?  We also heard there are residents who missed contributing to the Phase 1 purchase of the 25.5 acres and want to help with Phase 2 purchases, and would like to contribute before the end of 2015 for tax purchases.  We will check on how these contributions should be handled.
Webcam Comment.  We often forget that Illahee has a 24/7 webcam looking at the Illahee community dock.  We received the following email a few weeks ago and have not figured out how to attach the photos that were sent, which we will do after we get some help:
I wanted to thank you for having the Illahee Community website.   I especially am thankful for the webcam!  Although we do have a view of the Puget Sound and Bainbridge between the houses and trees, I love checking on the webcam multiple times a day to see what the view is.  I have captured some beautiful dawns and sunsets!  This morning due to the moisture I captured a really awesome picture!  Looks like aliens have landed.  I uploaded it, along with some other pictures to share on your community report if you would like.
We also need to note the weather station is currently not fully functioning and repairs are being attempted to fix the wind speed reporting feature.  
Wishing you a blessed and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season!
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/30/15 Walkers, Wood Chips, Preserve Downed Trees, South Wind, North Wind, Avery Homestead, Western White Pine, Illahee Store Sign, Timbers Edge, The Lost Continent Phase 2?

Walkers.  Lots of walkers in Illahee but the most interesting was today of two grandparents giving their granddaughter (Bethany) a ride in a wagon pulled by a pet sheep named Rambo.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 002 

Wood Chips.  We need help with getting wood chips to the people who want them.  There were four people requesting wood chips and instead this load was dumped at the Preserve.  If you see a tree service with chips they want to get rid of, have them contact us and we will put them in contact with people who actually want them.  The Preserve doesn’t need anymore at this time.

2015-11-30 Misc 034 
Preserve Downed Trees.  Thanks again to those who keep the Illahee Preserve’s over 5 miles of trails open and cleaned up.  These volunteers (Rotary, Stewardship, and community members) go through a Kitsap County training class to make sure they know how to safely operate and maintain their personal chain saws.  Several years ago, when there were a number of major storms, over 100 trees needed to be cleared from the trail system.  
2015-11-30 Misc 026 
South Wind.  So what damage did the recent south wind cause?  Roughly 20 trees came down over the trails including some big ones.
North Wind.  The more recent north winds took down another 10 trees that had to be removed.
Western White Pine.  We were surprised at the number of Western White Pine’s that had their tops blown down in the Preserve.  The photo below is from a residence that had the same problem.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 004 
Illahee Store Sign.  It also appears the north winds also broke the sign at the Illahee Store.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 008 
Avery Homestead.  Neighbors on both sides of the Avery Homestead reported the noise from a big tree coming down.  The tree was so heavily covered with English Ivy that it was hard to see the tree.  When it came down it trimmed the branches of one of the nearby redwood trees.  It is a good reminder that if you have trees with ivy on them that they are more susceptible to being blown over.  You just need to cut the vine trunks at the base of the tree.
2015-11-30 Misc 050
2015-11-30 Misc 037 
Timbers Edge.  With the recent purchase of 25.5 acres of the Timbers Edge project, there are questions as to what is going to happen with the remaining 10.7 acres that was not purchased.  The Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP), the non-profit group that organized the purchase of the 25 acres, is working on developing an updated long range master plan.  What kind of natural areas and recreational features should be considered to serve a large anticipated future urban population, say in the next 20 to 50 years?  These discussions need to involve the County and the City of Bremerton (whose residents are major users) and meetings are hoped to commence this week.
The Lost Continent Phase 2?  Until the talks mentioned above happen, the Lost Continent project is temporarily on hold.  Phase 2 is hoping to begin soon so those who want to make end of year 2015 contributions for tax purposes can do so.  There were also a number of people who wanted to contribute to Phase 1 after the necessary funds were collected, so it is hoped they will still want to help.  More information will follow when we find out about the discussions.
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/15/15 Trees Down, Illahee Creek, Nearby Beavers, King Tides Coming, Wildlife Photos

Trees Down.  Some Ocean View Blvd residents had to make some detours today because of downed trees from the latest storm.  We found a broken off rear view mirror on the road this morning indicating someone must have had a close call.

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Illahee Creek.  We were surprised there was no discernible chocolate colored storm water flowing out into the bay after the recent rains.  It appears the many recent stormwater improvements made by Kitsap County around Illahee are paying off with more manageable storm flows in Illahee Creek.  We are hoping to check the creek soon to see if any salmon have shown up .
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Nearby Beavers.  One of the Illahee Preserve’s maintenance (chainsaw) guys was asked to take care of some downed tree by a nearby stream.  He was surprised that the downed trees were the work of beavers, see the photos.  The last photo is of a beaver dam near Leavenworth that was taken this fall.  We will be trying to get a photo of the nearby beaver dam and note that there are some who hope the close by beavers will find their way to Illahee Creek as biologists have recommended them for helping to establish pools for salmonids.
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King Tides Coming.  This is the time of year for high tides, that have also been called King Tides.  The following notice is from our local Sea Grant representative, Jeff Adams
.Hi All- I just overheard someone talking about predictions of a windy next 24 hours. You never know, but air pressure is dropping and some 11.5’+ tides are coming up. For those of you interested in king tide/storm surge watching, the season is upon us. 
You can track water levels (predicted and actual) as well as pressure, wind, and more at…
… it’s for Seattle, but the Kitsap Peninsula follows pretty closely (add about an hour for Dyes Inlet or South Sound).
As for tides, there are a lot between +11.5 and +12.3 over the next two weeks as we head into the new moon. … If you have too much coffee and too little turkey, there are some great midnight minus tides for the holiday. Cheers! JEff
Wildlife Photos.  With all the rain a photo of some local ducks seemed appropriate and a photo of Schutt’s point at high tide.
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Jim Aho