Illahee 9/20/15 Illahee Photos, Preserve Work Party, Police Reports, Hiding Spot, Why Illahee?, Culvert, Perry Ave Stormwater Project, Port Thank You, Lost Continent Updates

Illahee Photos.  Thanks to those who share their photos.
2015-9-20 Misc 0772015-9-20 Misc 074 
Illahee Preserve Work Party.  Thanks to the LDS church group that accomplished some major tasks on Saturday, September 12th.  Not only did they clean up and give the rain garden a “hair cut”, they also hauled and spread woodchips on trails.  Adults, teenagers, and younger children make it a fun and productive morning, which was followed by a BBQ.  Thanks to all the volunteers to make the Illahee Preserve such a special place!
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Police Reports.  In our last Update we reported on police chase in Illahee, a crashed car, and a drug dealer who fled on foot, and eventually was found and apprehended with the help of a police dog. The first report if from the Kitsap Sun and the second from the CK Reporter.

2015-9-20 Misc 0782015-9-20 Misc 088 
The Hiding Spot.  Below is the house where the suspect hid in a lower level storage area where the dog located him.
2015-9-20 Misc 0762015-9-20 Misc 0752015-9-20 Misc 072 
Why Illahee?  Why does Illahee have so much of this kind of activity?  We think the reason is Illahee Road is the only road east of State Route 303 (Wheaton Way) for those wanting to go between Bremerton and communities to the north.
Culvert.  We monitor the Illahee Creek culvert under Illahee Road periodically to check the clearance as it has been decreasing over the years.  The current clearance is 21 inches maximum, but as you can see from the photo that is just at the center.  The culvert was not cleaned this year as the county has been completing many stormwater projects in Illahee to help decrease the stormwater surges.  Our concern is a major storm, capable of moving logs down the creek, could plug the culvert and wash out the road, which would leave us with some big traffic problems.
2015-9-20 Misc 1042015-9-20 Misc 112 
Perry Avenue Stormwater Project.  We received a number of inquiries about a stormwater project on Perry Avenue that dumps water over the hillside into Illahee Creek.  This project was recommended by the Port of Illahee/Department of Ecology report issued in 2008 and was completed recently by Kitsap County Public Works.  The last photo shows two guys installing a second flange.  Those flanges were then covered with 8 cubic yards of concrete which serves as an anchor for the pipe just before it goes over the bank.  At the end is a diffuser to dissipate the energy before it enters Illahee Creek.  The area has experienced a number of slides and this should help.
2015-9-20 Misc 0352015-9-20 Misc 0312015-9-20 Misc 037 
Port Thank You.  We want to say a special thank you to the Port of Illahee commissioners who years ago had the foresight to apply for a grant to help resolve the stormwater problems in the creek that also affected Puget Sound.  The Port’s authority extends beyond just the Illahee dock which not always understood.
Lost Continent Phase 1 Acquisition Update.  We heard the acquisition in progressing as they wait for an appraisal of the project to complete.  The acquisition is to complete by September 29th and 25.5 acres will be added to the Preserve.
Lost Continent Phase 2 Acquisition?  We don’t know the status of the Avery Homestead parcels which is Phase 2.  With the delay in closing for Phase 1, Phase 2 had to be put on hold.  We will let you know what we find out about Phase 2.
Jim Aho

Illahee 9/9/15 Police Activity in Illahee, Police Chase, Suspect Flees On Foot, Police Dog Joins Search, Subject Hid Under House, Thanks to Bremerton Police, Thanks to Police Dog, A Young Couple’s Welcome to Illahee

Police Activity In Illahee?  Anyone going through Illahee on Wednesday evening found police cars almost lining Illahee Road.  We think nearly all of Bremerton’s police cars, including unmarked ones were parked along Illahee Road from the community dock north.  We have tried to piece together what happened and this is our unofficial understanding.
2015-9-9 Misc 029This is the only photo we got before being told to go inside.  Hopefully someone was able to get some photos and will forward them on for us to share. 

Police Chase.  Evidently a known drug dealer with several felonies, was being pursued by Bremerton police in the area of Sunset and then ended up on Illahee Road about two tenths of a mile north of the dock, where he abandoned his car.  We don’t know where or what kind of car, or if it was stolen.

Suspect Flees On Foot.  What we did hear is he fled on foot and it appeared the police officers set up a perimeter containment area which is probably why there were so many officers involved.  They  told us a police dog was being brought in and we were told to go inside our house.
Police Dog Joins Search. It wasn’t much longer when we heard the dog barking and shouting which we presume was the capture of the suspect.  
Suspect Hid Under House.  After things quieted down and the flashing lights were turned off we went out to see what information we could gather.  Seems the suspect was found hiding in an area under a yellow house when he was captured.  We know the house and it was a good hiding place that would have been difficult to find if it wasn’t for the dog.
Thanks To Bremerton Police!  Thanks to the Bremerton Police Department for such a great presence and dedication to capturing the suspect.  We were impressed!
Thanks To Police Dog!  We also came away with a great appreciation for what a police dog can do in locating someone on the run and hiding in a very secluded and difficult area to search.
A Young Couple’s Welcome To Illahee.  What a way to welcome a young couple who just moved here from Seattle to get away from the big city?  Luckily Pete had gone to pick up his wife at the ferry when all this happened so neither of them were home at the time.  We will get some photos of the hiding place on Thursday.  Wanted to get this out tonight as we have had phone calls already asking what was going on.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/31/15 Power Outage, Downed Trees, Friday Work Party, Illahee Outfall Meetings, vigilant Residents, Timbers Edge, Raccoon Photo, Orca Visit, Orca Regulations, Ant Correction

Power Outage.  We heard on Sunday afternoon there were 594 residents in Illahee without power with an estimated time to restore power set for Tuesday at 6:30 am, when a plea was made for help. We don’t know how it got expedited but after 32 hours without power we are glad it happened and thank those with contacts. Another 30+ hours would have been tough.  

Downed Trees.  We heard the power outage problem was the result of branches/trees over power lines in three locations along Illahee Road hill.  Only a few trees were down across trails in the Illahee Preserve, with several of them already taken care of.

 2015-8-31 Misc 024
Friday Work Party.  There was another successful Illahee Preserve work party on Friday with 55 Washington Youth Academy cadets.  Invasive plant species were removed and wood chip piles were depleted as wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of wood chips were placed on the trails.  It takes many hundreds of labor hours to keep the Preserve looking great and it is all done with volunteers.  Thanks to the Washington Youth Academy and the East Bremerton Rotary Club for all their efforts on Friday!!!  And thanks to those who helped supply the work party with wheelbarrows and tools!
2015-8-31 Misc 017
Illahee Outfall Meetings.  This past week there were three meetings held to try and resolve the problem with the Illahee Outfall that “sticks out like a sore thumb”.  A resolution was eventually agreed to by those present which needs to have revised drawings approved by the Department of Community Development (DCD).  More information will follow.  The first photo shows the problem of the pipe sticking out too far.  The second photo is looking into the manhole at the pipe being held by two long bolts, which was deemed inadequate.  The manhole will be relocated and the pipe will be moved back, and a better anchoring system designed.  
2015-1-23 Misc 1062015-8-31 Misc 005 
Vigilant Residents.  There are some who think the people in Illahee are simply complainers when they oppose some of the projects being contemplated.  The response has been it is the Illahee Community that has to live with the final result of projects.  If something is not done right residents may be looking at it and living with it everyday for as long as they live here, so they want it done right.  Additionally, they have found they cannot always depend on the county to watch out for the community, which is why they need to be vigilant.
Timbers Edge.  What is the hold-up with the 25 acre TE purchase (Phase 1)?  Turns out an appraisal is needed for the state funds and the county, who is pledging interim funds.  Complex appraisals take time so we are currently projecting middle to late September for the appraisal to complete.  Phase 1 needs to complete, so things are currently in a holding pattern for Phase 2.
Raccoon Photo.  Thanks to Rick for this photo during a past thunderstorm.
Here is the picture of the raccoon, that was frightened by the thunder. He/she was at eye level just outside our back door in a large cedar tree at 5533 Oceanview Blvd.  Looks like he was praying for protection from the storm.
Orca Visit.  The orca pod visit on August 18th turned out to be quite an event.  We saw some private videos that were amazing and have been trying to find someone who will share their videos.  Turns out some of them found out afterwards that there are some strict restrictions about how close you can get to whales, assuming these were the southern resident orcas.   The person in this photo was trying to maintain some separation when another group from the pod came up next to his kayak.  He had is video running taking photos of the far away orcas and when the others surfaced next to him you can hear how scared and surprised he was.  Cameras capture the sights and sounds of some amazing events.
Orca Restrictions.  The regulations for boaters are:
Orca Regs 
Ant Correction.  In a previous update with reference to fire ants I have been corrected as follows: 
2015-8-18 Misc 034
These are not fire ants. There are no fire ants north of the Texas, New Mexico area. Fire ants do build mounds but they are made of earth not vegetation detritus. The ants you picture are one of several similar species collectively called mound building ants. They are benign to beneficial as they often prey on insect pests. Calling them fire ants may well cause people to destroy these relatively harmless creatures for no reason.
The ants might be thatching ants. That’s what we had. They were stripping my plants and made a mound as high as my waist. Never heard of them till I had them in my yard. Wish I’d taken pictures.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/18/15 Orcas Visit Illahee, Fire Ants, Lightning Cancels Work Party, Web Cam, Illahee Day, Port Proposition, Thefts, Missing Person and Lost Cat Notices

Orcas Visit Illahee.  A pod of orcas visited Illahee this evening and put on quite a show for those on the Illahee Community dock.

2015-8-18 Misc 035 
Fire Ants.  As we wait to close on the 25 acre Phase 1 purchase of the Timbers Edge project, we walked through the 10 acre Phase 2 parcels and found a big fire ant nest.  These little guys can be vicious.
2015-8-18 Misc 033
2015-8-18 Misc 034 
Lightning Cancels Work Party.  The treat of lightning caused the work party with the Washington Youth Academy to be cancelled.  We will be scheduling for another day as we have loads of wood chips to spread on the trails.  Lots of preparations, including arranging for a portapotty and the delivery of a container with all the tools, go into these work parties and we thank the East Bremerton Rotary for making all the arrangements.
2015-8-18 Misc 014 
Web Cam.  There is a 24/7 web camera that looks at the Illahee Community dock and can be viewed on the website.  At the bottom of the camera picture are time the photo was taken and the weather details.  The previous day’s time lapsed video is always available and it provided some interesting camera captures of the early morning lightning, which are shown below.  The camera takes a snap shot every 34 seconds so we were lucky to find these photos.  The second shows a likely lightning strike on Bainbridge Island.  The amount of rain noted at the site was 1.05 inches on Friday.
Illahee Day.  Saturday was Illahee day and forty plus people attended.  Toward the end of the day some fireman from the station at the top of Illahee hill attended and suggested that next year we schedule tours of a fire truck.  There were no photos taken so the photo below is a repeat.
2015-8-11 Misc 007 
Port Proposition.  The Port of Illahee has a proposition on November’s ballot and they were looking for committee members both for and against the proposition.  Evidently they have some residents for a for committee, but not for the against committee and asked the county whether the committee members need to be against the measure, and below is the response and how the proposition will be worded.
Port Proposition 
Thefts.  Several residents have reported mail thefts in Illahee and also they evidently think the person who did the burglary and car theft at Illahee north, lives in the vicinity, which is why in the writeup they chased the guy back to Illahee.  Let us know if you find out more information on the mail thefts and the burglary so we can pass it on.
KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 1 
Missing Person and Lost Cat Notices.  Below are some notices we found posted in the community.
2015-8-18 Misc 0232015-8-18 Misc 0222015-8-11 Misc 004 
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/11/15 Double Rainbow, Crime Reports, Port Meeting, Preserve Work Party, Wheelbarrows Needed, Illahee Day on Saturday, Port Issues, TE Prelim Plat, Phase 1 Appraised Value?

Double Rainbow.  Thanks to those who share their photos and for this one of a double rainbow taken from Illahee and looking toward Bainbridge Island.

Crime Report.  And thanks to Vic who shared the Sheriff’s report on the breaking and entering, burglary, and theft of a vehicle report.  We hope to get more details soon.
Crime Report 3of3 
Local Crime Report.  We do get email notification of local crimes and attached are what they look like.  The one above is from a distance and the one below is closer in.
Port Meeting on Wednesday.  The regular Port of Illahee meeting is the second Wednesday of each month, which is tomorrow, August 12th, at 5 pm at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.  More later on one of the agenda items.
Illahee Preserve Work Party on Friday  There will be a major Illahee Preserve work party on Friday August 14th with over 50 Washington Youth Academy cadets and the Preserve’s Rotary and Community Leadership Team.  
Wheelbarrows Needed!  With lots of wood chips to be spread more wheel barrows are needed.  They can be dropped off at the Almira entrance between 7:30 and 8:30 am and picked up after 3:45 pm.  Larger wheelbarrows are preferred to small ones, but all are needed.
Illahee Day.  Saturday August 15th is Illahee day at the Illahee Dock and at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road, between 4 and 7 pm.  Food and beverages will be provided by the Port of Illahee.  Come and meet the commissioners and your fellow Illahee residents.
 2015-8-11 Misc 007
Port Explanatory Statement.  We haven’t seen the wording for the proposition that will be on the ballot in November to eliminate commissioner districts, but we understand this is what went in to explain it.

The port commissioners adopted a resolution proposing that the Port of Illahee cease using three commissioner districts.  Currently commissioner candidates must come from the commissioner district in which they reside.  If the proposition is approved candidates will only need to reside within the Port of Illahee boundary.  This is authorized by the Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 53.12.021, and requires a simple majority vote for approval.

Voter’s Pamphlet Requirements.  There is a state statute to ensure the right information is included in the voter’s pamphlet, and it it up to the port to find those both for and against a ballot measure.  See the requirements below: 
Resolution FormatVoters Guide 
Pro and Con Statements.  The Port needs help to find both those for and against dissolving district representation in favor of at-large representation for port commissioners and it is hoped attendees will help with the draft statements.  Below are two draft statements to get the process started. 
CON STATEMENT.   The Port of Illahee has been running just fine for the past nearly 93 years with Commissioners elected from the districts in which they live. With such a great record, it is ridiculous to think that we need to change now, especially since there are more and more people living within the districts.  
PRO STATEMENT.   The Port of Illahee is a small port extending three miles along the waterfront and extending approximately one mile inland.  Currently the port is divided into three geographical commissioner districts and commissioners must reside within their district boundaries.  The port has found it difficult at times to recruit within these small districts.  Discussions weighing the advantages and disadvantages of commissioner districts resulted it a Port Resolution to eliminate the district requirement in favor of at-large representation.  Residents of similar small ports, such as Manchester, Keyport, Poulsbo, and Eglon, voted to eliminate their commissioner districts in 1996 – 1998.  Approval of this proposition will eliminate individual commissioner districts, and any resident within the port boundary will be eligible to run for a commissioner position. 
Required Port Committees.  Please consider attending the Port meeting on Wednesday and help out with the required committees and helping develop the statements for the Voters Pamphlet!  Below is the form the county requires to document the committee’s makeup.
TE Preliminary Plat.   Below is the TE preliminary plat the was approved by the Hearing Examiner many years ago.  It is being used now to determine the appraised value of the property that is being purchased as part of Phase 1 of the Lost Continent purchase.  The second drawing shows the number of lots that could have been built, 8 + 18 + 9 = 35.  (Note that with the Phase 1 purchase of the 25.5 acres, there will be no sewers and the 84 small lots shown on the plat will be replaced with 43 larger lots, and Phase 2 plans are to work with a land trust to purchase them.) 
TEPrelimPlatLots to be Appraised 
Appraised Value?  The appraiser needs to determine the net value of those lots in today’s market that could run between $20K – $25K per lot.  We heard the RCO does not consider the open space tracts that we had valued at $10K – $15K per acre.  In either case we feel the price the property is being purchased for will be more than substantiated.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/5/15 Illahee Burglary, TE Closing Delayed, Wildlife Photos, Aug 14 Work Party

Illahee Burglary.  It is hard to believe this happened early this morning (Wednesday) and in Illahee.  

KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 1
KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 2 
TE Closing Delayed.   Today, Wednesday the 5th of August 2015, was the day we were supposed to close on 25 acres of the Timbers Edge properties.  When dealing with public funds at the state and county level, officials need to make sure those funds are spent wisely and therefore appraisals and appraisal reviews are required when purchasing real property.  Which means we won’t be able to close until the appraisal is completed and the value of the property is worth at least the $300,000 authorized by the state.  We hope it will be considerably more as the purchase price is planned to be used as a match for another grant in 2016 to further expand the Preserve. 
Wildlife Photos.  Below are recent photos around Illahee.
2015-8-5 Misc 004
2015-8-5 Misc 018
2015-8-5 Misc 024
Aug 14 Work Party.  An Illahee Preserve work party is being planned for August 14th with the East Bremerton Rotary and the Washington Youth Academy and it looks like they will be distributing wood chips based on some recent wood chip piles on Thompson Lane.  More later when we find out if volunteers are needed to help.
2015-8-5 Misc 087 
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/26/15 TE Purchase Proceeding, THANK YOU, Pledges Being Honored, Deer, Wildlife Casualties, County Road Crew, Wildlife Harassment, Port Resolution, New Seahawks Sign

TE Purchase Proceeding.  The escrow process necessary to purchase Timbers Edge started off slow, but accelerated this past week, and it appear everyone is working hard to meet the August 5th closing date.

THANK YOU.  Below is a message that went out as a reminder to many of those who pledged and we thought it worth sharing.  Without every one’s support this never would have happened, and we need to thank them as for many the donation amounts were sacrificial (such as a postponed new roof, and a used car rather than a new car).

In case you haven’t heard we were successful with Phase 1 of our Pledge Campaign to raise the funds to purchase 25.5 acrea of prime forest and riparian habitat for the Illahee Preserve.

The escrow process has begun and closing will be August 5, 2015.
One of the concerns we had a few weeks ago was whether the $300,000 from the State would be available in time for closing, and yesterday (Friday, 7/17) we were assured it would be, and possibly be available this coming week.
With that concern alleviated, we are now asking those who made pledges to send their pledges, if you haven’t already, to the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) and note they are for the Lost Continent/Timbers Edge Fund.  The address of KCF is:
KCF (LostContinent/Timbers Edge Fund), PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383.  
We are also receiving funds through the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) so if you have already sent your donations to our IFP Treasurer, Jonathan Buesch, 6253 East Blvd, Bremerton, WA 98311, that is fine.  
We would like to have the pledge donations sent in this next week and at the latest by July 31st.  If there are any problems, please let us know, as we have people standing by the help with a bridge loan if necessary.
We don’t know how to thank everyone, as a week before we needed start escrow we were $330,000 short. What happened in that last week was truly amazing.  The state came through and the final needed pledges came in in the final hours.  
THANK YOU for making this happen!!!
Pledges Being Honored.  The question has been whether those who pledged would honor the pledges, and so far there have only been a few who were unable or had to cut back, but thankfully there was a little reserve that should take care of it.  At this moment we anticipate needing $120,000 because of closing costs and so far $99,000 has come in out of the $124,000 that was finally pledged (though with some donating more and some less than they pledged the anticipated number is proving elusive).  There were some this week who are wondering if it is too late to donate and we are reminding them that we will begin the Phase 2 pledge campaign soon, so the answer is it is not too late. 
Deer.  We were trying capture one of these fawns picking up a transparent apple.  Between the deer and the geese the apples under this tree don’t last long.
2015-7-23 Misc 025 
Wildlife Casualties.  We have been asked to both not photograph dead animals and to photograph them to remind people to be careful of our wildlife.  We don’t post these often, but when two of our more prominent creatures are hit within a few days we thought it was time to put out a reminder.
2015-7-23 Misc 007
2015-7-23 Misc 037 
County Road Crew.  Thanks to the county road crew wildlife casualties aren’t around very long.  We just happened to be walking and taking a photo of the fawn when this crew came by and a few minutes later they picked it up and were gone.
2015-7-23 Misc 008 
Wildlife Harassment.  We have had numerous complaints about a jet ski rider harassing Canada geese and cormorants. Even those who aren’t particularly found of these birds have expressed that they shouldn’t be harassed like that and possibly killed.  Here are a few excerpts from one email:
This morning, somewhere around 930 and 10 AM, I heard geese calling and looked out my window to see what was happening.  Usually if the geese land on my beach they call and I go down and give them bread.  Also I found a dead goose on my beach.  ….  There was a guy on a jet ski chasing the geese in the water.  Also I saw him chasing a goose as it was trying to fly away.  ….  He was picking them out and circling.  ….  I yelled but I don’t think he heard me. …  I looked in the water and there was still one goose swimming.  The guy came back and looked in the water to see if there were any more birds left.  He found the goose and stared to circle.  I yelled again and ran down to the beach.  ….  I was horrified that someone who lives in Illahee would do this.  ….. 
Port of Illahee Resolution.  There will be initiative on the November Election ballot to eliminate separate districts within the Port of Illahee boundaries.  According the Washington law (WAC 434-381-120) the voters pamphlet requires two committees be appointed to prepare arguments for and against a ballot measure.  I’m sure the Port would like to have people who feel strongly on the issues to volunteer to be on the committees.  The resolution the Port approved (in February) is shown below:
POI Res 2015-1 
New Seahawks Sign.  A talented artist and Seahawk fan is keeping the local community aware of the waiting time before the first game of the season.  There has been a sign up just after the Superbowl and the sign was just replaced with a new one.  Thank you Sharry!
2015-7-25 Misc 0062015-7-25 Misc 005 
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/10/15 Kitsap Sun Article, MN Response, Escrow Process Started, Senate Bond Bill Passes, Pledge Letter, Phase 2 Plans, New Pledge Form?, Dock Bracing, Outfall Settlement?

Kitsap Sun Article.  What a great article appeared in Tuesday’s Kitsap Sun!

2015-7-10 Misc 0202015-7-10 Misc 024 
MN Response.  We wanted to share this response from Minnesota.
There are plenty of national and regional land conservation orgs out there but this one was grassroots all the way. I love these stories about preserving a little “urban wilderness”: political grease, a landowner with a generous heart, committed community and even a donor who “recently inherited a booming oil field” in ND. Job well done. Congratulations!
Jaime A. Pinkham (Nez Perce)
Vice President, Native Nations
Escrow Process Started.  The escrow process has begun at Pacific Northwest Title Company and is scheduled to close on the 25.5 acre parcels on August 5th.
Senate Bond Bill Passes.  We were concerned earlier this week whether there might be a problem getting the $300K state money by the closing date as the Bond Bill had not been passed by the Senate, but it did pass on Thursday (7/9/15).  
Pledge Letter.  A letter will be sent to those who pledged (comprising about 70 percent).  A number of those who have pledged are already sending their pledged amounts to both the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) and the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF).  Either one works, but since the IFP normally isn’t involved with acquisitions they are collaborating with KCF on the purchase.  The address for KCF is PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383.
Phase 2 Plans.  There were several standing in the wings waiting to see if the Phase 1 purchase was going to need some help.  We are hoping they and others will be available to help with Phase 2.  A series of meeting is being planned to make sure Phase 2 completes, and hopefully with more than a week to spare.
New Pledge Form?  The IFP board is looking over the pledge form to see if it should be updated for Phase 2.  
Dock Bracing.  While we have been preoccupied with the Timbers Edge/Lost Continent purchase the Port of Illahee contracted out to have crossbracing installed on some critical pilings.  Thanks to Commissioner Cassie Magill, who is the dock manager, for finding contractor Tim Knapp and his crew.  The dock stability has been a major concern in the event of an earthquake.
2015-6-30 Misc 038 2015-6-30 Misc 045 2015-7-10 Misc 011 2015-7-10 Misc 014 
Outfall Settlement?  The Prosecutor’s Office was contacted about the Outfall Settlement agreement since there was no response from the Department of Community Development (DCD) following the Illahee Community Meeting on May 18, 2015.  At the community meeting it was decided a meeting should be set up with DCD to determine why the terms of the settlement agreement were not followed. The minutes of the meeting stated “Rather than start costly legal action it was suggested that all parties get together and see if they could resolve the issue.”  So far the Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t been successful in setting up a meeting either.
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
Stennis Departing.  A photo of the John C. Stennis (CVN74) as viewed from Illahee as it passes by Point White.
2015-7-10 Misc 018 
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/6/15 Status Report, Campaign Hard Work, Stategy Team, Significant Gifts, Notice To Purchase Given, Amazing Final Effort, Kitsap Sun Call, Final Count?, Amazing Week


Status Report.  We saw a this report to the capital campaign committee on Sunday (7/5/15) evening. 

We may not be totally there on the funding, but if not we are awfully darn close, possibly a couple of thousand dollars short (Jon, our Treasurer, has the official record and we hope those who have pledged will follow through).  We are close enough that we are stopping active door to door solicitations of funds for Phase 1. 

Campaign Hard Work.  And these comments regarding the preparatory work.

But, what made our jobs easier was all the hard work that was done with the website, the tattoos, the signs, contacting the elected officials, and the articles in the Kitsap Sun.  (We even got a call from Germany this morning asking how we were doing and commented on the website.)  Everything came together this past week, which is almost unbelievable (we were $330,000 short at the beginning of the week).

Strategy Team.  And regarding the strategy team.

The Strategy Team that met every Thursday at the Planetarium was the real key to our success.  That’s where the ideas were incubated, hatched and then implemented.  How do we thank each of them for their hard work?

Significant Gifts.  And their comments regarding significant gifts:
Exactly how much money will be forthcoming from this week’s effort is hard to determine, and what are significant contributions?  We take phone calls and answer lots of questions and some result in $10,000 gifts, others $1,000, and then some are only $100.  Each amount is significant to the giver depending on their circumstances. 
Notice To Purchase.  Written “Notice to Execute Option A” was hand delivered this afternoon (7/6/15) to John Johnson, as a representative of Mr. Jim Tallman, to purchase the 25.5 acres we have described as Phase 1.  The required closing date is August 5, 2015, at which time the funds will be exchanged for the deed to the properties.

Amazing Final Effort.  This has been an amazing week where we went from the impossible to the possible.  Thanks to Sherry Appleton (and other elected officials who all stood behind the effort) who, along with the Illahee Community and other supporters of the Illahee Preserve, made it happen!
Kitsap Sun Call.  The Kitsap Sun called and wanted a photo as IFP board members looked over the property this afternoon, so we are expecting some kind of coverage in the near future.
Final Count?  We have been asked what the final pledge and donation amount was? The IFP treasurer only counts what he has paper work for, so he showed a deficit in funds.  The capital campaign monitor tracked phone pledges, which showed they were at their goal or a little over. We think the figure given to the Kitsap Sun was based on some phoned in pledges that came in late Sunday ($3,000) and early Monday ($4,000) that would put the amount at possibly $7,000 over (that is assuming all the pledged amounts will be honored, and we know of a couple of instances where it is likely they won’t be, due to unforeseen circumstances).  We won’t know until all the donations that were handled by the Kitsap Community Foundation are processed, along with what was sent to the Illahee Forest Preserve treasurer.  If there are excess funds they will go toward the Phase 2 purchase.
Amazing Week.  What an amazing week it has been!  To go from being short $330,000 a week ago, to starting the escrow process and closing in another 30 days, is truly amazing and almost unbelievable.  Thanks to so many who made it possible!!!!
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/3/15 Fire Danger Signs, Kitsap Sun Article, The Rest of the Story, Monday Deadline, Fund Raising Update, KCF, Tours Available, Speaking of Bucks

Fire Danger Signs.  We picked up additional fire danger signs and posted them in new areas around the Preserve.  Many don’t realize there was a small fire near the entrance to the powerline off of Riddell.  There was another fire just outside of the Preserve boundary on Rest Place. Both fires were put out by the fire department before they could grow.  In our last update we showed a photo where someone had a small camp fire in the Preserve, which is one of the reasons why we put up this new sign on Sunset.

2015-6-30 Misc 001 
Kitsap Sun Article.  Below is an article that appeared in the Kitsap Sun this morning.  We have a number of people who live outside of the area who receive the updates and don’t necessarily subscribe to the Sun, which is why we are attaching it.  The article prompted lots of calls and some new donors. Thanks Kitsap Sun!
2015-6-30 Misc 008 
The Rest of the Story.  The above article provides the ‘rest of the story’ about how and where the unexpected funds came from to purchase the properties.  Many thanks the the Krigsmans who contacted our elected officials, and to Representative Sherry Appleton for making it happen!
The Monday Deadline.  Lots of questions about whether we will make the July 6th deadline.  We are saying we will, provided the pledges keep coming in.  We have scheduled a Monday meeting with the developer to start the escrow process.  
Fund Raising Update.  Today pledges for $7,500 were received according to our Treasuer, along with a $1,000 check.  That puts us at over $750,000 (98%) with just under $17,000 to go to get to $767,000.  
KCF.  Donations given on-line with credit cards through the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) won’t show up until Monday, though some have been calling us to let us know they have given there.
Just Call In Your Pledges.  At this stage if you want to pledge you can just call in your pledge to (360) 479.1049.  That way we will know if the funding goal has been reached and then we have a few weeks afterwards to gather the funds.
Tours Available.  We will be giving tours to those attending the Fir Drive and Nobles Lane Fourth of July picnic tomorrow.  We recently cleaned the Stinging Nettle from the path so let us know if you are interested.
Speaking of Bucks,  Speaking of bucks (the bucks or funds needed to purchase the first TE property) this photo came in today.