Illahee 7/26/15 TE Purchase Proceeding, THANK YOU, Pledges Being Honored, Deer, Wildlife Casualties, County Road Crew, Wildlife Harassment, Port Resolution, New Seahawks Sign

TE Purchase Proceeding.  The escrow process necessary to purchase Timbers Edge started off slow, but accelerated this past week, and it appear everyone is working hard to meet the August 5th closing date.

THANK YOU.  Below is a message that went out as a reminder to many of those who pledged and we thought it worth sharing.  Without every one’s support this never would have happened, and we need to thank them as for many the donation amounts were sacrificial (such as a postponed new roof, and a used car rather than a new car).

In case you haven’t heard we were successful with Phase 1 of our Pledge Campaign to raise the funds to purchase 25.5 acrea of prime forest and riparian habitat for the Illahee Preserve.

The escrow process has begun and closing will be August 5, 2015.
One of the concerns we had a few weeks ago was whether the $300,000 from the State would be available in time for closing, and yesterday (Friday, 7/17) we were assured it would be, and possibly be available this coming week.
With that concern alleviated, we are now asking those who made pledges to send their pledges, if you haven’t already, to the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) and note they are for the Lost Continent/Timbers Edge Fund.  The address of KCF is:
KCF (LostContinent/Timbers Edge Fund), PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383.  
We are also receiving funds through the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) so if you have already sent your donations to our IFP Treasurer, Jonathan Buesch, 6253 East Blvd, Bremerton, WA 98311, that is fine.  
We would like to have the pledge donations sent in this next week and at the latest by July 31st.  If there are any problems, please let us know, as we have people standing by the help with a bridge loan if necessary.
We don’t know how to thank everyone, as a week before we needed start escrow we were $330,000 short. What happened in that last week was truly amazing.  The state came through and the final needed pledges came in in the final hours.  
THANK YOU for making this happen!!!
Pledges Being Honored.  The question has been whether those who pledged would honor the pledges, and so far there have only been a few who were unable or had to cut back, but thankfully there was a little reserve that should take care of it.  At this moment we anticipate needing $120,000 because of closing costs and so far $99,000 has come in out of the $124,000 that was finally pledged (though with some donating more and some less than they pledged the anticipated number is proving elusive).  There were some this week who are wondering if it is too late to donate and we are reminding them that we will begin the Phase 2 pledge campaign soon, so the answer is it is not too late. 
Deer.  We were trying capture one of these fawns picking up a transparent apple.  Between the deer and the geese the apples under this tree don’t last long.
2015-7-23 Misc 025 
Wildlife Casualties.  We have been asked to both not photograph dead animals and to photograph them to remind people to be careful of our wildlife.  We don’t post these often, but when two of our more prominent creatures are hit within a few days we thought it was time to put out a reminder.
2015-7-23 Misc 007
2015-7-23 Misc 037 
County Road Crew.  Thanks to the county road crew wildlife casualties aren’t around very long.  We just happened to be walking and taking a photo of the fawn when this crew came by and a few minutes later they picked it up and were gone.
2015-7-23 Misc 008 
Wildlife Harassment.  We have had numerous complaints about a jet ski rider harassing Canada geese and cormorants. Even those who aren’t particularly found of these birds have expressed that they shouldn’t be harassed like that and possibly killed.  Here are a few excerpts from one email:
This morning, somewhere around 930 and 10 AM, I heard geese calling and looked out my window to see what was happening.  Usually if the geese land on my beach they call and I go down and give them bread.  Also I found a dead goose on my beach.  ….  There was a guy on a jet ski chasing the geese in the water.  Also I saw him chasing a goose as it was trying to fly away.  ….  He was picking them out and circling.  ….  I yelled but I don’t think he heard me. …  I looked in the water and there was still one goose swimming.  The guy came back and looked in the water to see if there were any more birds left.  He found the goose and stared to circle.  I yelled again and ran down to the beach.  ….  I was horrified that someone who lives in Illahee would do this.  ….. 
Port of Illahee Resolution.  There will be initiative on the November Election ballot to eliminate separate districts within the Port of Illahee boundaries.  According the Washington law (WAC 434-381-120) the voters pamphlet requires two committees be appointed to prepare arguments for and against a ballot measure.  I’m sure the Port would like to have people who feel strongly on the issues to volunteer to be on the committees.  The resolution the Port approved (in February) is shown below:
POI Res 2015-1 
New Seahawks Sign.  A talented artist and Seahawk fan is keeping the local community aware of the waiting time before the first game of the season.  There has been a sign up just after the Superbowl and the sign was just replaced with a new one.  Thank you Sharry!
2015-7-25 Misc 0062015-7-25 Misc 005 
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/10/15 Kitsap Sun Article, MN Response, Escrow Process Started, Senate Bond Bill Passes, Pledge Letter, Phase 2 Plans, New Pledge Form?, Dock Bracing, Outfall Settlement?

Kitsap Sun Article.  What a great article appeared in Tuesday’s Kitsap Sun!

2015-7-10 Misc 0202015-7-10 Misc 024 
MN Response.  We wanted to share this response from Minnesota.
There are plenty of national and regional land conservation orgs out there but this one was grassroots all the way. I love these stories about preserving a little “urban wilderness”: political grease, a landowner with a generous heart, committed community and even a donor who “recently inherited a booming oil field” in ND. Job well done. Congratulations!
Jaime A. Pinkham (Nez Perce)
Vice President, Native Nations
Escrow Process Started.  The escrow process has begun at Pacific Northwest Title Company and is scheduled to close on the 25.5 acre parcels on August 5th.
Senate Bond Bill Passes.  We were concerned earlier this week whether there might be a problem getting the $300K state money by the closing date as the Bond Bill had not been passed by the Senate, but it did pass on Thursday (7/9/15).  
Pledge Letter.  A letter will be sent to those who pledged (comprising about 70 percent).  A number of those who have pledged are already sending their pledged amounts to both the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) and the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF).  Either one works, but since the IFP normally isn’t involved with acquisitions they are collaborating with KCF on the purchase.  The address for KCF is PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383.
Phase 2 Plans.  There were several standing in the wings waiting to see if the Phase 1 purchase was going to need some help.  We are hoping they and others will be available to help with Phase 2.  A series of meeting is being planned to make sure Phase 2 completes, and hopefully with more than a week to spare.
New Pledge Form?  The IFP board is looking over the pledge form to see if it should be updated for Phase 2.  
Dock Bracing.  While we have been preoccupied with the Timbers Edge/Lost Continent purchase the Port of Illahee contracted out to have crossbracing installed on some critical pilings.  Thanks to Commissioner Cassie Magill, who is the dock manager, for finding contractor Tim Knapp and his crew.  The dock stability has been a major concern in the event of an earthquake.
2015-6-30 Misc 038 2015-6-30 Misc 045 2015-7-10 Misc 011 2015-7-10 Misc 014 
Outfall Settlement?  The Prosecutor’s Office was contacted about the Outfall Settlement agreement since there was no response from the Department of Community Development (DCD) following the Illahee Community Meeting on May 18, 2015.  At the community meeting it was decided a meeting should be set up with DCD to determine why the terms of the settlement agreement were not followed. The minutes of the meeting stated “Rather than start costly legal action it was suggested that all parties get together and see if they could resolve the issue.”  So far the Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t been successful in setting up a meeting either.
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
Stennis Departing.  A photo of the John C. Stennis (CVN74) as viewed from Illahee as it passes by Point White.
2015-7-10 Misc 018 
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/6/15 Status Report, Campaign Hard Work, Stategy Team, Significant Gifts, Notice To Purchase Given, Amazing Final Effort, Kitsap Sun Call, Final Count?, Amazing Week


Status Report.  We saw a this report to the capital campaign committee on Sunday (7/5/15) evening. 

We may not be totally there on the funding, but if not we are awfully darn close, possibly a couple of thousand dollars short (Jon, our Treasurer, has the official record and we hope those who have pledged will follow through).  We are close enough that we are stopping active door to door solicitations of funds for Phase 1. 

Campaign Hard Work.  And these comments regarding the preparatory work.

But, what made our jobs easier was all the hard work that was done with the website, the tattoos, the signs, contacting the elected officials, and the articles in the Kitsap Sun.  (We even got a call from Germany this morning asking how we were doing and commented on the website.)  Everything came together this past week, which is almost unbelievable (we were $330,000 short at the beginning of the week).

Strategy Team.  And regarding the strategy team.

The Strategy Team that met every Thursday at the Planetarium was the real key to our success.  That’s where the ideas were incubated, hatched and then implemented.  How do we thank each of them for their hard work?

Significant Gifts.  And their comments regarding significant gifts:
Exactly how much money will be forthcoming from this week’s effort is hard to determine, and what are significant contributions?  We take phone calls and answer lots of questions and some result in $10,000 gifts, others $1,000, and then some are only $100.  Each amount is significant to the giver depending on their circumstances. 
Notice To Purchase.  Written “Notice to Execute Option A” was hand delivered this afternoon (7/6/15) to John Johnson, as a representative of Mr. Jim Tallman, to purchase the 25.5 acres we have described as Phase 1.  The required closing date is August 5, 2015, at which time the funds will be exchanged for the deed to the properties.

Amazing Final Effort.  This has been an amazing week where we went from the impossible to the possible.  Thanks to Sherry Appleton (and other elected officials who all stood behind the effort) who, along with the Illahee Community and other supporters of the Illahee Preserve, made it happen!
Kitsap Sun Call.  The Kitsap Sun called and wanted a photo as IFP board members looked over the property this afternoon, so we are expecting some kind of coverage in the near future.
Final Count?  We have been asked what the final pledge and donation amount was? The IFP treasurer only counts what he has paper work for, so he showed a deficit in funds.  The capital campaign monitor tracked phone pledges, which showed they were at their goal or a little over. We think the figure given to the Kitsap Sun was based on some phoned in pledges that came in late Sunday ($3,000) and early Monday ($4,000) that would put the amount at possibly $7,000 over (that is assuming all the pledged amounts will be honored, and we know of a couple of instances where it is likely they won’t be, due to unforeseen circumstances).  We won’t know until all the donations that were handled by the Kitsap Community Foundation are processed, along with what was sent to the Illahee Forest Preserve treasurer.  If there are excess funds they will go toward the Phase 2 purchase.
Amazing Week.  What an amazing week it has been!  To go from being short $330,000 a week ago, to starting the escrow process and closing in another 30 days, is truly amazing and almost unbelievable.  Thanks to so many who made it possible!!!!
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/3/15 Fire Danger Signs, Kitsap Sun Article, The Rest of the Story, Monday Deadline, Fund Raising Update, KCF, Tours Available, Speaking of Bucks

Fire Danger Signs.  We picked up additional fire danger signs and posted them in new areas around the Preserve.  Many don’t realize there was a small fire near the entrance to the powerline off of Riddell.  There was another fire just outside of the Preserve boundary on Rest Place. Both fires were put out by the fire department before they could grow.  In our last update we showed a photo where someone had a small camp fire in the Preserve, which is one of the reasons why we put up this new sign on Sunset.

2015-6-30 Misc 001 
Kitsap Sun Article.  Below is an article that appeared in the Kitsap Sun this morning.  We have a number of people who live outside of the area who receive the updates and don’t necessarily subscribe to the Sun, which is why we are attaching it.  The article prompted lots of calls and some new donors. Thanks Kitsap Sun!
2015-6-30 Misc 008 
The Rest of the Story.  The above article provides the ‘rest of the story’ about how and where the unexpected funds came from to purchase the properties.  Many thanks the the Krigsmans who contacted our elected officials, and to Representative Sherry Appleton for making it happen!
The Monday Deadline.  Lots of questions about whether we will make the July 6th deadline.  We are saying we will, provided the pledges keep coming in.  We have scheduled a Monday meeting with the developer to start the escrow process.  
Fund Raising Update.  Today pledges for $7,500 were received according to our Treasuer, along with a $1,000 check.  That puts us at over $750,000 (98%) with just under $17,000 to go to get to $767,000.  
KCF.  Donations given on-line with credit cards through the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) won’t show up until Monday, though some have been calling us to let us know they have given there.
Just Call In Your Pledges.  At this stage if you want to pledge you can just call in your pledge to (360) 479.1049.  That way we will know if the funding goal has been reached and then we have a few weeks afterwards to gather the funds.
Tours Available.  We will be giving tours to those attending the Fir Drive and Nobles Lane Fourth of July picnic tomorrow.  We recently cleaned the Stinging Nettle from the path so let us know if you are interested.
Speaking of Bucks,  Speaking of bucks (the bucks or funds needed to purchase the first TE property) this photo came in today.

Illahee 6/30/15 We Can Do It, July 5th Deadline, $30,000 Needed, Pledge or Online Donations?, More Info, Illahee Photos, Dock Cross Bracing, Fire Danger

We Can Do It!  We are down to the final days of our fundraising campaign to expand the Illahee Preserve by 25.5 acres.  This protects forest and riparian habitat and preserves connectivity for a desired regional trail system.   This purchase will also reduce a dense development abutting Illahee Creek and eliminate a pressurized sewer across the creek and up Illahee Road, among other benefits.
6-30 Donate 
July 5th Deadline.  We need to start the purchase process by Monday, July 6, so we set Sunday, July 5th as our deadline.  
$30,000 Needed.  We still need to raise $30,000 in the next 5 days!  Gifts of any amount are needed now.  Gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a donor wall at the Almira entrance to the Preserve.Pledge or Online Donations?  The pledge form has been popular as donors want to make sure we are going to reach our fundraising goal before actually donating, and it allows time then to send in the money, which isn’t needed until closing.  The pledge form can be downloaded at:

Donations can be made easily online at: Info?  More information is available at:, or call Jim Aho 360.479.1049, or Rob Spearman 360.377.5547

Preserve Tent.  Thanks to those who told us about a recent tent in the Preserve.  We posted it and the person left. The last photo shows the area after it was cleaned up of trash.  Thanks to the volunteers who keep the Preserve so clean!!

2015-6-30 Misc 012
2015-6-30 Misc 018 
Illahee Photos.  Some interesting work boat traffic.  Notice the size of the ferry along side the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis (CVN 74).
2015-6-30 Misc 007
2015-6-30 Misc 025 
Dock Cross Bracing.  Important community dock cross bracing being installed to insure the dock’s structural integrity.
2015-6-30 Misc 0432015-6-30 Misc 045 
Fire Danger Signs.  We have requested 7 additional high danger fire signs for the Illahee Preserve.  In spite of the dry conditions everywhere, and especially in the Preserve, we still find problem areas, such as this recently covered up fire pit in the Preserve discovered yesterday.
2015-6-30 Misc 041 
Jim Aho

Illahee 6/25/15 Fallout if TE Not Purchased, New Sewer Line?, List of Reasons to Contribute, Nearly 60% Raised, Requests Have Been Made, Pledges Urgently Needed, Why Pledges?, Undecided?, Website, Online Donations?, $10K Donation, Information Packets

Fallout If TE is Not Purchased.  With the failure to secure a $300,000 Birkenfeld grant we have been asked about the consequences if the funding to purchase the 25 acres is not raised?
New Sewer Line?  The TE project was approved for 110 homes though the current developer is looking at 87 homes, requiring a pressurized sewer line running through Illahee.  This would result in increased costs for many which was discussed at a community meeting in February.
List of Reasons To Contribute.  The list below came from the first “Campaign to Purchase Timbers Edge” handout, which would also be the fallout if not purchased.
Why Contribute 
Nearly 60% Raised!  With the help of the property owner over $440,000 in donations and pledges have been received!  That is great news, but it also means we have to raise the last 40%.
Requests Have Been Made.  We realize some significant help is needed and a number of requests have been made.  At least one of these is in the $300,000 range, and while we don’t know what will happen, we are banking on at least one of them coming through (which would put us at the same point as if we had received a Birkenfeld grant).
Pledges Urgently Needed.  Even if help comes, we need pledges and donations ASAP to complete the first purchase!
Pledges?  The benefits of pledges is they will be redeemed only if the funding level is sufficient to purchase the properties.  That is the preferred way to give at this point.  If we had received a Birkenfeld $300,000 grant or a later like gift, we would be at 95% and still would have needed to raise the last 5%.
Pledge Form FINAL 
Undecided?  If you are still undecided let us give you a tour of the TE properties. Seeing the properties has been what has sold all those who have toured it.  Just respond to this email and we will set up a time that is convenient for you.
Website Traffic.  We heard the number of people accessing website has been steadily increasing.  Was it the signs (like this one in Seattle) or the recent Kitsap Sun article by Rob Woutat?
Avi Lost Continent 
Online Donations?  While the TheLostContinent website is being accessed, the number of people donating through the website has not increased, which is disappointing, but at least the message is getting out.  Evidently it takes awhile for those wanting to help to take the time to initiate a donation, which is why fundraising experts say it needs to be made very easy.
$10,000 Donation.  Earlier this week a $10,000 donation call was received as the result of the Woutat article in the Kitsap Sun.  They had planned on giving as the result of a conversation with an IFP board member, and when they saw the article with a name and phone number, it prompted them to follow through.
2015-6-15 Misc 008 
Information Packets.  New information packets have been made up and are being made available for anyone wanting to pass them out to possible contributors.  Just respond to this email or call the numbers on the cover letter below. 
6-23 Ltr.

Jim Aho

Illahee 6/17/15 Birkenfeld Grant Rejected, Major Donations Urgently Needed, Can It Be Done?, Current Status, Great Give Funds Received, Who Contributes?, $340,000 Must Still Be Raised, Three Weeks Till Escrow, Kitsap Sun Article, Help Needed!

Birkenfeld Grant Rejected.  We thought we were a good fit for a Birkenfeld Trust grant, which was the only quick turn-around grant that fit our tight schedule.  We learned today that the grant committee did not select us, which is a major disappointment. 

Major Donations Urgently Needed.  We are now $340,000 short of what is needed to purchase the Phase 1 properties (25.5 acre) and will need some major donations to come in.
Can It Be Done?  We have been asked if it is at all possible for the purchase to happen?  We are working several angles and think it is still possible, but it will take some outside help from those with significant resources.
Current Status.  Over $77,000 (10%) has been received so far in pledges and donations!  While there were several $10,000 pledges, most of the others range from $5,000 to $200  and we have classified this as a grass roots effort so far by mostly local citizens to support saving the forest, stream, and watershed.  Some of those who are older have mentioned this as their “legacy” donation for future generations. 
Great Give Funds Received.  On Saturday a check came in from the Kitsap Community Foundation’s Great Give Campaign for just under $7,000 (from 31 contributors).  We had received $6515 in donations on May 5th, and KCF added $748.60 (11%) from their matching pool, but then they subtracted credit card and other fees, which brought the total to $6,939.08.  Not bad for a one day event!
Who Contributes?  The other day a student who wrote a report on Illahee Creek donated $20 cash, and an elderly person living on Social Security pledged $1,000 and said their roof repair could wait.  A $10,000 contribution/pledge combination came in from a cashed-out annuity.  While the big contributions are absolutely necessary for a successful purchase, it is heartwarming to see so much coming from those who aren’t wealthy and yet are willing to make substantial contributions.
Successful Phase 1 To Help Phase 2?  We would like to think that being successful with Phase 1 will help inspire larger donations for Phase 2.  However, with the failure to secure a Birkenfeld grant, we are now looking to major donors to help with Phase 1.
$340,000 Must Still Be Raised.  This past week a total of $2,000 came in in pledges, which helps, but still leaves us $340,000 still to be raised is a short time frame.
Three Weeks Till Escrow Start.  In order to close by the August 5, 2015 deadline, escrow must start 30 days in advance, which is July 6th, which means we have only 3 weeks to raise the remaining funds.
Kitsap Sun Article.  What a great article in the Kitpsap Sun on Friday by Rob Woutat!  Rob used to live in Illahee and so he knows the people and the issues.  His article helped explain where the term “The Lost Continent” came from and the name on the many signs throughout the area advertising  We have had several calls from the Sun article and a $500 pledge.  
2015-6-15 Misc 008 
Help Urgently Needed!  We do need help from many to raise the last 45% or $340,000 of the funds for this first purchase.  We need to complete Phase 1 (25 acres) before we can even think about Phase 2 (the remaining 10.7 acres).   Below is the document we plan to distribute far and wide to garner support and the remaining funds.
6-17 Ltr 
Jim Aho  (I need to let readers know that I am not an impartial reporter of information regarding the TE purchase campaign.  I, along with others, have a considerable amount of time and money invested to see if we can make these purchases happen.)

Illahee 6/9/15 Ravens, Coyote, Signs, Pledges, Fingers Crossed, Tours, Port Ad Hoc Committee, Photos


Reissued because the email version of the photos were not viewable, which required they be corrected on the website where they were attached.

Ravens.  One of the joys of living near the Illahee Preserve, Illahee State Park, and the surrounding forested properties, are the ravens. They are at least twice the size of a crow and have a deeper voice, except for the very young ones.  Thanks to Vicki for sharing these photos.

Coyote.  It is hard to get a good photo of a coyote so thanks Russ for photographing this guy last week, even if it was through a window.
Signs.  Lots of signs up advertising website.  Donations are needed for the purchase of Timbers Edge and other properties. The signs were for sale for $5 at the Farmers Market with some of them are showing up in South Kitsap and the second photo is one from Tracyton, and the last one is on Illahee Road.  Let us know if you want to put up a sign, as there are a few left. 
2015-6-8 Misc 004photo (2)2015-6-8 Misc 015 
The goal is to have people access the website, where they can learn more and also contribute to its purchase.
Pledges.  There was a dry spell for more significant contributions for a couple of weeks, and finally last week, as a result of the Pacific Crest Trail event at the Admiral, several pledges came in.  Thanks to all those who are helping!  Below is the pledge form being used.
Pledge Form FINAL 
Fingers Crossed.  We still have our fingers crossed in hopes the Birkenfeld Trust will come through to help with the purchase of the Timbers Edge properties.  We should know this week and we are anxiously waiting.
Two Weeks To Raise $45,000?  If the Birkenfeld Trust grant comes through with the $300,000 requested, we will be 95% of the way toward the purchase of the first 25 acres.  That will leave us with two weeks to raise the remaining $45,000.  We heard many are waiting to see if the grant comes through before contributing, though they could pledge as the pledge is contingent upon raising the funding. 
Tours.  It has been fun to give tours of the Timbers Edge properties and watch as people begin to understand why we are so anxious to purchase the properties.  Let us know if you are interested.
Port Ad Hoc Committee.  At last month’s Port of Illahee regular meeting a resolution was approved to establish an ad hoc committee to look at better meeting place options for those with ADA issues, than the present one at the bottom of the steep hill.  Let us know if you are interested in being on the committee and we will pass your name on to the Port.  Note that the regular monthly meeting of the Port is this Wednesday (6/10) at the Port meeting room 5500B at 5 pm.  The public is invited to attend.
Illahee Photos.  Trash Cleaned Up at Illahee Store,  The first sun sugar tomato of the season.  Well fed deer in the garden.  Boats, survey along the shoreline and someone rowing with the motor literally in the back of the boat.
2015-6-8 Misc 0032015-6-8 Misc 0072015-6-8 Misc 0092015-6-8 Misc 0112015-6-8 Misc 030 
Jim Aho

Illahee 5/28/15 Rhododendron Blossoms, Getting Out the Word, Guard Rail Damage, Garbage Dumped, Tagged Property, Community Meeting Minutes, Settlement Outfall, Shoreline Theft

Rhododendron Blossoms.  So many great colorful rhododendrons in the area.  Thanks to Cliff for sharing those in his yard, which we are inserting in this update.  FYI, Rhododendron (from Ancient Greek ῥόδον rhódon “rose” and δένδρον déndron “tree”) which would mean we could also think of them as the rose tree.

Getting Out the Word.  Seems like many people are still unaware of the urgent need to purchase the Timbers Edge properties, so volunteers are trying to figure out how to let people know.  The photo below was taken at last Thursday’s Bremerton Farmers Market, and they should be there this eveing with more information.  Thanks to all those who are helping!!!!

photo (1) 
Guard Rail Damage.  At the top of Illahee Hill someone appeared to hit the energy absorbing guard rail head on, which hopefully helped mitigate any injuries.  We would be nice to know what happened, so please let us know if you know.
2015-5-28 Misc 021 
Garbage Dumped.  Someone dumped a toilet at the Illahee store that has a name on it so if anyone knows how this might be traced back to a person, please contact the local authorities.
2015-5-28 Misc 014 
Tagged Property.  Seems like this uninhabited house along the waterfront got tagged and if it isn’t taken care of within the time frame given the fine, if we understand it right, is $225 a day.
2015-5-28 Misc 013 
Community Meeting Minutes.  It is always nice to see meeting minutes published shortly after a meeting.

Illahee Community Club

(Supporting the Illahee Community Plan)

(Meetings held the middle month of each quarter – Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

Minutes for the Illahee Community Club meeting held on May 18, 2015 held at the Sylvan Way Library.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM by ICC President Barney Bernhard.  26 in attendance,  Guest speakers from Kitsap County & West Sound Cycling.  Brief introductions:  attendees stated their names, address (street name) and how they heard about the meeting.

Old Business:


New Business:

1.        Barney introduced Michelle Keeton, Kitsap County Department of Community Development.  Michelle talked about upcoming deadlines for the Comprehensive Plan review.  She has been working with the ICC committee (Jim Brady, Zac Aho, and Judy Krigsman*) that is reviewing the Illahee sub-area plans.  No major changes are planned to the Illahee sub-area plan.   Maps of the area were shown.  Questions and answers.  David Greetham also from KC was in attendance and also answered some questions.  ICC committee hopes to present to the group at next meeting.

*This ICC committee meets at the Sylvan Way library every Tuesday.   ICC wants to maintain an open dialogue with County; we currently are under the Central Kitsap Community Council which is the group on record that deals directly with the County.

2.        Transportation.  Greg Cioc, Kitsap County Public Works/Transportation and Traffic. Talked about the TIPP process – points are assigned to a project as well as costs.  Judy Krigsman talked about several accidents in the driveway area of her home.  Greg said to submit these as safety concerns.  Safety issues are looked at more quickly.   Also discussion about bicyclists riding up/down Illahee Road.  Safety concerns on the hill.  A bike path up the hill on Illahee Road would cost about $3-1/2 million dollars. Questions about Oceanview-oblique angles for adjoining roads.  Would be very costly.  Bridge replacement over a culvert would cost $1 million.  Concerns about the amount of traffic Illahee Road has during rush hour; drivers avoiding the Wheaton Way corridor come down Illahee Road and then up Oceanview to get back to the Wheaton Way to avoid traffic lights/congestion.

3.       Rick Feeney, West Sound Cycling talked about bike paths.  Possible multiuse path (walker, bicycle riders, ADA) from Albertson’s (off Sheridan Rd) to the Sylvan Way Library.

4.       Jim Aho reviewed the Timbers Edge purchase campaign.  Still looking for some large donors to help us reach the total.

5.       Outfall pipe.  Jim Aho showed the agreement and pictures of the pipe which in its current state is an eyesore.  Pipe was put in with no notification to all the parties involved.  Rather than start costly legal action it was suggested that all parties get together and see if they could resolve the issue.

Meeting was adjourned by President Barney Bernhard at 7:51PM.

Respectfully submitted:  Gwen Detweiler, Interim Secretary

Settlement Outfall.  We heard the Department of Community Development was checking with legal to see if the Illahee Settlement Outfall agreement has been signed by everyone.
Shoreline Theft.   A Danforth anchor and 30 feet of chain were taken recently from an Illahee boat house.  A few years ago a series of thefts occurred that included 3 kayaks being stolen, with the thieves coming back repeatedly to take more. 
Jim Aho

Illahee 5/20/15 Photos, Community Meeting, Transportation Report, TE Report, Outfall Report, Fundraising Efforts, Cell Phone Found

Photos.  Evidently the Bullock’s Oriole is common to the area but not often seen.  The Bullock male differs from the Baltimore Oriole male whose head is all black.  This one was photographed through a window and thus the glare.

2015-5-8 Misc 011 
While on a tour through the Timbers Edge properties this large frog appeared along the path.

2015-5-15 Misc 005 
Community Meeting.  From the comments we heard following the community meeting on Monday this was one of the best and most informative ones ever.  Much had to do with the county representatives who answered questions along with the community group working on suggested updates to the Illahee Community Plan and the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  Thanks to Michelle Keaton, Greg Cioc, and David Greetham from Kitsap County, Rick Feeney representing the West Sound Cycling and non-motorized trails, and Jim Brady and his group representing the Illahee community’s input.
2015-5-15 Misc 044 
Transportation Report.  We saw this email following the meeting and decided to copy it regarding transportation issues raised.
Here are my further questions re: our transportation goals. Let me know what else I should ask, and I’ll compose an email to Transportation to see if we can get some follow-up answers.
1. A bike path up Illahee Road is $3.35 million, which did not sound like a possibility.
  a. Where does this number come from? When was it generated, and is the document public? does this document est. costs for other sections of road in Illahee?
  b. What level of improvement does this number represent? 
  c. Would there be an acceptable cheaper option? (I think there may very well be, having just walked the road)
4.How can the community inform the TIP application process? How can the we let Transportation know about such as the failing Illahee Creek culvert, and accidents along the road? 
5. How are our goals represented in the TIP application process? Can we read them?
6. Do our goals represent one item in TIP, or several? Should they be broken down into, for example, Illahee Hill, Roosevelt to University Point, Oceanview, and McWilliams?
7. We have heard of several studies on improving Oceanview. Where can we access these? Or for any of the three streets identified in our Community Goals.
8. How can we in the community meaningfully express our prioritization of Illahee transportation goals?
9. Does the county really have only 1.5 million allotted county-wide for bicycle / pedestrian improvements over the next 6 years, as seems to be indicated in the TIP?
TE Report.  The Timbers Edge report noted $71,000 has been raised in pledges and contributions to purchase the 25 acres, the first phase of the purchase plan.  Thanks to all those who have contributed!!!!!  With the help of Mr. Tallman’s $350,000 we are at 55% of the $767,000 purchase price.  If the Birkenfeld Trust grant comes through with $250,000 we are at 87%, and if with $300,000 we are at 94%.  
Major donations will be required to purchase the entire 36 acres, but we have a few more months to raise the funds for that purchase, all presuming the first purchase is successful.
While we would be around 90% with a successful Birkenfeld grant, we still need to raise roughly between $50,000 and $100,000 to make the purchase, so any help or suggestions are appreciated.
Outfall Report.   The Illahee Settlement Outfall subject was discussed and it was recommended that a meeting be arranged with Kitsap County to discuss the issues, rather than retain legal council.
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
Fundraising Efforts.  How do we raise the funds to purchase Timbers Edge is a question one group of supporters is asking and then implementing them.  One plan is for signs in the area and 200 have been ordered and should show up soon.  Another is a T-shirt campaign which is described below.

The Lost Continent Project Shirts

As part of our urgent fundraising campaign to purchase the Timbers Edge properties for the Illahee Preserve, the IFP non-profit is having a T-shirt drive. 

Purchase a T-shirt (short or long sleeve) or hoodie with our exclusive design.  Show everyone you do care about the future of our community and help build awareness of this project.  All proceeds will go towards expansion of the Preserve.

If not for yourself, maybe you want to purchase some for kids and grandkids?  We have a goal of selling 250 in the next 8 days, so act fast and help spread the word about this drive!

Please visit: 

We appreciate your support.

Cell Phone Found.  We were asked to post this note after a cell phone was found near the Illahee Community Dock.
Cell Phone found Alcatel, One Touch Metro PCS 4g found at Illahee Dock kiosk on Wed before Port meeting.  Contact 792-6934.
Jim Aho