>Storm Update 12/8/07

>It was heart warming traveling around Illahee this past Monday (12/3/07) during the storm. Residents were out keeping drainage catch basins and roadways clear of obstructions nearly everyplace we went. We were impressed also with county employees who were working in the area. We noticed a number of slides along Ilahee Creek’s steep banks, and will report on them later.

Storm water planning has taken on a new meaning for some after seeing the effects of this storm. We are hoping the county will take us more seriously when we raise our concerns about storm water along steep slopes. For many Illahee residents, this is what we witness in some form after every major storm.

The silt laden water was again seen out in the bay for miles. Most disconcerting is the fact that the culvert under Illahee Road is nearly filled up with sediment and only 19 inches of clear opening remains. If one good sized log were to block the opening, the rushing water would quickly filled the flood plain and wash over the road, likely causing major damage.

We have been watching the culvert since it was put in (2002) as with each new major storm the culvert opening decreases. We have attached two photos the Krigsmans took of the culvert, which were passed on to the county which show just much it has filled up over the years.

Additionally, it appears channel migration has taken place near the mouth. The old channel appears to be filled with sediment causing the flow to move west and closer to the road. It looks as though the stream flow could have gone either way once the old channel filled up, but was likely impeded by the channel armoring and possibly the new house that was built on the flood plain.

We hope the county can figure out what to do before the next major storm hits so we don’t lose Illahee Road to a washout. We also hope they will keep the community informed about their plans, since the road and the creek are of concern to most of us.

Jim Aho

2 thoughts on “>Storm Update 12/8/07

  1. >Good photos, we need to put a comment under the one with the ruler as to what the reading is. With my poor sight I can’t tell what the ruler said. As a boy I could walk through either of the 2 pipes that were originally under the road and there would be nothing in them except water and small fish. It’s a pity that the results of the county control and approved designs for runoff, serge ponds and new construction has resulted in such massive destruction and filling in of the creek.

  2. >The ruler shows that the clearance under the culvert, measured from the soil surface to the top of the opening, is about 19.5 inches. It looks like the water is about 2 inches deep.

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