>East Bremerton Rotary Work Party – 1/27/08

>We’re not sure everyone understands just how much work has been accomplished in the Illahee Preserve by the East Bremerton Rotary. Not only did they take on the majority of work at the Thompson Lane entrance, they also paid for the sign and two picnic tables (note that only one is there because the other one was stolen). They continue to have wood chips delivered (many of the piles are out of sight as they are dropped along Thompson Lane) and then spread them on the trails during work parties such as is described below. If you know a Rotarian, thank them for all they do for our community. Below is Vic’s writeup of Saturday’s work party.

East Bremerton Rotary at Work

The East Bremerton Rotary completed another work party of spreading wood chips on trails at Illahee Forest Preserve on Saturday morning, January 26th. The weather was below freezing when we started, but thankfully no snow or rain. Our focus was the wood chip pile at the Water Tank situated atop Riddell Road. Wood chips were wheel borrowed to cover the main trail all the way to Compass Circle. The work party totaled 15 people and one dog. See photos. A second work party at this location is anticipated in 3-4 weeks (mid-late February) with hopes of depleting the remaining wood chip pile. Wonderful pastry snacks and hot coffee were provided by Olympic Coffee (next to Fred Meyer) courtesy of East Bremerton Rotarian Andy Graham who also helped with the work.

In addition, GPS mapping work was performed by East Bremerton Rotarian Shane Foraker. We hope to complete the basic GPS mapping of the entire trail system within the next couple weeks and deliver to Rice Fergus Miller Architects who are assisting us with composition of a trail map and brochure for Illahee Forest Preserve.

It was a great day at Illahee Forest Preserve.

Vic Ulsh

Pictured above – from left to right: Jim Stephens, Betti Sheldon, Andy Graham, Lew Bruser, Dick Sims, Shane Muhleman, Ron Pettygrove, Shadow Wright, Bill Benson, Jo Ann Wright, Jon Buesch, Bill Wright, Jack Stodden, Vic Ulsh, Ron Muhleman

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  1. >Thank goodness for the Rotary group and all their hard work. Years ago I helped at one of the first work parties at the Thompson Lane parking area and realized what a daunting task the Preserve group had in front of them. Shortly thereafter the Roatary came on board and transfered the unsightly dirt piles, garabage, and stumps into a right nice park setting. Those gals and guys are amazing in all they do. The Illahee community is lucky to have them, says the Illahee Observer.

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