>Illahee Outfall Appeal DENIED – 2/8/08

>We were hoping this would have been reported in the papers by now. We need to report it quickly because of the short appeal window should the community want to take this to the next level.

Outfall Project Approved. The ILLAHEE OUTFALL REPLACEMENT has been approved by the Hearing Examiner.

Community Appeal Denied. APPEAL DENIED was the decision he rendered to the Port’s and Citizen’s efforts to question the County’s decision to approve the outfall and the legacy lot projects.

Community Ignored. The Hearing Examiner agreed with the county and the developer on all counts, and discarded the issues brought up by the Port of Illahee and the Illahee Community.

Community Disappointment. This decision was a great disappointment to everyone we talked with. The common question, paraphrased, was: How can the county, who is supposed to be responsible for promoting health and welfare issues, continue to dump essentially untreated stormwater at the base of the Illahee community dock, where the public recreates and where people swim? (Note that the developer’s engineer said it will be treated, but what they are doing is only removing suspended solids, and the technical term for that level of treatment is referred to as pre-treatment.)

Appeal to BOCC? The next decision is whether to appeal it to the next level, the Board of County Commissioners. The cost used to be $200 to file, but as of a week ago, it was raised to $500. Any appeal needs to be filed by February 19. 2008. We will be anxious to hear what the Port of
Illahee and the Illahee Community Club decides. Let them know your thoughts.

42 Inch Outfall. We received the attached photos that 1) show the existing 24 inch outfall, and then 2) a doctored up photo that shows what the second newly approved 42 inch outfall might look like.



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Jim Aho

2 thoughts on “>Illahee Outfall Appeal DENIED – 2/8/08

  1. >Just noticed your latest update. The DENIAL sucks.You really need to fight this one. Let me know where to send money should you hire an attorney.Illahee continues to get sucker punched by the county and by greedy developers. It needs to stop somewhere.This is one issue worth fighting for and supporting says the Illahee Observer.

  2. >Illahee Observer,If you really want to help with the financial burden, we would appreciate it. Our projected costs are $500 to file the appeal, and about $1000 plus for a lawyer.Any help you, or anyone else can give us, is needed and appreciated. Send it to the Illahee Community Club, PO Box 2563, Brem, WA 98310.

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