>News Items – 2/20/08

>New Parking Lot Plans for Illahee Preserve – The Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department has developed preliminary drawings for a new parking lot and entry into the Illahee Preserve near the intersection of Almira and Fuson. The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee reviewed and approved the plans Tuesday evening and the plans were then presented to the East Bremerton Rotary on Wednesday. (The Rotary group has expressed an interest in helping the Preserve with its entrances and contributed significantly to the Thompson Lane entrance along with their ongoing trail work.) As we understand it, Phase 1, the new parking lot is planned for 2008, followed by a Phase 2 restroom facility, hopefully in 2009.

Updated Illahee Community Plan on Community and County Websites РThe February 2008 version of the Plan is on both websites now and only needs to have figure 3.1 replaced with a corrected map, which will soon be posted on the Illahee community website, in order for it to agree with the text. Note that this Plan update was developed by the CAG and has not been approved by the county. This version will be the starting point for coming up with a plan acceptable to both the residents and Kitsap County.  Community Plan on IllaheeCommunity.com

Community Meeting on Monday (2/25/08) Evening – This is the meeting announced by Kitsap County by postcards to all Illahee residents. The meeting will be Monday evening from 6-8 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church on Perry Ave. We hope all of you can make it to this important meeting to hear about the county process and meet our Planner, Katrina Knutson and the DCD Director, Larry Keaton.

Illahee Community Club (ICC) Meeting Saturday – This meeting is the quarterly meeting of the Community Club that was reorganized in 2007 to support Illahee issues. It is open to all residents, but does have a small membership fee of $10 per family in order to be a voting member. The meeting is on Saturday (1/23/08) at the Library on Sylvan Way beginning at 1 pm. We will send out the agenda for this meeting when it becomes available.

Illahee Outfall Appeal filed with BOCC – The Illahee Community Club did appeal the Hearing Examiners decision on the Illahee Outfall Project. The Club felt the decision was an erroneous interpretation of the law and facts in a number of different areas. The Club is asking the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to remand the project back to the Department of Community Development for a proper environmental review.

If you have other news items that should be reported please let us know.

We hope to see you at the upcoming meetings.

Jim Aho