>Important Meeting on Tuesday April 15th – 4/9/08

>This is an unofficial update of the Illahee Community Plan meetings.

Last Meeting. There was a good turn out for the Illahee Community Plan meeting last Monday (3/31/08) and some important decisions were made regarding zoning densities, which will be covered in the county’s report.

Tuesday’s Meeting on 4/15/08 at the Library (6-8 pm) (note that it is at the library rather than the church)

County Experts (for Chapter 4 and 6)

  • Stormwater – Dave Tucker from Public Works
  • Natural Systems – Patty Charnes from DCD
  • Environmental – Dave Greetham from DCD

These are very knowledgeable experts and will be able to answer questions (which they have asked to be emailed to them, via Katrina or Jonathan, prior to the meeting).

Some have suggested that before they answer questions on Tuesday that they respond to our draft Community Plan with what they like about it and which items are problematic for them. We will forward that suggestion on to Katrina.

The topics discussed in Chapter 4 of the Plan are:

  • Saltwater Shorelines
  • Streams, Wetlands, and Frequently Flooded Areas
  • Aquifer Recharge Areas
  • Geologically Hazardous Areas
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs)
  • Tree Recognition and Preservation
  • Open Space

The topic in Chapter 6 (especially pertinent to Illahee residents following the destruction caused during the Dec 3rd storm)

  • Storm Water

Jim Aho

One thought on “>Important Meeting on Tuesday April 15th – 4/9/08

  1. >Attended the meeting and the ‘experts’ did not cover the specifics as you insinuated they would in your update.Seems like we still need to cover the specifics of the Plan and we just lost two weeks off our schedule.Someone needs to let the speakers know the purpose of the meetings, says the Illahee Observer.PS Did enjoy the presentation by the storm water guy. Made it worth attending.

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