>Misc. Items of Interest – 4/19/08

>Local Runner Featured. Many of you have likely noticed a very fast runner training in Illahee the past few years. Joggers in the area have been reminded of the difference between jogging and running as they have been left in the dust wondering who just passed them. Well, the mystery for many was solved by way of an article in the Kitsap Sun. Click here to read the article.

The runner is Illahee resident Sarna Becker and her story is in the article. Good luck Sarna in your quest to get to the Olympics!

KCFEM Meeting Report in the CK Reporter. Many people in Illahee did not see this report in the paper on Saturday. The reason is half of the people in Illahee receive the Bremerton Patriot and the other half the CK Reporter. The dividing line is somewhere around McWilliams and 3rd Street. We have linked the story titled “Illahee Residents Vent Frustrations to Dept of Emergency Management” so those who don’t receive the CK Reporter will know what was said.

Upcoming Illahee Planning Meeting. The next county led Illahee planning meeting will be on Monday (4/28/08) evening between 6 and 9 pm at the Unitarian Church on Perry Avenue. This will probably be a pivotal meeting with decisions on Chapter 3 issues such as zoning, densities, lot sizes, view protection, and height restrictions. Needless to say it is important to have as many Illahee residents in attendance as possible. Note that the meeting duration is being increased to 3 hours in order to finish up on the environmental issues not completed during the meeting last Tuesday (4/15/08).

Do you want more information? Some have asked that we provide more information on the critical items in the chapters to be discussed so they will have a better idea if they are really interested in attending the meeting that evening. We will be checking with other residents to see if they feel likewise before doing so. Please let us know if you also would like more information prior to the meeting.

Jim Aho