>Miscellaneous Items – 5/17/08

>Miscellaneous Items

Upcoming Meetings

Illahee Community Plan Meeting Monday (5/19/08). The meeting location has been changed from the Unitarian Church to the County Administration Building (the Port Blakely Room on the 3rd floor). The time is from 6 to 8:30 pm. The reason for the change in location was for Illahee citizens to be able to hear the Commissioner’s decision on the Illahee Outfall Appeal, probably about the time the Community Plan meeting ends. A number of community members wanted to attend the Commissioner’s meeting and possibly comment during the public comment period at the end of the meeting.

Illahee Forest Preserve Meeting Tuesday (5/20/08). Meets Tuesday at the Fairgrounds from 6:30 to 8 pm at lower level of the Eagles Nest, Parks Department office area.

Illahee Community Club Meeting Saturday (5/24/08). This is the quarterly club meeting. Some have asked if this meeting could be moved to Tuesday or Wednesday since it is Memorial Day weekend. Right now the meeting is scheduled for the Sylvan Way Library from 1:30 – 3 pm on Saturday. We will provide more information on this meeting in another update.

Wildlife Items

Piddocks. The recent low tides have many checking out the beaches. One person reported something they hadn’t noticed before, which is a clam like mollusk, called a piddock, which burrows through sections of hardpan (hardpan is a very dense compacted clay). There are a number of these piddocks just south of the Illahee State Park dock approximately half way between high and low tide.

Goslings. The Canada geese now have baby goslings. Last year residents watched seagulls snatch many of the small babies as they swam between the adults. The gulls were too fast for the adults to respond.

Opossum. We also have baby opossums seen eating cat food. Two photos of one of the opossums were forwarded and are attached.

Fund Raiser. We have been asked to note a fundraiser at the Outback.

This is to let you know of a fund-raising lunch you might enjoy at Outback Steakhouse in Bremerton on May 24. The menu includes BBQ chicken, steak, burgundy mushrooms, rice, hot bread, a variety of beverages, and dessert. Lunch tickets are being sold now for $15 per person. Two seatings are available: the first lunch is from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and the second from noon -1:30 p.m. The lunch/silent auction is being hosted by parents of Bremerton High School seniors to raise money for a graduation night event following the graduation ceremony. Please contact Kay at 479-1049 or kayaho2000@hotmail.com to purchase tickets.
It really is a great lunch for a worthy cause. It’s quite informal…a buffet line manned by Outback staff. There is also an array of silent auction items contributed by local merchants/restaurants to bid on, if that is your interest.

Please continue to send us information to pass on.

Jim Aho