>Miscelllaneous Items – 6/27/08

>Wetlands Questions. We received the following questions regarding the 3rd Street wetland issue and hope someone has the time to respond to them.

“What is wrong with digging out a wetland area if it provides another building site and that great black soil is used elsewhere? Aren’t people more important than a few displaced ducks? I watched wetlands being removed in Minnesota when I was a kid and it gave the farmers more crop land. I think I know the answer to my questions, but I’m not sure others do. Please tell us why we should be concerned.”

This person has articulated some good questions that need to be answered. Please forward any responses to these questions and we will pass them on. And, if you have any good websites that may answer the questions, we can pass them on also.

Appeal Funding Questions. There have been a number of questions as to whether the Illahee Community Club was going to follow through with the Shorelines Hearings Board (SHB) appeal if the necessary funds do not come in. As we understand it, the Board of Directors decided to appeal the decision trusting that the money would come in and that the community is behind them on these issues. There was one abstention in the voting by one board member who wanted the money to be in place before the appeal was filed, showing that the concern of the possibility of inadequate funding. On the other hand, the community funded a $6000 hydrology study a few years ago when Illahee Creek was being threatened, which showed community financial support on that issue. We will report on the amount of donations coming in in future updates. When we asked one of the ICC board members what happens if not enough money comes in, they said the board members may need to dig deeper into their pocket books.

Deer Reports. We are getting a number of deer reports, from those getting run over to new young ones. Let us know what you are seeing, along with any photos, and we will pass them on.

Jim Aho