>Third Street Wetland Issue – 6/25/08

>3rd Street Wetlands. We have been asked to provide an update on the 3rd Street wetlands.

County Response? We have not received a response from the county so again all we can report is on what we have been told.

Wetland Area? We were provided with some history of the area along 3rd Street. In the 70’s there was a small house on the corner lot of 3rd and Rest Place. The Thompson’s later built a new house just south of the small house which was subsequently torn down because the area was so wet in the wintertime. Mr. Thompson passed away last week with his obituary in Wednesday’s Kitsap Sun. Our condolences go out to his wife Claire, who along with her grieving is reported to be extremely concerned about what is happening to the wetland areas adjacent to their property.
Drainage System Installed Next to Wetland. Some are wondering what the county was thinking when they evidently approved the installation of a drainage system next to a wetland area that essentially drains the wetland, much less the Thompson’s wetland. We have to agree with them having stopped to look at the area this past Wednesday evening while on a walk. It is no wonder local residents are wondering if their county officials are on the job. We took a photo of the drainage system so we could let others know what the residents of this area are concerned about.

Wetland Signs? We looked for posted wetland signs that presumably would accompany the wetland buffer signs that appear in the photo, but didn’t see any. Again we are hoping someone from the county can explain to us and the residents of the area what is happening.

The Wetland Report? It was reported that someone filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain a copy of the wetland report and will report on its contents when received.

Continue to let us know what you want us to report on.

Jim Aho