>Area Beach Seining – 7/12/08

>Area Beach Seines. There are several beach seining events around Kitsap County that happen regularly. The one that goes around Bainbidge Island has two seines which are in relative close proximity to Illahee. Point White is across from Illahee State Park, and Battle Point is across from University Point. In other words the seines are near the south and north ends of the Illahee Community boundaries.

Bainbridge Island Beach Seine. The Bainbridge Island beach seine is a research project of the City of Bainbridge Island in partnership with the Suquamish Tribe and the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to study the presence and distribution of nearshore species.

Friday’s Beach Seine. On Friday (7-11-08) two Illahee residents joined the seining group and recorded the event with pictures that were put into a movie type of format by John Lind. We will try to include more information on the types of fish in the area in subsequent updates. The attached sequence of photos gives an overview of a seining event. The opening photo is at Fay Bainbridge State Park where the first seine is conducted, and incidently where anyone can watch as it happens about 9 am every two weeks until November.

Previous Seahorse Reports. A few weeks ago we were asked if anyone else has seen seahorses in Illahee, other than the persons reporting them, and just recently received a verbal response from a long time resident. He indicated that over the years they have seen seahorses in the area, and reported one up to about 5-6 inches long that had gotten stranded at Schutt’s Point.

Nothing in the Scientific Literature. There is nothing in the scientific literature that says there are seahorses anywhere around. Local marine biologists raise they eyebrows when we mentioned the possibility and asked if we weren’t confusing this with a bay pipe fish that had somehow curled up since they also have round snouts.

We Need Help to Solve the Mystery. We are soliciting help in solving this seahorse mystery. Let us know any information you might have.

Jim Aho