>Miscellaneous Items – 9/2/08

>Sept 9, 2008 Planning Commission Meeting. The Illahee Community Plan will have a public hearing before the Kitsap County Planning Commission one week from today, on Tuesday (9/9/08) evening at 6:30 pm (with the Illahee Plan tentatively scheduled to start at 7:30). The Plan was briefed to Commission members on 8/26/08 by Katrina Knutson. The auditory recording of that briefing (21 minutes into the recording) is available at the county website under the Planning Commission. This is the first of two public hearings on the Plan, the second being before the County Commissioners. It is important to show community support for the Plan since opponents will often wait until public meetings to voice any discontent.

Amazing Illahee Wildlife Story. This story about a deer and raccoon working together was amazing and we wanted to share it with the community.

Just a note to say that “my big buck” payed another visit to my yard this week. He is just fantastic…tall,3 prongs and happy to trim my blackberries for me. So what if he takes a few nibbles of the roses and honeysuckle as he works his way through my yard! Not long ago he paired up with a raccoon in a real Bonnie and Clyde act. He led the way out of the greenbelt followed closely by the coon. They strolled over to my neighbors apple tree which the coon proceeded to climb and shake the apples down for the deer to eat! I am also just under the flight path for the bald eagle that roosts above RueVilla. How wonderful it is to live in this beautiful area. ……

Timbers Edge Update. We have been getting some inquiries regarding what the next steps are for the Illahee Community regarding the Timbers Edge development and more specifically, what is happening with the hearing that was held on the 28th of August. We are collecting comments from those who attended the hearing and others and will put the information together later.

Save Illahee Signs. We noticed several “Save Illahee” signs the other day. We just found out Judith Krigsman has 12 remaining signs available for $12 each.

New Sewer Trunk Line Through Illahee. The Timbers Edge development calls for the running of a public sewer main through Illahee, from approximately Nobles Lane, down Fir Drive, and then north through historic Illahee, to the Illahee North sewer pump station. There was no public notice of this pressurized trunk line except for those parcels around the Timbers Edge development area and the stormwater outfall located near the mouth of Illahee Creek. The Illahee Community Club feels that the residents affected by the public sewer line also need to be notified as County Code states that those within 200 feet of a public sewer are required to hook up, even though that law is not currently being enforced. This issue was briefly discussed at the Timbers Edge hearing and is to be discussed amongst the lawyers and county this week.

Major Impacts Require Public Notice and Hearings. When impacts to the community of this magnitude are being planned the community needs to given public notice and an opportunity for public hearings to understand the impact on affected residents and the community at large.

Jim Aho