>Timbers Edge Update Meeting on Sunday – 9/26/08


Update Meeting Requested. Many of you have asked us to report how the Timbers Edge SEPA appeal is progressing. You are also asking if the funding is still coming in and some are asking if more money is needed. And then there is the issue of a new sewer line being run through historic Illahee, approximately one mile in length, that will impact the community. Many residents along the route received notices today (Friday) from Kitsap County of the proposed sewer line.

Meeting Scheduled. The Illahee Community has decided it is time for another meeting and has scheduled a meeting for Sunday (9/28/08) afternoon from 1:30 – 3 pm at the Sylvan Way library to discuss the issues and provide updates. They wanted to note that they tried to have a meeting last weekend but could not find a place to hold it.

Expert Witness Reports. The Community Club was unable to schedule several expert witnesses for the Timbers Edge hearing that was held on 8/28/08, primarily because they wanted to find the best experts available, and those people happen to be in high demand and are extremely busy and their calendars are scheduled out months in advance. The Hearing Examiner left the record open for expert reports until September 30, 2008. One expert is currently out of the country and is working on his report in Africa. We have included a pdf copy of one of the expert witness reports as an attachment to this update. We were quite impressed with his credentials and then the substance of his report.

Jim Aho