>Responses and Questions – 10/17/08


Response to Realtor Letter? We have been asked if there will be a response to the Realtor letter that was included as part of the Update on 10/15, or the KAPO letter that was attached to the 10/16 Update. So far we have heard of several individuals who are working on responses to the Realtor letter and when they found out they weren’t the only ones responding they said they would like to meet Sunday afternoon or early evening to either coordinate their responses or agree to write their own. If anyone would like to help with the responses, please answer this email as we will pass on the meeting place and time, when it is decided.

KAPO Letter Response. We have had a number of people who want to know more about the Mullenix situation and why the KAPO people are blaming the Illahee community for the Mullenix’s problems. A nearby neighbor to the Mullenix property is preparing a response that will likely contain pertinent facts to the situation and controversy. We should be able to get permission to send it out in an Update when the letter is completed.

Illahee Road Opening at Gilberton Creek. Some thought the date of the opening ceremony (Oct 23rd) would be the date the road opened. Actually we did too, until we saw the progress, which was evident from the photos send out earlier this week. The road is now open as shown in the front page headlines in Friday’s Kitsap Sun. What a pleasure to not have to drive around anymore.

Other Responses to the Community Plan Attacks? We have been asked what community members can do to show their support for the Illahee Community Plan. The Realtors and KAPO sent their email and letters to the three County Commissioners, with copies to the County Administrator and the Department of Community Development Director. Community members should do likewise. They should also plan on attending the the Commissioner’s meeting when the Illahee Plan comes up for a public hearing.

More Ideas Later. We expect there will be more information and other options available and we will pass the information on as it becomes available to us.

Jim Aho