>Kitsap Sun Article&Blog – 10/22/08


Kitsap Sun Article. The Kitsap Sun has just published an article entitled “Property, Realtors Groups Question Illahee Plan.” We know that some of you are out of the area and some don’t received the Kitsap Sun newspaper, so we wanted to provide you with the link ot the article that was published today Wednesday, 10/22/08. http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2008/oct/21/property-realtors-groups-oppose-illahee-plan/

Kitsap Sun Blog. We found more information about the controversy regarding the Community Plan on Brynn Grimley’s blogsite. http://pugetsoundblogs.com/ckbeat/2008/10/21/illahee-plan-opposition-personal-vendetta-or-professional-concern/

Community Letters. We have had three community members provide us copies of their letters of support for the Community Plan. We are considering providing portions of some of them in an upcoming update to show that at least the community supports the Plan even if outside groups may not.

Please Keep Us Informed. Thanks to all who keep us informed on the happenings in Illahee. Please continue to send us information.

Jim Aho