>CAG Members? – 10/31/08


Appendix to the Illahee Community Plan? We are helping finalize the Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) list, which we think will be included as an Appendix to the Illahee Community Plan. This list will attest to our efforts to involve as many residents as possible in the development of Illahee’s Plan.

The 2008 CAG List Is Small. The county has only a small list of members for 2008, especially in comparison to the number of those who participated in 2006 and 2007. Part of the problem is a number of the 2008 participants failed to sign in at the meetings or to check the box that they wanted to be CAG members.

2006 & 2007 CAG Participants. We are in the process of verifying the CAG participants for the years of 2006 and 2007. We had about 80 residents who indicated their CAG interest on the initial questionnaire that was distributed in the community, and more who volunteered afterward.

Notices Have Gone Out. We have sent out a number of emails and letters to verify name spelling and to make sure recipients wanted their names included.

Participation Requirements? Some have asked what the participation requirements are. They are basically to have been involved in some way with the development of the Plan. Some have been quiet at meetings, some have been unable to attend meetings but reviewed emailed materials, some monitored the process to make sure we didn’t stray from what they wanted in the Plan, and some were more materially involved such as with writing, editing, critiquing, and attending meetings. All this help was needed and greatly appreciated.

Website Access & Updates Used. When we first started working on the Plan, many indicated they were unable to attend all the meetings because of work or other obligations and asked to receive Plan information electronically or by mail. We created a website for the information and emailed information to all those who provided an email address.

Letters Used Early On. We tried to communicate with letters early on for those without email, but stopped because of the time and expense of mailings. We know that decision affected some of the early CAG members, and we regret they were not provided the same amount of information as those with email. We do know, however, that many residents who received email updates shared them with their neighbors without email.

Didn’t Receive a Notice? If you didn’t receive an email notice or a letter this week, and participated in some way with developing the Plan, please let us know right away. We want to recognize all CAG participants.

Let Us Know By Nov 7th. Please email us quickly as our deadline to complete the CAG list is November 7th. You can also call Jim Aho @ 479-1049 or Mary Ann Wright @ 475-0330.

Dennis Sheeran & Jim Aho