>Friday Morning Break In – 11/3/08


Illahee Break In. We just received the following report of a home break in along Illahee Road (north of the Illahee Dock) on Halloween morning. This is a disturbing event and Ed (Carol’s son) has written a very informative letter to the community about what they have learned and what to watch out for.

Dear Neighbors,

Last Friday, Halloween morning, Carol Hamilton’s house (in the 5800 block of Illahee Road) was burglarized. The robber broke in her back door and took jewelry, a digital camera, financial papers and some cash. Carol was not at home at the time but saw a dark colored, imported sedan (i.e. Toyota or smaller sedan) driven by a white male in his late 20s or early 30s leaving her driveway at a very high rate of speed. This car leaked a huge amount of oil and gas in her driveway.

The police investigated and told her how these thieves work. There was some good information related to how these thieves operate that can allow all of us, as neighbors, to protect our neighborhood.

Specifically, these thieves will target a house that appears empty. They will park their car in a hidden place and approach the front door and knock to see if anyone is home. If someone answers they will make an excuse about having the wrong house. This should be considered highly suspicious. Often these people work in pairs posing as a couple. There were footprints at the front door of Carol’s house to suggest this is what happened.

Upon verifying that no one is home the thief(s) will gain access. Typically, high theft items are cash, cameras, jewelry and bank records. The bank records are used to attempt to steal someones identify. Items taken in Carol’s robbery were very similar to items taken from homes on Big Valley road as reported in last Saturday’s paper.

In Carol’s instance the thief opened and searched drawers that were in office areas and in all the bedrooms. Special attention was placed at areas where financial information, checks and credit card data were found. Areas ignored in the search were basement areas, kitchen cabinets, and the living room. Unique items of value were not taken; only cash or items that could quickly converted to cash along with financial information was taken. The thief was likely on Carol’s property for about 15 minutes.

What can we all do? While it is unlikely this person would return to our immediate neighborhood thieves like him will. If you see people behaving in the manner described above – knocking on doors or acting lost – try to get a description of the individuals or the car they are driving. If you believe they are acting suspiciously you can relay this information to the Police.

If you may have any information related to the theft at Carol’s please email her son, Ed Hamilton, at edhamilton23@gmail.com and he will pass the information onto the investigating officer.