>Miscellaneous Items – 11/17/08


Timely Meeting Reports? We have been asked to provide more timely updates regarding past meetings.

Website Meeting. The website advisory committee met on Saturday 11/15/08, which is comprised of representatives from different groups working in Illahee. They will probably summarize the results of their meeting. One of the suggestions to get more activity on the website, was to link some of the Update information to the website. This means you simply click on a statement such as more information and you will be automatically brought to the website and the information. From there you will be able to comment and your comments can be seen by others who might read the update. This is evidently called “blogging.” More information on this later.

Illahee Community Club Quarterly Meeting. The Illahee Community Club (ICC) holds quarterly meetings in the middle month of each quarter, and met on 11/16/08 at the Sylvan Way Library. There were approximately 25 in attendance and presentations on a possible settlement regarding the Illahee Dock Outfall and the Timbers Edge sewer line were given. 2009 officers were elected, with a goal to have the Board find co-officers for the President and Vice President. Co-positions are already in place for the Treasurer and Secretary.

Timbers Edge Sewer Meeting 11/17/08. This was a very selective situation/hearing. The ICC at the Timbers Edge Hearing on 8/28/08 noted that the sewer line running through Illahee affected many more people than just those who received notice of the project. The two lawyers were told to fix the situation with a possible extension of the hearing to cover the sewer issues. There was a stipulation agreement, that was subsequently reinterpreted by the county, and upheld by the Hearing Examiner, to only let those person who resided within 200 feet of the shoreline along the sewer run, and who hadn’t been notified of the first hearing. There were two property owners who requested the hearing, and one who retained Ryan Vancil to represent him, which allowed the Hearing to proceed this past Monday morning.

Expert Testimony. The expert testimony at the Hearing authorized by the appellant, covered concerns for doing the right thing with the sewer installation, such as durable piping because we are in an earthquake zone, putting the sewer pipe under the stream bed rather than over the culvert because the culvert could be washed out in a major storm, and requesting compliance with the recently approved Central Kitsap Wastewater GMA Compliance Plan in the placement of sewer line and pump stations. Pretty standard items that the community has found they cannot take for granted any more. There is no guarantee that the developer or the county will necessarily do the right things, though some have more faith with the Public Works Wastewater Division than they do with the Department of Community Development.

Timbers Edge Closing Arguments. The closing arguments for the Timbers Edge Hearing are due on December 8, 2008. Some in the ICC want to try and help summarize the issues for the Club’s attorney, so if anyone is interested, let us know and we will pass your name on.

On the Website. We will attempt to put the expert testimony presentation and paper on the website, as there is some good information that should be of interest to all Illahee residents.

Watch Your Mail Boxes. We had the following report come in about people seen looking in neighborhood mailboxes.

Thought I would pass on this bit of information of an event that occurred in my neighbor hood last week. Last Thursday I was walking to my mail box to retrieve our mail. (Our Mail Box is in a group of four.) A car was just pulling away from the group of Mail Boxes. I didn’t pay much attention as sometimes neighbor’s park there waiting to pick up kids from school buses. As they went past me I waved and they waved back. They drove on up the hill and stopped at the next group and opened a mail box. They then proceeded on up the hill to the third group of mail boxes and opened another mail box. Then proceeded up the hill and turned around. By then they must have figured out that the mailman had not yet delivered the mail. Then they turned around and came back down the hill. I tried to get the plate nos. but was unable. I debated whether or not I should call the cops or not, I really had no evidence. But it has been bugging me.

Next Extremely Important Date. Next Monday, November 24,2008, the Illahee Community Plan will come before the County Commissioner’s 7 pm meeting for public comment. It is important to get as many community members as possible to attend to show the community’s support. Several of us will be attending the Commissioner’s Work-Study session on Wednesday and hope to get a better feel of where the Commissioners are coming from on the Plan, and will report back soon after the meeting. We were hoping that the final draft would be on the county’s website by now, but at last check it wasn’t. It is still good enough for reviewing, knowing that some minor edits and formatting in the current version, have been identified and will be corrected in the final draft.

Keep Passing Information On. Keep us up on what is happening in your neighborhood.

Jim Aho