>Lost Dog Found&Photos – 1/5/09


Lost Dog Report. When we found out about a lost dog, Laurie Jones our web manager put the information on the illaheecommunity.com website and we also sent out the information on an Illahee Community Update email that goes out to about 300 recipients. It appears the email did it this time. Alison O’Sullivan, a biologist with the Suquamish Tribe, forwarded the following:

Happy Ending!!

I forwarded your email to a friend of mine who still works at the shelter. She went out and checked the kennels and sure enough the dog was there. She called them and they came and got the dog @1p Friday.

Local Seals Resting Photo. There are a number of local seals that use area floats to get out of the water. There have been reported more than twenty seals on this float at one time. It is also used by river otters, cormorants, shorebirds, seagulls, and bald eagles.

Snow Goose Photo. Every now and then a snow goose is seen with the Canada Geese. This photo shows the snow goose on Sunday (1/4/09) eating along side the Canada geese and wigeon ducks.

Squid Fisherman in the Snow Photo. Last evening (1/4/09) during the snow storm we were surprised to see two hardy squid fisherman at the Illahee Community Dock.

Other Bird Sightings. A female loon on 1/5/09, which are usually seen only in the fall and spring. And the following:

Pileated woodpecker at our suet feeder this morning (10:40) AM. Also, a downy woodpecker.

Jim Aho