>Fox Photos&Timbers Edge Info – 1/13/09


Mottled or Cross Fox? Some are asking for more information on exactly what a mottled fox is and are wondering if it isn’t a cross between a dog and fox. We did some more research and found the more common name is a Cross Fox. “Cross foxes are a color variant of the Red Fox Vulper Vulpes. Other color variants are the silver fox and black fox. A litter of kits (baby foxes) can have all the variants. The cross fox gets its name from the cross on its back. There is a black stripe that goes from the top of the head to the tail and a second stripe that runs across the shoulders forming a cross.” (from the website CrossFox.Info)

Photos. John Lind was able to get some photos a few years ago, which are attached. About that same time period we noticed a differently colored fox heading north along the beach very early in the morning, like he had strayed too far at night and was hurrying home.

Fox Report. We just received the following report as we were working on this Update.

Jim, last fall we saw two foxes stalking the neighbors cat one evening. One was typical red in color, the other one was charcoal grey/ black in color. I went out to rescue the cat and the black one was about twenty feet away, not wanting to give up on the cat. This was 11 PM, on Canoe Trail NE. Thunderbird Park.

Timbers Edge Legal Documents. We have been providing the closing argument documents of the Timbers Edge appeal and we wanted to provide those prepared by the Timbers Edge lawyer, Ron Templeton. We sent Document #4 out and are having problems sending out Document #5. It is only 8 pages but it was sent out as a very large pdf file of 2.3 megabytes and too large for many on our email list to receive. We will try to send it on to you if you if you desire to see it; simply respond to this email. We are sending out the final document which is Document 6, which we found very informative and provided a nice conclusion to many of the previous documents.

Document #1. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Regarding Lack of Compliance with County Code (Sent out on 1/10/09) (NOTE: large file to be sent upon request)

Document #2. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Regarding Lack of Compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) (Attached)

Document #3. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Attachments (Attached)

Document #4. Timbers Edge Closing Arguments (Attached)

Document #5. Timbers Edge Rebuttal to the Illahee Community Club’s Closing Briefs (NOTE: 2.3MB file to be sent upon request)

Document #6. Illahee Community Club Reply to the Timbers Edge Rebuttal (Attached)

Timbers Edge Legal Fund Status. We will try to get a report of the status of the Timbers Edge legal fund and find out what is planned for the future and include it in a future Update.

Jim Aho