>Reminder of Timbers Edge Meeting – 4/6/09


Meeting Tonight (Monday 4/6/09)).  We have been asked to remind everyone of the Illahee Community meeting tonight to discuss whether to appeal the Hearing Examiner’s approval of the Timbers Edge project to the County Commissioners. The deadline for filing an appeal is 4/9/09.
Place – Library.  The meeting will be held at the Kitsap Regional Library located on Sylvan Way.
Time – 6:30 pm.  The meeting will start at 6:30, but members will be there at 6 pm to answer questions.
Lawyer Present.  The lawyer who represented the Illahee Community Club, Ryan Vancil, will be attending the meeting to answer questions.
Funding Questions.  As we understand the financial situation it is roughly as follows:
In 2008 approximately $20,000 was expended to cover filing fees, expert witnesses, and lawyer fees for the Illahee Outfall hearing and appeals and the Timbers Edge hearings.  The costs exceeded contributions but was covered by a very large contribution at the end of the year.
In 2009 the ICC is essentially starting out with a zero balance, which means an appeal will need to be covered by contributions before it can go forward.  The ICC Board of Directors has essentially said they will carry out the wishes of the community as long as it conforms to the purposes for which it was organized and it is supported financially.
Other Questions?  There will be members available to answer other questions at tonight’s meeting.
Comments Received.  We received a comment from a resident this weekend who is worried the residents don’t understand the adverse impact that this development will have on the Illahee community if this project goes ahead as planned.
Another Comment.  (Paraphrased) We need to remind people that we are not against development.  This project as currently configured will likely permanently damage the ability of Illahee Creek to support salmon.  A development of lesser density and more infiltration will result in most neighbors supporting the project.  The developer had the choice and decided to ignore the community’s input and the impact on Illahee Creek.
Jim Aho