>Community Meeting Results – 4/9/09


Results of Monday’s Meeting?  We have been getting numerous inquiries as to what happened at Monday’s meeting with regards to Timbers Edge and whether it was decided to file an appeal with the County Commissioners.  We have been told if we put out a timely update, the questions would not be necessary.
April 9th Deadline Met?  We have also been getting emails wondering if the April 9th deadline was going to be met.
Monday Meeting Results.  Attorney Ryan Vancil discussed the HE decision and the next options open to the community.  It was stated that the ICC would only carry an appeal forward if it was the community’s wishes, and if there was sufficient financial support.  The attendees at the meeting then voted to appeal the Hearing Examiner’s Decision and furthermore committed to cover enough of the costs to get the process started.  (Note that we are hesitant to discuss the exact dollar amounts in this email, so call us if you want that information.)
Additional Funding Required.  While there was a good showing of funds received and promised, additional funding of approximately $900 will be required to fund the Commissioners Appeal, and even more funds will be required for possible later appeals to the Shorelines Hearings Board and/or Circuit Court.
Send Checks To.  The ICC is requesting the additional financial help to cover the appeal to the Commissioners and is starting a fund for the legal issues.  Checks can be sent to:  Illahee Community Club, P.O. Box 2563, Bremerton, WA 98310.
April 9th Deadline?  The April 9th deadline was extended to April 24, 2009 because the HE decision was distributed to only those residents residing along the newly proposed sewer that is within 200 feet of the saltwater shoreline, and not to the other parties of record.  The rest of the community should be receiving their notices on Friday or Saturday.
Community Members Noted Error.  Community members were the ones who noted the distribution error and reported it to the county both by email and in person on Tuesday, 4/7/09.
Community Desired Timbers Edge Development.  At the Monday meeting residents were quick to point out they were not against development of the properties, but again not lots smaller than legacy lots (legacy lots are 40′ by 90′ or 3600 sq ft and many of the Timbers Edge lots are 3400 sq ft), and a development that threatens the demise of Illahee Creek as a salmon stream. There were also those concerned with the existing stormwater problem at the end of Nobles Lane that affects those in the Rue Villa area. 
Community Goal?  The goal of some members is to see if the community can come together with what kind of development they can support so that maybe they could avoid another legal battle, since settlement is one of the ultimate goals of the Shoreline Hearings Board, and it would be prudent to work toward that end earlier, rather than later and after spending thousands of dollars in legal costs.
Will They Be Successful?  Some of those wanting a settlement are more hopeful than others.  There was an earlier group that tried to work on a possible agreement at a meeting called by Kitsap County, that was not successful.  We wish this new group more success than the last group.
Your Thoughts?  Let us know your thoughts on these matters. 
Jim Aho