>Miscellaneous Items – 5/6/09


Back in Town.  We are back after a nice trip to several of the Hawaii islands and came back to see brown silt-laden water out in the bay from the storm surges that decimate Illahee Creek during every significant storm. 
Illahee Creek Culvert.  Irwin Krigsman said if the county had not cleaned out the culvert last year, Tuesday’s storm would have likely clogged the culvert, flooded their property, and possibly taken out Illahee Road.  That is one of the primary reasons residents are so concerned about stormwater and its impact on the creek, not to mention its effect on salmon and riparian habitat.
Cumulative Effects on Culvert.  The problem is the cumulative effects from upstream developments that did not adequately evaluate the effects of stormwater on the stream, nor were they concerned with aquifer recharge – some of the issues that the community is concerned about with the Timbers Edge project.  The County approved all the previous developments, including Timbers Edge, which leaves the community with the after affects and the job of trying to restore the damage.  As one resident said, “this is getting very frustrating.”
Deer Issues Not everyone in Illahee likes deer, or should we say they don’t like what the deer do to their yards and gardens.  We have had a number of responses indicating their frustrations (see the below received response). 
These critters might be cute, but they are very destructive .
We live in Illahee and every since these cute fury critters have found our property, they have grazed on every living piece of vegetation that we have planted including a garden which has become none existent as they tell there buddies about the smorgasbord and dining pleasure that our neighbors and we provide.
They have take thousands of dollars worth of expensive landscaping and have grazed on it until there is nothing left but twigs and sticks left.
I wish there was something to do to get them out of this area so everyone who had invested thousands of dollars could get there wonderful landscaping back. What was once like Buchard Gardens has now become Stump Gully.
Does any one want to adopt our “Could Care Less About Your Landscaping Deer” ?
Please let these cute furry Vegetation Exterminators find greener pastures.
Our Deer Experience.  There was a big doe that some had named Sophia that would usually have twin fawns each year and they regularly visited our garden (she was killed by a car several years ago).  We tried special sprays, hanging extra fragrant soaps, garlic plants, and finally had to resort to extra high fences.  Last year the deer even went through the plastic mesh fencing that was getting old and had lost its strength.  We found they are especially fond of beans and we will soon be trying to protect them again from the deer.
Deer Solutions.  Let us know if you have some solutions that work and we will pass them on.
Coyote Sighting.  The following report was received recently.
Last Wednesday morning when returning from my morning run shortly after 6am, I saw a coyote running West on Wise Street then turned South on Sunset and made a right turn into the Illahee Forest behind the golf course.
ICC Non-Profit Status Approved.  We recently received word that the Illahee Community Club’s IRS status was upgraded from a 501.c.4 to a 501.c.3, effective in 2008.  We understand the ICC has been working on this since they decided to reorganize in November 2007.  Some of the longtime members who were around in 1959 when the Club requested IRS status, thought the ICC was a 501.c.3 so it took a little time to get everything straightened out and the new paperwork submitted.  Thanks to all those who persisted in getting that task done.
State Registration.  The previous ICC state paperwork was found to be up to date.  It had been registered with the Secretary of State and Audrey Boyer had been paying the required State of Washington’s yearly filing fee (thank you Audrey) which kept the club current with state officials.
Timbers Edge Appeal.  We aren’t sure what to report on this.  We know the lawyers involved had a meeting to discuss the possibility of compromises.  We know the appeal was filed.  We have seen some recent emails initiated by the Timbers Edge engineer that the county is responding to.  The community will also need to respond.  This will certainly be a discussion item at the next ICC quarterly meeting.
Commissioner Appeal?  We have been asked again about what we should expect when the ICC appeal goes before the County Commissioners.  The assessment of many is that Commissioner Baurer talks as though he is concerned about the environment, but doesn’t vote that way.  Commissioner Brown voted with the community on the Outfall Project, which was encouraging.  And Commissioner Garrido is an unknown at this point.  Commissioners as a whole tend to vote with the decision of County staff and the Hearing Examiner, even if those decisions are poor for the environment and go against the community.
ICC Quarterly Meeting.  We just talked with Barney Bernhard, the ICC president, who advised us the Illahee Community Club will be holding itsquarterly meeting at the Unitarian Fellowship Church on Monday, May 18th, at 6:30 pm.  On the meeting agenda there will be a discussion of what kind of compromises the community will agree to with the Timbers Edge project.  This should be an interesting meeting.
Our Assessment.  While many are hopeful there could be a settlement with the Timbers Edge group, we have not found them to be very accommodating or interested in compromise.  The bottom line with them are the small lots (mostly 3400 sq ft) which gives them the maximum number of houses, and therefore maximum profit.  Because they were “grandfathered” with the higher density (5-9 units per acre), that is what they have planned for, even though they could now go for 1-4 units per acre. 
County Position?  While the county has supported the development with their decision that there will not be any significant environmental impacts, a decision the community is vigorously contesting, the county has shown a willingness to work with groups working towards a settlement. 
Your Thoughts?  Let us know your thoughts on these matters.
Jim Aho