>Corrected Link To Mediation Article – 6/30/09


Wrong Link to Mediation Article.  We provided the wrong link to the Kitsap Sun article regarding mediation.  Our website person quickly caught the mistake.  We are sorry for the error.  The corrected link is provided below:
Illahee Mentioned in Mediation Article.  The Kitsap County Commissioner’s have added a mediation step to their land use process and said it was because of the Illahee Community’s outfall fight (which was to keep the 42″ diameter stormwater pipe from being installed under the Illahee Community Dock).  While the community came to an agreement with the developer, the primary problem was with Kitsap County for allowing the outfall in the first place.  We hope the mediation process also includes the Kitsap County employees, who in spite of being paid by the citizens, do not always act in their best interests of local communities.  The corrected link to the article is:    http://kitsapsun.com/news/2009/jun/24/kitsap-commissioners-ok-new-land-use-mediation/