>Wildlife Update&Other Items – 7/24/09


Eagle Gets Goose.  This past week I went out on the deck to take a phone call.  While on the phone I heard the crows making a loud commotion at the beach and saw a Canada goose that appeared to have fallen down and was using his wings to try to move or get himself up.  Seconds later, and before the goose could get up, a bald eagle was on top of him and immediately started to pick away at his feathers.  There was a slight breeze blowing and soon the beach downwind was covered with goose feathers.  I finished my call and took some pictures and have attached 4 of them.  I was told that two eagles spent most of the rest of the afternoon feasting on the goose.  A similar event took place last year with a single goose, which may be why the geese tend to stay in groups. 

Deer Photo.  The other evening on a walk we saw six deer.  The attached photo shows four of the deer – two larger deer are on the left with the mother in the center of the photo and twin fawns to the right.  They were amazingly tame.  The other two deer seen were a mother and her fawn.  Some of you see these scenes daily and others only see the results of their nightly grazing.  The photo was taken at dusk with a flash so some serious editing of the photo was needed to take the glare from the eyes.
Illahee Day August 1.  Just a reminder that Illahee Day is next Saturday, August 1st.
County Notice Posting of Illahee Creek.  There are some residents trying to figure out what is being planned for the dredging of the Illahee Creek culvert and the placement of the dredging material at the beach.  It is interesting that the project name is “Illahee Beach Nourishment.”  Needless to say, some are not convinced, and are trying to get more information.  We are hoping that we can have a presentation on this project at the August meeting of the Illahee Community Club.  The time and place of this meeting is yet to be determined.
Aquifer Meeting Airing on BKAT.  The aquifer meeting was taped and is being rebroadcast on the Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) station at the following time:

The last showing of “The Illahee Watershed Aquifer Protection Plan” will air:
7/30      10am
BKAT is Kitsap’s local TV channel. 
Channel 12 – Comcast
Channel 3 – WAVE

Jim Aho