>Miscellaneous Important Items – 8/19/09


New Eagle Nest?  We received the following email today of the possibility of an eagle nest being constructed at Ambleside, which included the picture below.
It would appear that we are in the process of getting an eagles nest in the
common area of Amblesides subdivision.  This attached photo was taken from
my deck.  We haven’t seen any eagles arriving or leaving but it sure looks
like an eagles nest is in progress.
“Letter to the Illahee Community” Being Distributed.  We heard that the Illahee Community Club is in the process of hand distributing a “Letter to the Illahee Community Concerning the Timbers Edge Project,” with the goal of trying to get copies to each Illahee resident.  As we understand it, roughly 200 plus letters have gone out so far with the remainder to be sent out Thursday and Friday.  We will try and get a copy to send out in our next Update.
Illahee Meeting Signs.  There are 13 meeting signs throughout the Illahee Community telling about Saturday’s meeting at the Library at 1:30 pm.  We have been asked to see if there are any areas that should have a sign that don’t.  Let us know and we will pass the information on.
Monday’s Commissioner’s Meeting.  We have been asked to remind residents that Illahee’s appeal of the Timbers Edge Project to the Commissioners, will be held Monday evening at 7:15 pm at the county administration building. 
A Very Interesting Monday Hearing?  This should be a very interesting hearing with the county staff presenting their arguments, followed by the developer’s attorney, and then the Illahee Community’s attorney. 
Appeal Process Just Starting?  We are thinking that, depending on what the Commissioners decide, this appeal could go on the the Shorelines Hearing Board and/or Superior Court.  The arguments presented on Monday evening will likely be the basis for any appeals up the line.
Jim Aho