>More Important Info – 8/20/09


County Staff Recommends Approval of Private Dock.  We have been asked to advise residents that Kitsap County has recommended approval of a private dock in the University Point area.  This is in the area of the northern boundary of the Illahee Community.  Evidently there was only one person who was concerned about the project according to the staff report.  We were told this is likely the situation because very few in the community are aware that a private dock application was submitted.  We were forwarded a copy of the staff report that recommends the dock be approved and have provided the following link to the report: http://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/lu_env/he/reports/he-sr-08-62589.pdf
Dock Hearing is Thursday 8/27/09.  The hearing date is Thursday 8/27/09 at 10 am in case anyone is interested in attending.  The agenda is on the county website and we have attached the link to it below for your convenience.
Community Comments?  We have only received one email regarding the dock.
I’m having a hard time believing that I am hearing a private dock is being proposed for the University Point area.  I try to walk the beach area from Gilberton Creek south and can’t imagine a private dock in that area.  I thought the surrounding bluffs were “feeder” bluffs and that the county was considering shorelines as areas that needed some kind of protection.  I’m having a hard time comprehending what I am hearing and am hoping you can provide more information in your updates. 
PS  I’m also personally concerned about how I am to walk around this new dock.  My walks are already impeded by bulkheads that protrude out into the shoreline.
PS  I hope I’m not the only one concerned about this.  This seems like a really dumb idea, and has anyone thought of the winter storms during high tides, and the debris that is in the water.  Please pass my name and concerns on to anyone else you come across who is concerned.
Illahee Community Letter Attached.  The Illahee Community Letter concerning the Timbers Edge Development that is being hand distributed to residents is attached as two files.  (Some residents would like to see the letter sooner rather than later, or are concerned that those delivering the letters, might miss their property.) The distributed letter is printed on both sides of legal paper, but was provided to us as two separate files.   Side 1 / Side 2
Your Response is Needed!  The Illahee Community Club wants to hear from as many Illahee residents as possible regarding their agreement or disagreement with the Community’s “Proposal” to the developer and the county, and would like to let people respond by email if they want to save the cost of a stamp.  You can respond to info@illaheecommunity.com or to this update.  Two phone numbers are provided in the letter for those who have further questions.
Reminder (1):  Illahee Community Meeting, Sat (8/22/09), Library at 1:30 pm
Reminder (2):  Timbers Edge Appeal Hearing, Mon (8/24/09) evening, County Admin Building, at 7 pm
Jim Aho