>Timbers Edge Decision Monday Evening – 10/11/09

>Important Decision Monday.  The Illahee Community’s future look will in many ways be decided on Monday, October 12, 2009, when the County Commissioners decide on how to rule on the Illahee Community Club’s (ICC) appeal of the Hearing Examiner’s Decision that approved the Timbers Edge project.

Many Concerns.  The community concerns are many and they have been presented in earlier updates.  The big ones are the the small lots (mostly 3400 sq ft), the number of houses (112 on roughly 12+ acres), the traffic on a small roadway (Fir Drive), stormwater issues, sewer issues, and the impact on Illahee Creek and the underlying aquifers.  

Complex Appeal.  Because there are so many issues the chances of the Commissioners making a decision favorable to the community appears remote based on what we have seen so far.

ICC Brief.  At the last Commissioners meeting the two sides were asked to prepare briefs regarding the Modified Proposal introduced by Commissioner Brown.  The ICC was given until Friday to complete their brief.  At the Commissioner’s work study session this past Wednesday none of the Commissioners had seen the brief even though it was sent to the Board person on Friday, and therefore there was no discussion regarding the Modified Proposal and the submitted briefs. 

ICC Brief Attached.  We are attaching the brief the ICC attorney, Ryan Vancil, sent in.

Attendance at Commissioner Meeting Important.  We have been asked to remind community members that attendance at the Commissioner meeting is important.  The Commissioner meeting starts at 7 pm on Monday evening October 12, 2009.  Decision only agenda items are normally at the end of the meeting.  Comments can be made after the decision when 3 minutes is allowed for public comment.  The meeting agenda is always posted on the county website.

Update Being Sent From Midwest.  We just were able to get sustained internet services while traveling in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, so much of this information is gathered from emails provided to us.

Jim Aho