>Miscellaneous Items – 11-1-09


Illahee Bear. After our last update we haven’t had anyone else contact us regarding seeing the bear that has been reported in the Kitsap Sun. Please let us know if it is still around so we can let residents know where it might be. We normally do routine water quality checks well inside the Preserve and those collecting samples would like to know if the bear is still around. We have attached the links to the recent articles that have appeared in the Sun.

Illahee Shores Fire. We were sad to hear of the fire Saturday morning and the fact that a person died, and even more tragic is they think it was a homicide. The story was on the front page of Sunday’s Kitsap Sun which is linked below, with an update on the possible homicide to appear in Monday’s paper, also linked below.

Illahee Pictures. We received some nice digital pictures of Illahee from Greg Price and we will include them in this and future updates.

Jim Aho

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  1. >The same night that the Fraisers observed the bear, a friend driving through Illahee stated that she saw a black bear walking up my driveway. I live in the 5400 block of Illahee Rd.Mike Mantzke

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