>Weeding and Mulching Work Party on Saturday – 4/15/10

>Work Party Reminder Requested.  We have been asked to remind everyone of Saturday’s (4/17/10) weeding and mulching work party for the native plant demonstration rain garden plots at the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot.  The information was presented in the last update and read as follows:

Rain Garden Weeding & Mulching Party Scheduled for April 17th.  Over a month ago, on March 6th, nearly 25 volunteers planted over 500 native plants in 5 rain garden plots.  It is now time to weed those plots and mulch around the plants so we will be ready for a hopefully weed free summer and with a thick layer of mulch, a summer of minimal watering.  Our volunteer botanist, Aimee Weber, will be on hand to make sure we are taking out only the weeds and not some recently planted or emerging native plants.  The weeding and mulching party will begin at 9 am on Saturday, April 17th, and should finish by 11 am.  We will need some extra wheel borrows to haul the wood chips we are using as mulch.  If you have any questions call Aimee at 405-1613 or myself at 479-1049.

Jim Aho