>Meetings&Work Party Info – 8/15/10

>Illahee Forest Preserve Meeting on Tuesday.  On Tuesday (8/17) the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) will meet at 6:30 pm at the Port of Illahee office at 5560 Ocean View Boulevard.  The IFP is a not-for-profit corporation established to support the Illahee Preserve and they welcome anyone interested to join them.  Their contributions, and those of the East Bremerton Rotary, to the 460 acre Illahee Preserve has become more important as funding for county parks has decreased.  The IFP group is working on a formal dedication of the Almira parking lot to take place this fall, along with many other issues.  

Illahee Preserve Work Party on Wednesday.  There will be another Illahee Preserve work party this Wednesday (8/18), sponsored by the East Bremerton Rotary.  There are still lots of wood chips to be placed on the trails and the paths through the rain garden will be lined with logs.  The work begins about 5:30 pm.

Community Meeting Next Monday 8/23/10.  There will be an Illahee Community meeting next Monday (8/23) at the Sylvan Way library beginning at 6:15 pm.  The first half of the meeting will be devoted to finding out more about the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) that is in the process a being updated.  Signs should be going up mid-week regarding the meeting.  Please encourage neighbors who don’t get these email updates to attend.

County Representatives to Present SMP Info.  There will be two Kitsap County representatives to present SMP information, and most importantly, they are there for residents to ask questions of them.  Comments from residents regarding shoreline designations are due on August 31, 2010 and we believe most residents are totally unaware of that deadline or what the possibilities are.

What Designations Should Illahee Shorelines Have?  We included in the last Update, the current shoreline designations for Illahee.  We are curious as to whether we can continue with our current designations, or if the State and the County want to change them.  This should be a good discussion item.

Public Access to Shorelines.  One of the issues to be discussed at the next SMP task force meeting on September 2, 2010 is whether the county is in compliance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) regarding the issue of Public Access.  We took a couple of pictures (attached) of the stairway at the Illahee Community Dock to show that at least in one area there is public access to the shorelines.  The public access requirements are described in WAC 173-26-221 (4).  We think the Illahee Community is in full compliance on this issue.

Jim Aho