>Wildlife&Miscellaneous – 8/21/10

>Salmon Jumping.  It is that time of year when we should be salmon jumping as they pass through Illahee waters, and we have a report that at least one was seen jumping north of the Illahee community dock.

Shoreline Presentation on Monday.  Don’t forget to attend the Illahee community meeting on Monday at the Sylvan Way library at 6:15 pm where there will be two county persons giving a presentation on the ongoing Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update.  We have over 3 miles of shoreline and many have views of the water, or appreciate the shoreline areas, and they all should have a say as to what they want in a shoreline program. This is the best time to have your voices heard, while the county and Task Force are taking input.

Public Access at Community Dock.  We had several responses about the public access steps at the Illahee Community Dock.  Some were unaware that there were steps to get down to the beach, and others were unaware that the steps belong to the Port of Illahee and that the Port of Illahee had the steps put in a number of years ago.  Public Access will also be one of the items discussed at the SMP briefing on Monday.

Sharpe-shinned Hawk.  We received a picture of a sharp-shinned hawk the other day, which is attached.  This one is at the waterfront, which seemed rather unusual.

Coyote Reports.  We have had several reports about coyotes, and in some areas residents are warned to keep their cats inside.  The following report shows that they may be expanding their territory.
Tues. night at dusk in the vincinity of the Rue Villa mailboxes an animal made a quick crossing of the Illahee road from the water side to the uphill side. It was smaller than a young deer but larger than most dogs in the area, light in color and fast. My initial impression was that of a coyote. There have been some mauling and killing of racoons in the area recently. I have never seen a coyote in the Illahee area. 

Dead Deer.  We have been asked not to show pictures of dead deer on these Updates, but we need to report that at least one doe and one fawn have been hit by cars and killed in the area.  Some were wondering if the two twin fawns they saw without their mother, could have been the offspring of the doe that got hit.  Two neighbors buried it.  

The other report of the dead fawn is a sad one as the mother stayed in the brush near the fawn until it was picked up by the county road crew, and then the mother was seen going up and down the area, seemingly looking for it.  We need to let residents know that the county will pick up dead deer along the road if you call them.  Please let us know also so we can try to keep track of what is happening.

Illahee Preserve Work Party Report.  There was another massive work party at the Illahee Preserve this past Wednesday.  Our estimate was about 50, though not all signed in, so we don’t have a totally accurate count.  We have found out one of the secrets to the Rotary’s work party successes, which is also having water and food.  There were at least 5 Illahee residents who showed up.  And it was notable that there were 20 wheel borrows in use to move the wood chips.  We will try to attach two photos, one showing a log being moved to line the path of the rain garden, and the other being a group photo, but after a number had already left.  Below is the East Bremerton Rotary report of the work party:
The East Bremerton Rotary conducted another very productive work party at Illahee Forest Preserve on Wednesday, August 18th.  The focus was beautification of the Almira parking lot, as well as adding wood chips to the trail system.  36 people helped out including Marines from Bangor, members of Washington Youth Academy, and 13 East Bremerton Rotarians.  Thanks to grillmaster Andy Graham of McClouds Restaurant for bringing & tending the BBQ and thanks to Costco (JeanMarie Harmon) for providing the food.  Attached is a photo excluding the Washington Youth Academy who needed to leave before the photo was taken.  Andy Graham is the one in the back doing a Y-M-C-A spell out.
Jim Aho