>Two Monday Meetings – 8/23/10


Newspaper Articles Re Golf Course Gift.  There were a number of newspaper articles this week regarding the Rolling Hills Golf Course Gift, including an editorial in Sunday’s Kitsap Sun, see the link: 
http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/aug/21/our-view-more-reasons-to-applaud-the-rolling/    Also, we were impressed by the article in Saturday’s Kitsap Sun by Brynn Grimley who had a great understanding of just why the golf course gift was especially appreciated by the Illahee Community.  The link to her article is: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/peninsular-thinking/2010/08/19/rolling-hills-more-than-a-golf-course-to-illahee-community/

Two Important Monday Meetings.  How can it be that after months with no Illahee meetings, that two important meetings that residents should attend, are scheduled on the same evening, Monday, August 23, 2010?

Quarterly Illahee Community Meeting.  The quarterly meeting of the Illahee Community Club schedules its meetings on weeknight evenings at the library and also asked Kitsap County reps to present information on the Shoreline Master Program update, which will begin at 6:15 pm.  This should be a great opportunity for residents to have an input in what they want for their shoreline areas.  They will also likely discuss the petition drive that stalled and is projected to resume soon.

County Commissioner’s Meeting Also Meets Monday.  The reason that there should be a representation at the Commissioner’s meeting that meets at 7 pm in Port Orchard is that they will be signing the agreement to accept the Rolling Hills Golf Course on Monday.  We just received a draft copy of a letter to the editor they want someone to read at Monday evening’s meeting – someone who is not planning on attending the meeting at the library.  We took the liberty of printing the draft copy below, though remember it is still a draft.   
        August 23, 2010
Letter to the Editor:
        Thank you Don Rasmussen and Kerma Peterson, for your extraordinary and especially generous gift of the Rolling Hills Golf Course!  
Illahee has become a recreational destination in Kitsap County and the greater West Sound area in a large part because of your work in establishing a premier and affordable community golf course.  While Illahee’s unique topography has limited development, it has fostered some incredible recreational opportunities such as the golf course, Illahee State Park, the Illahee Preserve, and the Port’s Community Dock, making this area and Kitsap County a great place to live. 
The Illahee Community appreciates your incredible gift and forward thinking that preserves Rolling Hills as a golfing jewel for future generations, and at the same time ensures the continuation of the “meals on wheels” program for seniors throughout the area.  Your gift will also help us eventually control of the storm water surges that pollute Illahee Creek and Puget Sound.
Thank you Don and Kerma, and also Commissioner Josh Brown for working with you to make it happen!
Barney Bernhard, for the Illahee Community Club
Help Requested.  If anyone could help out by attending the Commissioner’s meeting in Port Orchard on Monday evening, and at the end of the meeting during the public comment time, read the above letter or a similar version, it would be greatly appreciated.  Let us know if you can help and we will pass the information on the the ICC officers.

Tall Ships At Brownsville.  We were fortunate to be out boating by the tall ships on Friday and took some pictures, including the one below.  

Jim Aho