>Various Items – 9/16/10

>Illahee Road Accident Info & Photos.  Received some more information and some photos of the accident that occurred last Friday evening on Illahee Road.  Thanks to neighbors who helped and then passed the following information on to the community as this accident was not reported in the papers.

Here are some pictures my son took of the wreck. The driver
fled the scene – he was lucky to be alive! Sure hope everyone drives

…….terrible crash…..lots of police and fire trucks ……..  ;-(
We ran down  to check and call 911….but the people from the trailer court were even faster and had called ….
The driver did however crawl out of the wreck and up the steep slope and ran away…… unbelievable that he was able to do that……
We talked with other people who knew him and he came apparently from the house only a bit up the road (with big gate) and drove full power in the ditch…..
The truck is gone….but the driver is O.K.       thank goodness
That is the third accident this year down below us…..!!!!!!!

Deer Photos.  Received the following note and the deer pictures this afternoon as we started this update.
These 4 deer were grazing in my front yard (University Point Circle) this afternoon. The 4 point buck looked like he had some mixture of fallow deer.
Illahee Creek Culvert Partial Clean Out.  Early last Thursday morning (9/9/10) the county cleaned 4 or 5 truck loads the sediment out at the outlet side of the culvert that goes under Illahee Road.  By removing the sediment and creating a depression (hole) at the end of the culvert, they are hoping the sediment level inside the culvert will decrease enough to prevent the failure of the culvert.   

Illahee Creek Culvert in Jeopardy?  The clear opening at the inlet (upstream end) of the culvert before the clean out was 31 inches, which is significantly less than what the culvert was designed for.  The clear opening height will continue to be monitored by the community as well as the county.  If there were to be a storm like there was on December 3rd of 2007, there is a strong likelihood the culvert would not be able to handle the stormwater and the culvert and road would probably wash out.

The Rain Garden Solution.   The initial cost to fix the stormwater problems affecting the culvert, Illahee Creek, and Puget Sound is estimated at $20 million, but if each resident in the watershed installed a bio-retention facility it could go a long way to help.  That is why some 1600 copies of the attached brochure have been printed and distributed at public events like the Fair and have been partially circulated in the community.  As the brochure states “While major work will be required to correct all the sedimentation problems, the immediate solution of having home owners install rain gardens is one thing that can be done now….”  The brochure is also downloadable on the illaheecommunity.com website.

Illahee Community Petition.  We have been asked if we could resend the petition as a number of you reported either not receiving the petition packet.  Attached is an updated black and white version of the petition and the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet, which are also available at the website illaheecommunity.com.  While the current response is 94% in support of the petition, they are reportedly well below the 500 responses desired and are asking that residents would respond one way or the other.

Request for Email Petition.  We found out that a few had send email responses, and we have been asked if that was acceptable.  We contacted the ICC and they were advised by their local legal counsel that email responses such as attached below or on the website are acceptable and should be sent to:  web@illaheecommunity.com

Jim Aho

_____Yes!  I agree with the petition and add my signature in support of the Port taking these actions.
_____No!  I am sorry but I cannot support the petition.  (Please let us know your reasons.)
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