>Meet Filmmaker&Discuss Possibilities on Friday 10/15 – 10/13/09

>Film Meeting Friday (10/15) Evening.  This Friday we will have an opportunity to meet Shelly Solomon, the filmmaker who will be doing two films on Illahee.  It will also be an opportunity for local residents to weigh in on what they would like to see presented, especially as the film will present some local history of Illahee.

Meeting in Port of Illahee Office.  We will meet in the new Port of Illahee office which is the residential building at 5560 Ocean View Blvd, at 7 pm.

What Issues should be Presented?  We received a box of shells from someone who collected them roughly 50 years ago along the Illahee Shoreline (see attached photos).  We were surprised that they had come from here because we had never seen shells like these along the beach.  Should these be shown as an indication of how the beach creatures have changed over the years?  This is just one question or issue that we may want to see included.  Shelly is a biologist and is interested in issues like this.

Sediment Issues.  A number or shoreline residents have commented on the buildup of sediment, primarily north of Illahee Creek and around the Illahee Community dock.  Should we have a diver film the buildup of sediment under the dock and floats?  And there are stories about people getting stuck in the mud in the vicinity of the dock.  Should these be included?  What about those waterfront property owners whose shellfish beds have disappeared?

Who Should be Interviewed?  We will need to come up with a list of those in the area who should be interviewed or whose story should be told.  There are residents who have lived near Illahee Creek and know it better than anyone.  Also, there are those who have lived on the shoreline at areas from University Point to Illahee State Park, and places in between, who can tell us the changes they have seen over the years.

Who Should Attend?  Anyone who has ideas and who would like to have some input into the Illahee film.  Remember that Illahee is new to Shelly and she needs to be brought up to speed on the history.  We need broad input and hope to see many of you there.

Jim Aho