>Lost Cat – 11/9/10

>Returned From Trip.  We just returned from an extended road trip and need to catch up with Illahee issues.  We were able to put out an Update while on the road notifying residents of the Illahee Preserve Dedication that took place on October 26th and will put an Update regarding that event after we talk with some of those who attended, since it was not covered by the local press.  

Lost Cat.  We received the following email on November 3rd and just verified tonight that the cat has still not been found. 

We’re looking for a cat – black with a little white on his neck and paws.  About 8 years old.  “Buzz”  The cat lives in Illahee North, and he’s been gone since early Monday morning.  Please look in your garages and cars and anywhere a cat could go to hide.  He disappeared the morning it rained so hard.

Please e-mail me if you have seen him:  laurie@marbledog.net

Other Items?  Since returning we have noticed boats, divers and submersibles working along the shoreline north of the Illahee dock.  They appear to be looking for something and we presume they must be military since there appear to be no markings on the boats.  Let us know if you have any information about what might be going on, or if you have any other information to be passed on.

Jim Aho