>Illahee Meeting on Monday (11/29/10) at 6:15 pm – 11/27/10

>Meeting Signs Up in Illahee.  There are 10 signs up around the Illahee Community, though there are usually a few more that were lost.  If your neighborhood needs a sign, please let us know and we will contact the Illahee Community Club.

Meeting is at the Port of Illahee’s New Office.  The Port of Illahee meeting place is at 5560 Ocean View Blvd, which is a block up Ocean View from Illahee Road, near the Illahee community dock.

Time is 6:15 pm.  We were initially told the meeting would be at 6:30 pm so we asked “why the change?”  Seems the evening meetings at the library were always at 6:15 pm because they closed at 8 pm, and all the signs already had 6:15 pm on them, so that is what it now is.

Agenda.  We also found out that the agenda will include a summary presentation of 16 Illahee projects that are either currently going on or are being proposed, including Rolling Hills Golf Course, Timbers Edge, the Illahee Preserve, and Illahee Creek.  We were amazed at the number of Illahee projects and think this a presentation of interest to all residents.

Tight Meeting Room.  We have been asked to advise residents that the meeting room is smaller than the library’s, so it may be a little tight.  There are some bringing extra chairs to add to those that are already there.

Questions?  We think we will be able to answer any questions regarding this meeting so if you have any give us a call at 479-1049.

Jim Aho