>Preserve Activities – 12/5/10

>Trail Signs Up.  It was quit a work party on Sunday (12/5/10) in the Illahee Preserve as Justin McAlister’s Eagle Scout Project & Scout Troop installed trail signs throughout the Preserve.  Thanks to Justin and all those scouts and parents that came to help!  The Illahee Preserve is a proof and confirmation that volunteers such as those making trail signs, can plan, maintain, and support a major county park.  Our filmmaker, Shelly Solomon, and official Illahee photographer, John Lind, were there covering the event and there will be other photos coming.  We have attached several photos that we took of the event.

New  Brochure & Boxes Installed.  This is a good time to mention that the trail map brochure is being updated and hopefully will soon be available to put in the new brochure boxes that Justin’s project installed just under the Park’s Department rule’s sign.  Thanks to the architectural firm of Rice, Fergus, Miller for their continued support of the Preserve by preparing the initial brochure and now updating it.  Note that the brochure was updated after Justin’s project began and so we have some new trail names and one completely new trail that Justin will be considering adding to his project, kind of a Phase 2 project if he can get the materials and find the time.

Trails Being Used.  When we are at the Preserve we are amazed at how many people are using it, from walking their dogs (the biggest percentage) to walking, jogging, biking, and horseback riding (see item below). 

Mini 4-Wheeler.  Every now and then we run across those using motorized vehicles in the Preserve, which is illegal.  We came across the smallest 4 wheeler (battery powered) we have ever seen with three youngsters on it (see photo).  They had come some distance by going down alleys to get to the Preserve, but while they were enjoying their ride up and down the trails, we had to tell them that motorized vehicles are not allowed in the Preserve, and they left.  They were very nice and polite kids.

Horses.  While motorized vehicles are not allowed, horses are, and there were two horses using the Preserve trails on Sunday (see photo).  There has been some discussion amongst the Stewardship Committee that with the increasing use of the Preserve by those walking, biking, and jogging; that horse back riding might not be appropriate at some point.  Those are the kind of issues discussed at Stewardship Committee meetings, which are open to the public, so if you have issues or would like to attend, please let us know and we will pass the info on.

Jim Aho