>Pheasant Photos – 3-5-11

>Pheasant Pictures.  A few Updates ago we commented on how hard it was to get good pheasant pictures, since these birds are rather flighty.  Since then we received some nice photos from John Lind and Don Jahaske.  The best we could do here was a long shot of one down by the beach.

John Lind Photos.  John Lind gave us a number of pheasant photos he has taken over the past few years and we selected two of the bunch.  He and Arlene have named this one Hank.

Don Jahaske Photos.  The two photo below were taken a few days ago by Don Jahaske.  A few years ago Don purchased two hen pheasants from a pheasant farm for a roster that was in the area, since he hadn’t seen any hens around.  He said it wasn’t long afterwards there were two broods of pheasants in the area.  He tried to purchase some hens more recently but was unable to do so as evidently the game department was worried about diseases and the pheasant farms would not sell him any.  Hopefully there are still some hens around, though they are often eaten by raccoons and fox when they are nesting.  Since no one has reporting seeing hen pheasants around recently we are wondering if there are still any in the area.  Let us know if you see any hens around.