Illahee Community Update 6-27-11 Coyotes, Humming Birds, Mailbox Flag Advice

Coyote Pictures.  We have heard about coyotes in Illahee and saw one at night a number of years ago.  Earlier this year we asked if someone would send us pictures of coyotes as there were a number of residents who report hearing them, and this past weekend we received a number of pictures and selected the two that follow.  Thanks to Don J. for some great pictures.  We also requested photos of the bear cubs sighted somewhere along the South Fork of Illahee Creek and they said they would try if they see them again.  If you capture photos such as these and are willing to share them, we would love to pass them on.

Humming Bird Feeders and Bees.  We received the following email regarding hummingbird feeders and bee problems:
………. I always appreciate knowing what is going on since I always seem to be working when the meetings are held.  Anyway, when you put out the next newsletter, would you inquire if anyone in the area has a new bee hive?  We have had hummingbird feeders up year round for the last 3 yrs (because we have a family that seems to stay year round) with out any trouble with bees.  However, in the last 3 weeks the feeders have been clogged with honey bees preventing the birds from eating.  One particular day there were so many bees I called the Master Gardners and got the name of a man in the area who collects swarms.  Unfortunately, the number of bees, although too numerous to count, were not considered a swarm and the fellow said he could do nothing about the issue and suggested we take the feeders down for a few days until the bees leave.  In the following days, the number of bees reduced in size so the feeders when back up.  The bees are still here but not in as large a number as before, however, the bee fellow said it appears that someone has a new hive and that we were simply helping to feed them.I can’t imagine what we can do to stop the bees from coming, but it would be good to know if someone has a hive so that we also know if there is a wild hive somewhere in the woods near my home.  (from a Fern Avenue resident)
Mailbox Flag Advice.  We talked with our local mail carrier today about the theft of outgoing mail last week from Illahee mailboxes.  Mike said many on his route do not use the flag when they have outgoing mail, and that it might help.  We found out there was at least one check stolen that morning and a stop payment was put on the check by the bank.  
Jim Aho