Infrared Camera Photo.  More than one person has commented about how they wish they had an infrared camera to determine what was eating their plants, etc.  We received the following photo of two young deer along with this note:
Deer browsing  below bird feeder at night. taken with my $99 infrared camera.

Coyote Comments.  Some comments regarding coyotes have come in since sending out the pictures in our last update.  One was a verbal about watching a young coyote pup coming out of the woods to watch a small dog playing in a yard.  Others have commented about hearing coyotes at night.  And an email from a couple of days ago:

This morning about 8AM we saw a coyote on the beach in front of our house (halfway between the park and dock) and crows were attacking it – it was moving south away from them!
Graduation Balloons?  A few weeks ago we saw a beautiful string of balloons at a driveway entrance and took a picture in case you missed it.   Since it was about graduation time we felt it must have some party.
Illahee Bird Pictures.  We received the following note and pictures of some more Illahee birds:
We’ve enjoyed a huge variety of birds at our place this year.  Our most active feeder is just 10 feet from our living room window, so we always try and have a camera handy and we thought we’d send in a few shots.The American Goldfinches are non-stop on our porch, but they’re mostly on our sunflower chip feeders.  We snapped some shots of our seed/suet feeder with some of the woodpeckers that have been dropping by.  We have a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers always around and the male and female Northern Flickers always show up together (got one shot of the female landing).  We’re not sure if the smaller woodpeckers are Hairy Woodpeckers the Downy Woodpeckers, but they’ve just started showing up in the last few weeks.Enjoy the pictures and thanks for the newsletter updates!
Thanks for Sharing Photos.  Thanks to all those who send in photos to share.  We have been told over and over again that while residents like to know what is happening in the Illahee area, they most like to know and see the area’s wildlife.
Jim Aho