Illahee Community Update 7/12/11 Port&Preserve Meetings, Website, Photos

Port of Illahee Monthly Meeting.  We have been asked to let people know when the monthly Port of Illahee meeting is held and are sorry for such a late notice.  Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5 pm at the Port meeting room at 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Visitors are always welcome.  The next meeting is this Wednesday, July 13th.

Illahee Preserve Meetings.  We have also been asked to let people know when the Illahee Preserve groups meet.  Their meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Port meeting room at 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Their next meeting is July 19th and visitors and interested persons are also also welcome.
Illahee Community Website Update.  Sometimes we wonder if people use the website, and have been told by a number of people that the website is down, so we know it is being looked at.  The website has been transferred to another hosting site (in Spokane) and the transfer of data is taking more time than we wished.  The data transfer is being done by a volunteer who thinks kayaking and mountain climbing trips take precedence.  We hope this can be done quickly now that Mt Rainier has been climbed.
Deer on July 4th.  We have often heard of peoples concern for pets and wildlife during the time around the 4th of July.  We received a photo of a deer on the 4th that seemed totally unconcerned about the noise from fireworks going on all around her.  We also noticed the white markings on the back legs that are an indication of an albino deer in the area years ago.
Aircraft Carrier Picture.  We received the following photo of the USS John C Stennis as it came in awhile ago with the Illahee community dock in the foreground.  Thank you for passing on your photos.
Meeting Invitations.  We hope to see some of you at the Port of Illahee meeting and/or the Illahee Preserve meeting coming up soon.
Jim Aho