Monday Meeting to Hear Brush Picking Proposal.  We received notice last week that brush picking was being proposed for the Illahee Preserve (as a funding source for the Parks Dept) and late last week we heard that Scott Raymond of Raymond Evergreen was going to be available to discuss the subject with the Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee and other interested parties.  

Sensitive Subject.  We remember from responses this past year that this is a very sensitive subject to Illahee residents.  When we put out an update about brush picking in the Preserve we received over 30 responses almost immediately.  That was the biggest response in recent years.  If you are interested and/or concerned you are welcome to attend.
Meeting Time & Place.  The meeting is Monday (7/18/11) at 6:00 pm at the Parks Department Office area in the Training Room, which are both under the Eagles Nest at the Fairgrounds.
Stewardship Meeting on Tuesday.  Also, residents are welcome to attend the regular monthly Stewardship meeting on Tuesday (7/19/11) at 6:30 pm in the Port meeting room at 6650 Ocean View Blvd, where the brush picking proposal is on the agenda, along with other Preserve issues.  We received the following email and link from a concerned resident who heard about the proposal which should make for an interesting meeting on Tuesday:
Article by a local Tahuya Forest property owner’s observations about brush picking and its effects on his propety in the woods:
Port Meeting Last Wednesday.  We have been asked about what happened at the Port of Illahee meeting this past Wednesday, since we noted it in our last update.  Illahee Day will be August 20th and it will be a clean-up day.  Also, the Port is working on a number of items that we have been asked not to put in an update until they materialize.  There is one report that we can share which is the grant status report.
Grant Status Report.  One of the items we found most interesting at the Port meeting was the status report on the Port’s grant from the Department of Ecology.  Some very interesting things have been happening and others will be happening.  We have attached the report below.  We were impressed that the volunteer hours and in-kind contributions amounted to nearly $45,000, thereby decreasing the impact on the Port’s finances (which are our tax dollars).  As the report says – THANK YOU TO THE PORT AND ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!
Photo of Illahee Film Project.  We want to include at least one photo in each update and found this one of Shelly Solomon filming Bob Johnston at the Illahee dock early this summer.  Bob is not only an Illahee resident but is also an oceanographer on the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel.
Jim Aho
 Port of Illahee Grant Report 7-13-11 1.  Grant Funding Ends.  The funding for the grant ended June 30, 2011.  While not all the products have been delivered, they are in process.  It was decided during the final phase of the grant, to concentrate on products that will not be put on a shelf, as would likely happen with written reports, and look to more visible communication avenues such as websites, films, and interpretive signs to get out the grant information. 2.   Water Quality Report.  We are finishing the water quality report, which documents the fecal coliform monitoring results that were obtained during 40 months of testing at 14 different locations.  3.  Websites.  The Port of Illahee website,, now has all the Centennial Clean Water Act Grant Quarterly Progress reports and the link to the Kitsap County website,, for the Parametrix Illahee Creek Watershed Surface Water Management Plan.  The Illahee Community website,, has been transferred to another hosting site and is in the process of having historical data transferred and will include the embedding of current updates in the home page.  All three websites (Port, County, & Community) are considered essential to distributing grant information and findings, as the watershed plan is just the starting point for current and future actions necessary to protect and restore the waters of Illahee Creek and Puget Sound. 4.  Interpretive Signs.  Twelve interpretive signs have been ordered from Alderwood Signs in Lynnwood, WA, and 12 base units have been ordered from JPL Habitability in Manette, WA.  Drafts of the signs were completed in the software Photoshop in order to make it easier for our volunteer graphics artist, Vic Keranen, to work with.  The text on the signs went out for multiple reviews and revisions with the various organizations involved.  The installation of the signs and base units will be accomplished by volunteers. 5.   Public Information and Education.  Shelly Solomon, the filmmaker hired to present the findings of the Parametrix report, has interviewed many experts and residents and is finishing up the film project one section at a time.  Shelly is known for her high quality films and her ability to tell a compelling story.  There is a short and long version of the film which includes some of the history of Illahee.  Volunteers have been crucial and supportive.  Also helping with the funding of portions of the film, in addition to the Port of Illahee and the Department of Ecology, are Kitsap County, the Illahee Community, and the Illahee Forest Preserve. 6.   Habitat Work Schedule (HWS).  Volunteer Joy Davison completed the entry of our prepared documents for the West Sound Watershed Council (WSWC) into the DFW Habitat Work Schedule (HWS) used by the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) & Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) databases, to document current and future Illahee restoration projects.  We have been requested to have photos of each of these projects, which is another outstanding task that needs to complete. 7.  Volunteers.  Nearly every task of the grant has used volunteers to the maximum, which has helped leveraged grant money to the maximum benefit of the Port of Illahee and the Illahee community. The documented in-kind support was $44,295! Thank you to the Port and  all the volunteers who have made this grant successful!