Illahee Community Update 7-30-11 Red Tide, Robbery, Preserve Camping,&Port Acquisition

Red Tide Warning.  We realize many are unaware of the red tide warning that extends from Kingston to Rich Passage, which means shellfish harvesting is closed in the Illahee area due to the possibility of paralytic shellfish poisoning.  Warning signs are up at the docks and we took this picture at the Illahee community dock.  We have linked the article that appeared in the Kitsap Sun:

Red Colored Water along the Shoreline.  We often receive photos and input from residents, and a few weeks ago there were concerns over what appeared to be a reddish color in the water along some Illahee beaches.  See the attached photos showing the discoloration.  We don’t know if this has anything to do with the recently announced red tide.
Illahee Robbery and $500 Reward.  We happened to notice a paper posted on the bulletin board at the Illahee dock this morning telling of a robbery that took place on Thursday.  The notice is all we know about it at this point.
Preserve Camping.  While working with a boy scout on his Eagle Scout project we came across a very wet campsite earlier this week.  It appears they didn’t want to carry all their belongings and used a Safeway grocery cart to haul their belongings into the Preserve.  Thankfully we see less and less of this type of activity as the Preserve is used by more and more people.  Let us know if you see this anything like this in the Preserve so we can have it removed.
Port Acquisition.  And now for some good news.  We received the following notification by email on July 28th that the Port of Illahee has acquired the Deitch property next to the Illahee community dock:
It is with great pleasure that the Port announces we have signed papers to close today on the purchase of the Deitch property next to the Dock.  With this acquisition, the Port can now begin to plan the future expansion of the Port and appropriate honoring of Don Deitch who had been a long time active Port Commissioner and positive influence in the Illahee community.  We want to thank the Deitch family for their cooperation and efforts in making this possible.  Please join us for “Illahee day” on Aug 20th, to celebrate this acquisition and help in the “Beautification of Illahee” by spending the morning cleaning up around the Dock and community.  Food and refreshments will be provided.  Watch for more information and work sign ups.
Thanks to the Port Commissioners!!!   There are many in the Illahee community who have hoped that this acquisition was possible, and some who approached us to let them know if they could help, even financially if needed.  We don’t know what the next steps are, but the most important one has been made, the purchase.  We have a couple photos of the property, one from the parking area, and the other from the community dock.
Jim Aho