Illahee Community Update 8-4-11 Road Work, Health Items,&Bulkheads

Illahee Road Repavement.  We don’t need to tell those who live along Illahee Road about the road work going on. They are patching the cracks in preparation for the repavement of Illahee Road from Trenton to 3rd Street, possibly in the next couple of weeks.  We took some photos of the work and found the following notice at the county website regarding the project:

Illahee Road(from Trenton Ave. to 3rd St.)County crews are full depth patching the road Monday through Friday. Minimal delays are expected. Flaggers assist motorists through work area when necessary. Work is weather dependent.
Driveway Issues.  We talked with some residents about how the repavement project affects them.  The ones whose driveways are upland of the road think it is great as they have less of an incline everytime the road is repaved.  Those who live downward are not enthused as the repavement makes their driveways even steeper and some are already high centering their cars when they drive out.  For those residents who have lived here all their lives a few inches every repavement can mount up to big problem.  We took a picture of one driveway that looks like it will be adversely affected.
Dockwalker Training.  We came across an interesting email about a training program that is being held tomorrow from 10 am to 1 pm (August 5th) at the Norm Dicks Center.  What caught our eye is that this might have some applicability to the Illahee community dock as we have had residents express concerns about pollution discharges from a live-aboard boat that uses the dock.  The link for information about the program is:
Red Tide Expansion.  Some more news about the red tide closure from Jeff Adams, Washington Sea Grant:
Something to be aware of when you’re on the beach, interacting with folks or considering harvest yourselves.All of King County and east Kitsap County (Point No Point to Pierce County border) are now closed to harvest of “All species” shellfish harvest due to marine biotoxins.All species means clams (including geoduck), oysters, mussels and other invertebrates such as the moon snail (which aren’t legally harvestable anyway). All areas are closed for the sport harvest of scallops.The following closures do not apply to shrimp. Crabmeat is not known to contain the PSP toxin, but the guts can contain unsafe levels. To be safe, clean crab thoroughly and discard the guts (butter).DOH clickable shellfish biotoxin/pollution map. I attached a screenshot of the today’s Kitsap map. receive regular updates from Washington Department of Health, you can sig up for the shellfish listserve.
Shoreline Armoring – Bulkheads.  As many know the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update is in progress for Kitsap County.  For many waterfront residents in the county and in Illahee there are concerns about what this might mean for their bulkheads.  There really isn’t much that can be done by the county or the SMP Task Force as the State of Washington’s Administrative Code (WAC) is very explicit regarding shoreline armoring, which includes bulkheads.  The WAC guidelines are found in WAC 173-26-231 “Shoreline Modifications.”
Bulkhead Report.  Kitsap County SMP Update personnel shared with us a fairly recent USGS report titled Puget Sound Shoreline and the Impacts of Armoring – Proceedings of a State of the Science Workshop, May 2009.  We found this report to be very helpful in understanding this issue with respect to Puget Sound.  The link to the lengthy (266 pages) report is:
Robbery Location.  We had a number of residents wondering about the location of the home that was burglarized last week.  According to the linked article in the Kitsap Sun it was in the 6200 block of Illahee Road.
Jim Aho