Illahee Community Update 8-9-11 Rock Cod, Owl, Illahee Film&Illahee Day

Rock Cod.  The other day we stopped at the Illahee community dock and asked like usual asked how fishing was. We were surprised that they said it was great and one person showed us three rock cod he caught.

Barred Owl.  There are a number of barred owls in the area (notice the vertical strips on the chest area which look like bars – a spotted owl looks nearly the same but has horizontal strips across its chest area) and attached are two pictures and the email we received recently.
We had a great surprise tonight. My son was taking out the trash (no that’s not the surprise) and he saw an owl in the tree in our front yard.  The owl sat for pictures which was great.  We have been hearing the call of this owl in the morning (usually around 0445).  At first we thought we were hearing voices, then we moved to Beatles music (Goo-goo-g’joob), then we finally woke up enough to realize it was an owl. All attempts to locate the bird had failed, but tonight the bird posed for us!  
Illahee Film.  The Illahee film project is progressing and the film maker would like to include a flyover of Illahee as part of the story.  If anyone knows of a pilot who might be willing to take our film maker up to film Illahee, or if you have other ideas on how we could do this please let us know.
Port of Illahee Meeting.  We have been asked to let residents know when the Port of Illahee meets and they meet the same time each month, at 5 pm on the second Wednesday.  They meet at the Port facility at 5560 Ocean View Blvd and the meeting is open to the public.
Illahee Day in Less Than Two Weeks.  On Saturday morning, August 20th, will be the fourth annual Illahee Day, if our memory is correct.
Sponsored by the Port of Illahee.  This event is sponsored by the Port of Illahee and we hear there will be several options to participate.
Option 1 – Meet Your Neighbors.  This option is for those who would just like an opportunity to meet their neighbors over a cup of coffee at the dock between 8;30 and 11:30 am.  The local Starbucks on State Highway 303 across the road from Walmart, will be donating coffee for the occasion.
Option 2 – Work Parties.  There are a number of work items being planned for the Port properties and the Illahee Preserve.  The Port is looking at stripping the parking lot (weather permitting), pressure washing the dock, and cleaning up around the Port office building at 5560 Ocean View Blvd and the newly acquired Deitch property. At the Illahee Preserve they will be working around the rain garden, and possibly on trails.  For work party participants the Port will provide a lunch between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.
Afternoon Garden Tour.  So far we have Carol Henning and Jim Aho, both Master Gardeners, who have agreed to show anyone interested, their gardens.  They will be at their gardens between 1 – 3 pm.  They live next door to each other and their addresses are 5934 and 5940 Illahee Road.
Jim Aho

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  1. Concerning the rock fish. It’s good to see them. Too bad the season is closed in area 10.

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