Illahee Community Update 8-15-11 Illegal Fishing, Flyover?, Illahee Day, Garden Tours, Culvert Concerns

Rock Cod Fishing Illegal.  It turns out that the rock cod we took pictures of the other day were illegal.  The season is closed for rockfish.  We should have realized something was wrong when the person said the fish were cabezon, which are legal.  Below as some of the responses we received, including the last one from Fish and Wildlife.

 I thought you couldn’t keep Rock Cod,  ’cause they were endangered…..
If I recall correctly the daily limit for rock cod per person is one rock cod…..It has been awhile since I reviewed the limit regulations. 
Don’t know who was busy fishing these Rock Cod, but they apparently do notpay any attention to the Reg’s.   As catching of Rock Cod is and has been Closedin all inland water Area’s 6 Port Angeles to Area 13 in Olympia  for some time. Because WDFW says they are a threaten species. 
fishing for rock cod in area 10 is CLOSED.  In fact rock cod fishing is closed in all of areas 6 thru 13.  Any fish cops on your e-mail list??
Gina Piazza passed on the Illahee Community update. I just wanted to pass on to you that all rock fish retention in Puget Sound is closed as this resource is struggling in most areas. These rock fish (the ones pictured are Quilback I believe) are relatively slow growing and only reproduce at an older age, and even then only have successful reproduction years occasionally. Essentially they need all the help they can get.Please let WDFW enforcement know if you see poaching occurring, the best way to reach them is to call the Washington State Patrol (360) 478-4646 and they will be able to dispatch an officer if available.
Illahee Flyover?  Many of you are aware that is film is being produced about Illahee including what is being done to study, preserve and restore the Illahee Creek watershed.  We received information that there is a possibility that the film could contain some flyover footage if it could be funded incidental to another project on in the Olympic Peninsula.  The crew is based out of Boeing Field and would be flying over this area on their way to the primary film site.  The estimate for the Illahee flyover cost and filming is between $500 and $1000.  Since this is still in the planning stage at this point, we are trying to find out if there are residents who would be willing to help fund the flyover.  We have only mentioned this to two residents and we already have commitments for $50 and $25.  If you would like to help, please respond to this email with an amount, and we will pass the information on, and hope this happens.  We have attached the link to the outfit that is being considered so you can see the kind of work they do – check out their film of Snoqualmie Falls.  
Saturday is Illahee Day.  This coming Saturday, August 20, 2011, is Illahee Day (8:30 am – 12:30 pm).  Much of the planned work will be at the Port properties at the community dock and 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Those working at the Illahee Preserve will be working on the rain garden and possibly moving wood chips onto trails.  We have heard some would like to work on the roadways near their residents.  There will be a dumpster somewhere near the Port facilities.  Remember that for the workers the Port will furnish lunch beginning at 11:30 am.
Saturday is Garden Tour Day.  We have 3 residents who have agreed to show their gardens in the afternoon of Illahee Day.  The garden tours will be going on concurrently between 1 and 3 pm.  Carol and Bob Henning reside at 5934 Illahee Road, Jim Aho resides at 5940 Illahee Road, and Chris and Jennifer Nelson reside at 6224 Illahee Road.
Illahee Forest Preserve Meeting Tuesday.  The Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group meets at the Port facility at 5560 Ocean View Blvd on Tuesday evening beginning at 6:30 pm.  The Preserve itself is 444 acres, and with the recent addition of the 107 acre Rolling Hills Golf Course, the total Preserve acreage is 551 acres, which is a major part of Illahee and a significant forest, nature preserve, and recreation area.  This group is always looking for residents willing to help oversee this special place.
Illahee Creek Culvert.  We stopped by the Illahee Creek culvert that goes under Illahee Road the other day and found the clear opening to be slightly more than 24 inches, which is considerably less than the design opening that shows on the culvert drawings of 5′-6″.  We have been told that a smaller opening will handle the water, but we think that a 24″ opening is too small for a big storm, such as December 2007.  There are a number of residents who are concerned about a possible washout at the culvert and consider this culvert to have failed.  With a new road resurfacing of Illahee Road this summer the culvert’s small opening is not good news.
Jim Aho