Illahee Community Update 8-25-11 Flyover, Illahee Day, Garden Tour, Scout Project, Fair, Peach Eating Deer

Flyover 99% For Sure. We heard from our filmmaker, Shelly Solomon, that the flyover over Illahee is 99% for sure and the date will be sometime in September.  They are deciding on what helicopter to use so now we need to come up with the rest of the funding.  The IFP is halfway to their now $600 goal and any contributions are greatly appreciated.  Checks should be made out to the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP), which is the non-profit corporation that supports the Illahee Preserve.  Contributions can be mailed to the IFP Treasure who is Don Jahaske,  at P.O. Box 3047, Bremerton, WA 98310.  The $25 and $50 contributions are making a difference.  Thank you!!

Illahee Day. Lots of accomplishments last Saturday during Illahee Day.  John Lind was there with his camera and captured some of the action.  We have included a couple of his photos, and hope to put more on the revised website, that is in transition and in the process of being updated.

Illahee Store Cleanup. We heard that a couple of local residents found out that the dumpster for the Illahee Day cleanup was only one third full, so they took it upon themselves to cleanup the area around the Illahee Store, that was getting to be quit a mess.  They reportedly had to climb in the dumpster several times to stomp down the stuff, so they could get all the store area debris in.  We have attached before and after photos to show the difference.  Thanks to all those who work so hard to keep Illahee clean.

Garden Tour Results. While there were not big crowds, those showing their gardens and those attending reported enjoying the garden tours on Saturday.  Thank you Chris and Jennifer, Carol, and Jim for showing your gardens.  John Lind took photos at two of the gardens, and we have included just one photo of many.  Again we hope that we can post the rest on the website later.

Scout Project. We stopped by on Tuesday to see how the Eagle Scout trail project was progressing, and found a bunch of hard working scouts making great progress on a new trail.  Just a couple of pictures at this time.

Illahee Preserve at the Fair. We found the Illahee Preserve being promoted at the Kitsap County Fair this week.  There was an “Illahee Preserve/Illahee Creek Restoration Project” map along with the text of the signs that are being designed for the Preserve.  They have been  sharing a booth the last two years with the Central Kitsap Community Council, which represents the Central Kitsap area of the county.  (The person in the photo is Jon Pierson, who used to be a local school bus driver with an Illahee route, and is now a council member.)

Peach Eating Deer. We heard that one of our neighbors was having trouble with deer eating their peaches, and then a couple of days later we had to pick our peaches when the deer discovered our peach tree.  This is based on the on evidence of a partially eaten peach on the ground, that definitely looks like the markings of a deer mouth.

Jim Aho