Illahee Community Update 8-27-11 Orca Sighting & More Film Project Info

Orca Whale Sighting in Illahee. Friday evening shortly after 6 pm, at least 3 orcas were sighted in Illahee.  They were seen moving north, then turning around just north of the Illahee community dock, and going south.  Several noted they tried to get photos, but were unsuccessful.  If you know anyone who was able to get a picture, please let us know.  Attached is the link to the article in the Kitsap Sun: Orcas seen swimming in Sinclair Inlet

More Flyover Information. The cinematographer who will be filming Illahee on his way over the the Olympic Peninsula has done many Hollywood films.  The attached link lists the films he has been involved with:

Check this out. This is the guy that will be filming Illahee… Wow he has

done a ton of hollywood films…

Flyover Donations Needed. The Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group still need donations to pay for this flyover and film and are trying to do this with contributions in the $25 to $50 range, and appreciate your support.  They were encouraged when someone outside of the Illahee community heard of the flyover project and talked to them at the Kitsap County Fair and then gave $25 to help.  They agreed that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Flyover Route 1. The proposed route for the flyover would be to come straight west into Illahee showing the community’s 3 miles of shoreline at an oblique angle, similar to the above photo, and a flyover of the shoreline from the Cheney Estates to University Point.

Flyover Route 2. Route 2 would be to fly up the mouth of Illahee Creek, and then probably veer to the north toward the golf course and the 134 acres of the Illahee Creek watershed north of McWillams Road where most of the storm water comes from that surges down the creek carrying sediment that clogs the culvert and pollutes the Sound.

Flyover Route 3. This would be the reverse of Route 2, which would show the path that stormwater would take as it flows down Illahee Creek and into Puget Sound.

Film Title? The title being proposed for the film is “Illahee – Saving Puget Sound One Watershed at a Time” with the film showing what the community has done to preserve and restore Illahee Creek and the Illahee Creek watershed, along with a brief history of Illahee and the community.

Jim Aho