Illahee Community Update 9-7-11 Docks, Moles, Flyover, Barred Owl

New Dock at University Point? We received the following email regarding the relatively new dock at University Point:

Do you have any information about the new (and huge) dock that is down the beach “north” towards University Pt.? 

Many of us were surprised…and confused about how this was allowed.  One of our neighbors was told that there was absolutely no reason to pursue putting in a “small” dock as it would never be allowed.  Now we see this.

Does this mean that the process has changed in some way?  Should my neighbor try again to put in his small little dock?

Any info. you have on this would be helpful.

Dock Installed Last Year. While some did not notice the dock until recently, it was installed last year.  While on a boat ride we took pictures last year after the pilings were put in and again this year which shows the completed dock.  Though technically not within the Illahee community boundary, a number of Illahee residents attended the hearing before the Hearing Examiner because of the close proximity to Illahee’s northern border.

Are More Docks Being Planned? We don’t know if more docks are being planned in Illahee, though we have heard from those who were considering one, and evidently from the above email others are interested.  The Shoreline Master Program is being updated and docks, floats, etc requirements will likely be spelled out.

Moles. We discovered a dead mole this morning on our driveway.  These animals have powerful paws and claws for digging through soil and small eyes since they very rarely are seen above ground.  Their fur is soft like a mountain beaver.  This one had darker fur than we remember of other moles we have seen.

Wednesday Flyover. Today (Wednesday 9/7/11) a helicopter filmed Illahee, the shoreline areas, Illahee Creek, and portions of the Illahee Creek watershed.  The Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group was collecting to help fund the flyover and reported they were just a little shy of the $600 goal, and wanted to thank the nearly 15 people who promised to contribute.

Email Updates Garbled? When we switched website software we started posting the Updates on our website, and then copying them for sending out via Gmail.  We had the following report that some of the emails have been garbled and are wondering how prevalent the problem is:

The last few Email messages have come to us unreadable.  On each line, the top half of the letters show, but not the bottom.  I did notice when I went to the reply mode, the lettering was fine, as you can see below.  I’m not too sure what the problem might be, but thought I’d let you know just in case others have the same thing happening and you’d like to see how many are involved.

If you are having problems like this please let us know.

Barred Owl Picture. Lots of Barred owls in the area and another great picture and email from a recent sighting.

I took this picture this morning (Sat Sep 3). I was at the kitchen sink, glanced up and saw this owl in the trees behind my house on Roosevelt St NE.
Thanks! Thanks for giving us feedback on the Updates and for continuing to send in items and pictures.
Jim Aho